Locks or No Lock – The Exclusive Thor Costume Guide

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Is anyone fascinated with lightning or thunder?

You gotta love Thor if your answer is ‘yes.’

The god of thunder has been around in the Marvel Universe for some time now. A vital member of the Avengers and is considered to be a senior with Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye.

Marvel comics and the cinematic universe were more than happy to welcome Chris Hemsworth for the role. He perfectly matched the description and looked godly in the Thor costume. Since the portrayal was to the point, fans and moviegoers were very impressed that he has got his own trilogy.

Thor Halloween Costume

Adult Thor Costume:

Adult Thor Wig


Thor Adult Costume


Thor Hammer

This is arguably one of the favorite and the most popular costumes from the Avengers team. Thor is seen wearing this armor when he was in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. It is actually his second suit, and you clearly understand why this is so likable.

The adult Thor costume here is a muscle suit. Even if you don’t have a buff body, you can wear this and look intimidating like a hero. Then the two most vital items in the costume are the long locks and Mjolnir aka the hammer.  These three items will suffice for the Thor look from the Age of Ultron. Just wear any black casual shoe to go with the boot covers.


Thor Helmet

Thor 3 Costume

For those who are looking for Thor movie costume can try this piece. For this look, he looks like a Viking warrior. However, if you noticed one thing other than the color and overall design of his costume. He is missing two items that you would usually expect him to have.

Compare this to above costume, and you will immediately see that there is no blonde wig and hammer.  Watch the trailers, and you will get a better idea of why it isn’t with him. Instead, he also wears his helmet in honor of the look that he has in the comics and animated series. This can be a perfect thor halloween costume as well. Get these Thor costume to look like your favorite Superhero.

Thor Womens Costume:

Lady  Thor  Costume


5” Boots Blue

 It doesn’t occur on a regular basis with superheroes that there are female versions of themselves.  You could steal the show by looking like the best female Thor at any costume function. It has the glamour and the beauty to captivate everyone because of the color combination and the overall design. It is an ideal thor girl costume for you.

Kids Thor  Costume:


Thor Girl Costume


Thor Movie Hammer Child

A must have item of Thor costume.


Children Gogo Boot


Thor Avengers  Costume


Toddler Thor Costume

It is nearly impossible that there won’t be a costume for kids. So in this Thor attire guide, the kids can enjoy and cherish the chance of looking like the Asgardian. Here you have one for girls, boys, and toddlers. The difference in design makes them a unique entry. A decent take on the Thor Kids costume just like the one seen in the comics and movies. The Mjolnir is in the right size for them to look while holding it and posing like the superhero.

That is all that you will come across for the apparel for Thor. Now it is for you to decide. Whether you want to go and purchase the items for yourself or someone like your child. They are worthy of a solo and group costume ideas. So make the best of it.