Your Exclusive Venom Costume For A Demonic Look

The Venom costume has been one of the most searched and worn costume every year. The reason is pretty simple – it requires less time to put on. For any fan of Marvel, or someone who just likes villains more, Venom is the character to go to. His macho figure and evil appearance are sometimes considered more appealing when his mouth is shut. The character has been portrayed in the movies of Spider-man and now he will appear in a standalone film. Tom Hardy will be starring as the character that is going to release under Sony.

The costume guide of Venom has been entirely focused on the suit that is in the comics of Marvel. However, knowing that Deadpool and Venom have hardly any major differences in their costumes, the items below are highly expected to give you the right outlook from the upcoming movie.

How make Venom Costume

Venom Mask

Nowadays, almost every character from the comic book publications has their costumes made from latex. The fabric gives a much more realistic look, and by looking at this image, you are destined to look like Venom. It’s a mask that is made only for adults and covers every aspect of Venom’s massive mouth and his long tongue.

Venom Leather Jacket

The Venom costume isn’t complete if you don’t have the mask and the suit with the logo on it. However, in the modern world, instead of a spandex suit, a leather jacket has been provided. It’s a basic leather jacket for men, but it has the famous Venom logo that nobody can avoid. The leather jacket brings a more intimidating presence to your Venom cosplay.

Black Leather Smart Gloves

When people wear the most excellent items or have their suits made from leather, it often means that they aren’t very convenient to use important things like a phone. These leather gloves aren’t only good for the costume but can also be worn while using your phone. It gives you an upper hand at events like Comic Con or anywhere you want to use it as part of a costume.

Black Leather Pants

Venom’s costume features an all black look, and with the leather jacket above, these pants would be perfect. These are also made from leather and are in a slim fit cut. The cut gives you the advantage of having a look of an ideal suit. It’s more durable and much classier than a standard Venom spandex suit.

Black Short Leather Boots

Of course, you need some footwear to complete the Venom costume and what’s better than a black, waterproof boot. These are very simple in design and comfortable in weight. It’s more than enough to help you walk around in it for hours while dressed up as Venom. With a brand so famous, you know that you’re investing in a quality item.

That is how you can obtain the entire gear of the Venom costume and still have money saved. It may not be the best cosplay like costume, but it definitely has a modish take on it.

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