Batman Vs Superman Costume – Your DIY Guide

Batman V Superman Costumes

If you’re a real comic geek, you would know darn well how much demand is for Batman vs Superman costumes. We do know that many surprises will take place, but that we have to see the movie to believe it. But you can believe on one thing, is the costume guide to dressing like the Trinity. Yes, for guys to dress as Batman and Superman and for the ladies you can dress like Wonder Woman. Check out Batman vs superman, wonder woman costume.

The chance to be like these heroes are right in front of you, and you can get them done at ease. So behold these Batman Vs Superman Costume and let’s get started. Here you should know that this guide will somewhat give you 70% look than the look of the actual costume.

First up, Wonder Woman costume DIY, the Amazonian Princess played by Gal Gadot, has made known her apparel in a Warrior style gimmick.

Wonder Woman Clothing Set Costume


Wonder Woman Cuffs


Wonder Woman Gear Costume


Wonder Woman Overbust Corset with Shorts Costume
Women’s Wonder-130 Knee-High Boot
Star Crown Costume
Wrist Arm Hand Warmer Knitted Long Fingerless Gloves
Wonder Woman Cuffs
Waist Belt Waistband Gold Tone for Woman
Shield And Sword Costume Accessory

There’s no way on earth you can wear this in public where the rest of the people are in coats and another type of formal outfits while you are wearing the Wonder Woman Costume and walking along with them. So keep in mind, utilize this at the costume conventions.

But hey, if you really intend to wear something apart from the Wonder Woman DIY costume,then you can try on this. This jacket would help you on casual occasions.

Wonder Woman Logo Jacket

Wonder Woman Jacket

Now behold the Son of Krypton, The Man Of Steel, the one that we all consider the beloved superhero of the DC comics, you know it, Superman. Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice is basically Man of Steel’s sequel, so for sure the character deserves a better introduction. How about the Superman DIY Costume? These items will help you out.

You know if you wear these two as your new casual outfit, it will rock your entire styling approach. DIY Superman costume will help you to change your look into one of the powerful character.

Man Of Steel Superman Jacket
Men’s Faux Blue Trouser

But, how to make a Superman costume? All you need is Superman costume DIY costume, these outfit will make your appearance exactly as Superman.

Superman Boots Cape

Superman Red Boots
Red Cape ~ Halloween Costume Accessory

Now the man who Superman will face in the movie and it’s The Dark Knight himself.  How to make a Batman costume. Here are the batman stuff needed to create a DIY Batman Costume.

Batman V Superman Clothing Set Costume


Batman Utility Belt

Batman Dawn Of Justice Gauntlets And Hood



Batman Dawn Of Justice Mask and Cape


Dawn Of Justice Grey Batman Jacket
leather pants GREY leather trouser
Shift Sport Boot
10 Pocket Utility Pouch Cartridge Ammo Tool Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Belt
Men’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batman Gauntlets
Lycra Hot Skins Hood
Batman vs Superman, Batman costume : Dawn of Justice Cowl
SeasonsTrading 48″ Black Cape

Everybody is talking about one more apparel that we all noticed in the trailer, and you can avail it for the Batman costume DIY too. That apparel is known as The Knightmare Batman Coat.

Dawn Of Justice Batman V Superman Trench Coat


Dawn Of Justice Batman V Superman Trench Coat

You can wear this coat on top of your Batman DIY Costume. Make sure you don’t wear along the cape.

And finally, a jacket that you can wear while watching the Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice movie. It’s a simple casual jacket with the Batman v Superman costumes logo on the chest, done in a creative way.

Batman V Superman Leather Jacket


Batman v Superman Jacket

And that is it for this blog on Batman Vs Superman costume. We covered not only the apparels that would provide you absorbing looks as like part of Cosplay but also various outfits that you can wear casually. Hope you have a great time wearing them.

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