Best Places To Travel in The US | 2020 Tour Guide

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places to visit in the usa 2020

If you haven’t decided where to travel in 2020 or it’s the first time you plan to travel longer than ever but thinking about where to go. Why you don’t consider the USA? The United States is the best place for every traveler either you are a U.S citizen or an outsider. America is too beautiful than you think, if you wish to spend your vacation with family then you must follow this guide till the end to make your journey wonderful.  I got you covered by listing the most exciting places for tourism after that you will thank me.

Let’s take a look,

1. San Francisco:San Francisco Golden Bridge

San Francisco is a marvelous place for tourists because it has several beautiful places like a Golden bridge, where you can view a beautiful scene and piece of art. Apart from the bridge, there is Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz, and Twin peaks to view the maximum area.

2.  Colorado:colorado places to visit USA

Colorado is included in the most beautiful places of the Earth. It contains beautiful mountains and lakes that compels everyone to stay more and more. You can see fishes on the river, and wildlife in the deep forests. In winter you can enjoy skiing,  in short, a wonderful place to visit for every season.

3. Alaska:Kenai Fjord Alaska

Alaska is a truly incredible state for tourism, it is located on the northwest extremity that makes it more interesting for everyone. A lot of things you can enjoy at Alaska because it is big and full of nature like Kenai Fjords Glacier that worth to visit, you will enjoy the tour in cruise because ice caps, aquatic life, and brown bears are really amazing, moreover you can do fishing in Kenai River and visit the national park.

4. Michigan:Mackinac island michigan state

A state that contains a lot of mysterious beauty in it. Michigan is a place of pleasure for tourists that build unforgettable moments that compel live to permanently here on this delightful land. You can visit Mackinac Island that is the top priority of most of the tourists to spend a vacation here only due to its beauty and coastline. Michigan also includes historic buildings, parks, museums, and many other places to visit. This will definitely work for the tourists.

5. Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is too attractive than you think it contains numerous spots that can be visited year-round. The topmost place is Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, a helicopter ride will explore you a beauty of nature that you cannot forget in your life. Another place like The strip that contains a lot of things for entertainment and Fremont street that will definitely blow your mind due to human creativity i.e. visual arts and lights.

6. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh pennsylvania

Pennsylvania also known as Quaker state and Keystone state, it has unique traditions and culture that make it subtle. If you’re on tour then don’t miss it especially Pittsburgh the most beautiful city,  its skyline and steel bridges over the rivers. Moreover, Philadelphia is another place to visit in Pennsylvania, its liberty bell, independence hall, museum of arts and Franklin square, etc.

These are the top favorite places to visit in the U.S. to properly enjoy the vacation with great memories. A trip can be made great by proper planning, perfect packing, and timing. If you are thinking what to pack for your tour then scroll down a little bit more.

What to Pack For The U.S. Tour?

Tourism is a great thing to reduce stress and enjoy life with your family and friends. But if you don’t pick the right items then it will be a challenge for you, so be prepared and put the right things with you.

1. Small Bag

Small Bag

Keep your essential belongings with you every time so you can never misplace the important documents. You can keep water bottles, snacks, and your smartphone charger and power bank in it.

2. Leather Jacket:

edinburgh brown leather jacket

A leather jacket can save you from cold and bad weather while providing you sufficient look. Its pockets also help you keep many things with you every time.

3. Boots:

hiking boots

It is obvious many Tourists face the issues with their boots, so make sure you have strong boots that will not tear easily.