The Aquaman Costume Guide You Can’t Miss

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Jokes are going to finally end when they see Jason Momoa in the Aquaman costume. Fans are praising the designers that they aren’t making him wear the orange and green attire that Aquaman is so famous for wearing in the animated series and the comic books. Like any other superhero, he has worn more than one color combination, but the orange and green stuck. It was probably that fact which made him a laughing stock and an underrated superhero from the Justice League. In 2016, Aquaman showed that he isn’t going to take that anymore and will be the badass hero the world wants.

There has been only one Aquaman that has been with the Justice League and in the comics, Arthur Curry. Caught between defending his throne under water and protecting the people on land, Aquaman had to be very busy. He had a very troublesome childhood, and that is one of the reasons why you will see him getting drunk most of the time. Nevertheless, with his trident and his super aquatic abilities, he can be a brutal force of power that has a hard hitting and never say die attitude. That same unique ability is almost portrayed in the guide of Aquaman costume below.


Animated Series Costume


Fit Performance Shirt


Aquaman Costume Belt


Boxer jock


Professional Tights


Aquaman Gloves


Golden Trident

If you are any regular readers of the comics that are always being issued by DC, then you will remember seeing Aquaman in one of the animated television series. Batman had too many series that you would lose count. In one of the famous shows, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Aquaman was portrayed as a jolly and humorous character. He had worn a similar costume like this while he had short hair. The items here are perfect. The important fact that you should keep in mind is that the trunks need to be worn over the green tights and then a belt over that.

Comic Books Costume

Adult Aquaman Costume

Hero 100 Engineer Boot

The second costume that we have for Aquaman is the one from the comics. The scales are a clear identification that only a person like the King of Atlantis can wear it. This has the muscle detailing all over to give you a powerful and intimidating appearance. The green boots will go well with the suit and pants. The trident can be taken from the animated series costume above because there isn’t any change in that apart from his suit’s scale pattern.

Justice League Movie Costume

Aquaman Beard and Wig

Deluxe Aquaman Costume

Aquaman Trident

This was the outfit that Aquaman will be wearing in the Justice League movie and his standalone film next year. Jason Momoa totally rocks the look, and with his Hawaiian background, he makes the ideal Aquaman. If you have long locks, then you need to color it a bit. Otherwise, you can get the beard and the wig along with muscle Aquaman costume and his new trident. It’s an adult suit, and you don’t have to put on any extra mass to look like Momoa’s character.

Smallville Costume


Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Men’s Traxter Tights

Men’s Motion V

For those who are querying from where this came from, it’s actually one of those apparels that everyone forgot. Before Jason Momoa could be cast to portray Aquaman, he had already been cast a long time back but in a television series. Smallville, the same show a unique JL showed up by wearing some modern day looking costumes. That’s why you have Aquaman dressed in a hoodie, running tights and sneaker as part of the Aquaman costume.