An Authentic Princess Leia Slave Costume For Conventions

The Princess Leia Slave costume refers to the outfit worn by Princess Leia after she was captured and imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt. After being worn in the movie, the costume gained a lot of fame worldwide, for both good and bad reasons. Women everywhere wanted to dress like this version of Leia, and men, well, lets just say that the men didn’t mind if anyone dressed this way. All jokes aside, this costume made it’s way into pop culture history and has just as much connection to star wars as characters like vader and han. If you wish to dawn the Leia Slave costume, then this guide will show you how.


This Leia slave costume is available at a reasonable, and you will get everything you need in this complete set. She wore a similar outfit in the “Return of the Jedi” movie. The costume includes the bra, skirt with elastic waist, choker, and chain. The premium material is used to manufacture this dress means it is durable so it’ll last you a long time. Long enough for multiple uses.


The beautiful arm bracelet that is designed like a snake is made of gold plated metal which will give you an elegant look at the event. It is a very eye-catching bracelet which will grab the attentions of all in attendance (if your costume doesn’t already).


Check this Princess Leia Slave cosplay that will give you an authentic look of the character. With the above authentic slave Leia costume, you’ll need this wig which is necessary for the character costume. It is made up of high-quality fabric.


Finally, have a look at these boots which are made from a durable material and will keep you comfortable. It’s  matching color would suit the Leia slave outfits shown above. You can wear it either with the costume or informally for a perfect fit.

That completes the Leia Slave Costume guide. If you enjoyed this blog, and wish to read more, you can find more costume guides on our blog.