An Impressive Guardians Of The Galaxy Costumes Guide

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Welcome to another exciting original costume guide from Today we are going to talk about Guardians Of The Galaxy costumes from the movie.

Guardians of the galaxy was an unexpected success.Along the movie, costumes were also a huge success. All seven characters are varying in appearance and makeup, unlike other superhero movies. In this guide, we have shown the costumes of Seven main characters whom everyone will want to replicate. These characters are.

  • Star Lord.
  • Gamora.
  • Groot.
  • Drax.
  • Yondu Udonta.
  • Rocket Raccoon.
  • Nebula.
  • Mantis.

Guardians of Galaxy Halloween Costumes


Man gray shirt

Slim fit pant

 Star Lord coat

 Leather jacket


Black Heel Boots

Men’s Gray T-Shirtstar lord shirt vol 2

Experiment layering with different jackets over this tee with other Guardians of the Galaxy costumes.

Men’s Slim Fit Pant

People who want to look slimmer without the pain of diet and pills, this pant is perfect for you. Slim fit pant instantly gives you the required self-confidence.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Lord Coat

Star Lord’s coat is an impressive fashion statement. Try out this coat with Punisher costume to get the best bang for your buck.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket

Peter Quills jacket

Tired of black leather jackets? Star Lord maroon jacket solves the problem. Wear it for star lord simulation or winter hang out’s. Get the latest Guardians of the Galaxy costumes today and enjoy the bold look.

Star Cosplay Lord Mask

Mask a compulsory gear to complete the attire, is very easy and comfortable to wear, not to worry about fit and comfort. You can wear it at costume parties and events for an attractive look.

Men’s Black Boot

Winter boots, so you can easily wear it to keep yourself warm and dry while walking through the snow.


Leather vest


Leather pant



Costume (Adult)

Leather Vest

gamora vest

Who said women couldn’t ride bikes? Be bold, be furious with Gamora leather vest for all the motorcycle loving women out there.


gott sword

Gamora sword can also pair with Ancient Roman or Greek costume.

Leather pant

gotg pant

Bored from your regular jeans? Gamora leather pant is surely something new for you to show off at parties.

Wiggotg wig

Gamora wig not only matches with her costume but other costumes as well like Barbie or japanese anime costume.


gotg makeup

Green face makeup is quite helpful. The Mask, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Shrek, Yoda, Hulk are the most popular options if you want to try it.

Gamora Guardians Of The Galaxy Costume






Groot Reacher Costume

Groot Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Costume


Unique Groot mask for your costume. Treebeard from Lord of the rings is a character similar to Groot. You can match this mask with his costume as well.


gotg hands

Spooky groot hands from guardians of the galaxy. If you are  wearing a witch costume groot’s hand will be useful.


gotg shirt


Funky Groot shirt for everyday wear and tear.


gotg pant

One pant to go with all tree dressing costumes.

Groot Creature Reacher Costume

Costume of Groot From Guardians Of The Galaxy 2




Knee Pads

Black Boots

Drax The Destroyer Costume


Drax the destroyer carries a pair of a dagger with him. Drax the destroyer’s daggers also comes handy with teenage  ninja turtles costume or Legolas from Lord of the rings.


drax pant

Cotton Drax the destroyer’s pant which absorbs moisture from your body. Drax pants prevents skin allergies too.

Knee pads

gotg knee pads

Knee pads avoid injuries especially while playing Hockey or Football. Because we while kneeling we exacerbate the wear and tear on our kneecaps.

Boot Men in Black

High heel black boots are a treat for fashion enthusiasts of goth, punk and heavy metal music.

Galaxy Drax The Destroyer Costume

gotg drax pant



Skinny Tight Pencil Pant

Blue paint

Yondu Udonta Costume

 Punisher Costume Coat


Yondu Udonta coat is a good option for Hellboy or punisher costume as well.

Skinny Tight Pencil Pant

You can wear skinny tight pencil pant with a classic denim jacket. Long button down tunic is also a safe option.

Blue Paint

There are plenty of options for blue skin paint.  Like as Genie from Aladdin, Sully from monster inc or the Avatar movie costume.

Yondu Udonta costume

gotg yondo udouta costume





Fur Fox Tail

Blaster Gun

Rocket Raccon Costume

Kids Rocket Raccoon Gloves

With a little paint job, you can match Rocket Racoon’s gloves with other animal costumes too like wolves.


rr mask

Rocket Raccoon’s mask is a treat for children. Young ones can wear the mask to fancy dress parties.

Fur fox tail

rr fur tail

Fur fox tail isn’t only for Rocket Raccoon’s costume. Zootopia and Tom and Jerry costume can also match with this fur tail.

Blaster gun

Star wars franchise’s Han Solo and Skywalker use a blaster gun similar to this with their costume.

Rocket Raccoon Classic Costume


Black Boots

Head Cap

Blue Paint


Nebula Guardian of Galaxy costume

Women’s Black Boots

Nebula black boots gives you a high-class casual look match these boots with leggings and lifted blazer or waistcoat

Head cap

Nebula head cap

Need to be bald for a costume? You don’t need to shave your head. Nebula head cap will do the trick. Characters like Voldermort or Bane from the dark knight are good choices for nebula’s head cap

Blue paint

Blue paint

Nebula’s blue skin paint is handy for other costume makeup as well. For example, Dory from finding dory, Smurfs and Neytari from Avatar’s costume


gotg nebula jacket

Layer Nebula’s jacket with a plaid shirt light-colored midi skirt. Jeans necklace and heels for an elegant fashion statement.


Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay Costume Nebula





Women Black Boots

Guardians of Galaxy Mantis Costume

Mantis Costume

Mantis is one of a cute character from movie . Her jacket is sensational among the other guardians of the galaxy costumes. it also matches with Marvel’s poison Ivy’s costume.

Antenna Headband

Funky Mantis headband for young girls. Wear it with your bumblee costume on Halloween.


Leggings are a classic fashion item. You can wear this with a long loose t-shirt, long cardigan. Another combination is with sneakers and a graphic tee.

Women’s Boots

Knee high boots reduces a gap of skin. Which makes it look instantly elegant. a must wear for workday.

Final words:

This has been the complete guide of guardians of the galaxy costumes ideas that will enhance your look. The items above are of premium quality materials so that you can use it for long time. You can check our blog for more costumes guide.