A Breakdown Of The Ant Man Costume From Marvel

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Ant-man a couple of years back. So far, every Marvel movie received good reviews and ratings, and Ant-Man was no different. However, there was one fragment in the film that was considered to be cool and very different from the other movies. It was the Ant man costume. The super technical suit was then used in Captain America: Civil War and the Marvel fans got a special treat from the hero that can alter his ‘size’ by a push of a button.

Since then, Ant-man became a familiar name among the Avengers and the fans. With the sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, movie confirmed, here is how you can suit up as the tiniest/largest member of the Avengers.

Antman Helmet

From the four variations of the Antman mask or helmet, the one that is suggested for the costume is the one with lights. The helmet is made from PVC and has the classic design of the movie with the fancy LED lights on the lenses. It covers your entire head, just how the Antman helmet is supposed to do.

Antman Leather Jacket

What’s more realistic and classy than wearing a leather jacket that has the pattern of the Ant man costume on it? The neatly furnished jacket is replicated in such a way that you can even wear it daily. You can unquestionably see why you won’t have any issue in dressing into and portraying the Antman costume.

Antman Gloves

A costume isn’t completed without a pair of gloves. When you are wearing a special suit or just a normal one, gloves should always be on your list of items. These are official gloves of Ant-Man that can protect your hand and provide a picture perfect look. Of course, there aren’t any special or hidden features so you can’t shrink or grow. However, the designs are ideal for the costume.

Antman Belt & Wrist guard

Spider-man has web shooters, Captain America has his shield, Iron Man has his power blasters, and Ant-Man has his reliable belt and wrist guards. The precise detailing and color will match the jacket and the trouser. The belt has release buckles on the side while the gauntlet or wrist guards have a Velcro closure and would fit an adult comfortably. It increases the beauty of Ant man costume.

Antman Leather Pants

The pants need to be accurate too, and that is why the real leather motorbike pant is just the item you need. You got a leather jacket, and now, a set of leather pants to go with it. It should come to you that you are nearly looking like a cosplayer even without the last item. The pants have red detailing on them to go with the red and black combination of the boots and jacket.

Antman Leather Boots

The final item that will complete your Ant man costume is the footwear. Here is an accurate replication of the boots. These are made from PU leather so that you can walk comfortably in them and not look weird. They are long enough to come to the height of the knee. The tightness can be adjusted with the help of a zipper on the sides.

This all you need for the Ant Man costume, and surely, even Paul Rudd would be jealous about the amount of time that took you to get a similar look that looks as perfect as his. There are many Ant man costumes on sale, but none compare to the guide here. Adults can now get cosplay-like costumes just following our list of items.

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