The Hannibal Mask Collection People Need To See

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Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter in the movie “Silence of the Lambs,” and boy did he play him to perfection. When we’re first introduced to him, we learn of his job as a forensic psychiatrist. He’s calm and soft spoken. Hence, he’s someone you feel you can trust. But then you learn of his dark and dirty secret. He’s a serial killer who eats his victims, often cooking them in a variety of dishes. Yeah, I’m a bit disgusted too. Oddly enough, either out of curiosity or by their own morbid fantasies, people are drawn to this character. Sure he’s the villain, but he’s as charming and witty as any hero, which is probably the reason why the Hannibal Mask is worn so much during Halloween. His character portrayal effectively turned his mask into a symbol for deranged lunatics.

With that being said, do you want to replicate his look? Maybe you possess his character traits and want to show them off (the charm and wit. Not the killing and eating part). If that’s the case, then you should check out this Hannibal mask collection.


Hannibal mask (Brown)

Hannibal Mask (Black)

Hannibal half mask

Hannibal steel teeth Mask

Hannibal silence of the lambs Mask

Hannibal motorcycle Mask

Hannibal style restraint Mask

There are different versions of the Hannibal Mask, and this guide shows them off in their different colors. The simple ones are available in both brown and black, and the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ version is available in a dirty green color. That mask will give you that psychotic killer look regardless of what attire you choose to pair it up with.

The Hannibal mask design has been the template for more than just Halloween costumes. It’s also been used in motorcycle and ski masks. The items shown in this guide are of the best quality, made to look as near to the actual costume as possible. A new silence of the lambs mask is also included in this blog, which will keep you updated. They are clearly designed with that iconic look, and therefore, can easily be substituted in for a Hannibal Lecter costume.

Whatever Hannibal Mask you choose, you’re going to do the character justice. Order now and give yourself that killer Hannibal look.