Best Lightweight Jackets to Wear in Spring!


When the transitional season begins everyone seeks for something light to layer up themselves. Most of the time we think not to wear additional layers but cold breezes, and drizzle compels us to go ahead and layer something. Spring Jackets are made according to seasonal needs, they are lightweight and smart enough to wear in any condition.

Pairing the lightweight jackets with suitable attires can shine the personality without any hassle. Take a deep breath and take a look at the different ways to style up a spring jacket instantly. 

1. Bomber Jackets

The most favorite style of jackets that everyone loves to have in their wardrobe. It comes in different materials and styles for both men and women. Here are some best inspirations for bomber jackets.

Green Bomber Jacket:

green bomber jacket mens

In spring, this lightweight green bomber jacket is an ideal outfit for men to pair with a white tee and black jeans. Simple yet stylish outfit for the season. Easy to go anywhere with open style and when windy or rainy days put the zip on .

Military Green Bomber Jacket:

women green bomber jackets

Either you are a working woman or just going shopping this military green bomber jacket will keep you insulated all the time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s breezing or drizzling, it is strong enough to block both. 

2. Quilted Puffer Jackets

Lightweight jacket is the simple solution for the mild weather to rock the style without doing any hard effort. Puffer jackets are the most favorite for the transitional seasons to block the wind and remain comfortable. 

Black Puffer Jacket With Hood:

quilted puffer jacket men

Men look extra cool in puffer jackets and when with hood it creates a dashing appearance in no time. Simple yet stylish outfit in the budget. If you are looking for something cool then look no further, just grab a puffer jacket of your own color choice.

Green Puffer Jacket:

Green puffer jacket women

Whether you are on the road trip, tour or just moving in the town a quilted puffer jacket for women is a right for all these situations. You can just pair it with black jeans, tee or sweatshirt and ankle high boots. You will definitely enjoy this style jacket in many seasons without any hassle.

3. Cotton Jackets and Blazers

Cotton is a breathable material that is perfect for spring, summer, and fall. Due to high demand and fashion needs it is available in uncountable styles of jackets, blazers, and coats. If you are looking for lightweight jackets then pick cotton jackets without any hesitation.

Oversized White Blazer:

Women White Blazer

When it comes to style, an oversize blazer is an elegant choice to wear on lighter days. It requires nothing special to pair with, you can go with any dress such as striped shirt and cotton slacks. A fashionista woman never neglects the beauty of the blazers.

Blue Cotton Bomber Jacket:

Mens Blue Jacket

When winter ends the habit of wearing an outer layer demands a lightweight jacket instead of a leather jacket. Cotton made jacket is a suitable option for guys to go outdoors by pairing it with jeans and a casual polo shirt. An easy and simple solution for the transitional seasons.

4. Denim Jackets

Fashion lovers must have at least one denim jacket in their wardrobe. Denim is easy to don over the casual dress and to achieve a smart appearance without breaking the bank. Denim is the most favorite amongst all lightweight jackets.

Denim Trucker Jacket:

Denim Jackets

Men can wear a denim jacket with casual white or black tee and slim fit jeans to create a handsome look in no time. Trucker style denim jackets are a nice option for guys to build an extraordinary style.

Cropped Denim Jacket:

Mens Blue Jacket

For a simple and classy appearance, light blue cropped denim jacket is the easiest option for fashionista girls. It helps to enjoy the spring or fall with comfort and style. Easy to pair with a white o neck shirt and your casual jeans. Adding black glasses will be a plus point.

These are the best possible budget-friendly lightweight jackets that can take your style to the next level. Better to keep at least two jackets in your wardrobe to always ready to flaunt. I hope you have enjoyed the ideas shared and it will help you in picking up the right outfit for spring.