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A Complete Guide To James Bond Costume Collection


If you are a big fan of viewing action, suspense, and adventure movies, then how can you forget the character of James Bond? Comprising 26 movies in which 12 actors have portrayed their character of a secret agent by the name of James Bond since 1962’s film, Dr. No, it is one of the most successful movie series in the history of the big screen. It is also one of the highest-earning as well as longest-running series in the box office. The latest version of the movie series, Spectre was released in 2015 featuring the superstar Daniel Craig in his fourth film as James Bond. Add to the series of movies; there are also books and comics depicting the character of the spy agency of James Bond.

The film series has witnessed five decades of action and thriller led by the fictional main character of Bond. Being an intelligence officer or a spy agent for an agency commonly known as MI6, he has the code of 007 that became so much popular to all over the world. Bond has a love for cars as well as Bond girls as witnessed by different actors throughout the years. He also has extraordinary qualities of a spy agent. Well if the character is so much important, then his attire becomes very popular throughout the world ranging from James Bond suits and jackets. The character is still popular and will continue to be for coming decades to come. Here in this James Bond costume, we will look at the various James Bond clothing to have a successful Cosplay as well as for wearing them on several occasions.


James Bond Midnight Blue Skyfall Tuxedo Suit

Daniel Craig wore this closely matching midnight blue Tuxedo suit in the movie Skyfall as James Bond. It is made wholly of a wool blend and has a front button closure with a single vent at the back. Having a collar made of black silk, the coat also various pockets. It is sure to have your presence felt at not just during different Cosplay events, but also during grand parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Pants are also included in the suit to complete this excellent James Bond Halloween costume.


James Bond Ivory Spectre Tuxedo

One of the hallmark apparel as worn by Daniel Craig in the movie Spectre to depict James Bond makeup, this ivory tuxedo is crafted from high-quality wool fabric having a front two-button closure as well as various pockets to carry essential items. It has a wide lapel collar and internal viscose lining for added comfort. Black trousers are provided with the tuxedo which completes the attire. Wear this James Bond costume in grand parties and on special occasions such as Halloween to show your Bond style.


James Bond Puffer Jacket Spectre

Also worn by Daniel Craig in the movie Spectre, this closely resembling blue puffer-style jacket is sure to keep you warm during the winter season as well as for a successful Cosplay. Crafted from nylon material and having an additional viscose lining that is stitched internally for extra warmth and comfort, get your hands on this one to depict your James Bond style. It also features front zip closure as well as five pockets to keep your valuables. Get this James Bond Jacket today.


Blouson Spectre James Bond Jacket

Gear up to wear a chic and classy jacket as also showcased by Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie Spectre. Its brown color suede leather jacket, stand-up collar as well as front zip closure will attract everyone who needs a jacket for casual purposes but with the added grace of being a James Bond one. It also has internal viscose lining which absorbs extra sweat when worn. One can also put it on during Comic-con and other events.


James Bond Skyfall Grey Suit

Daniel Craig can be seen wearing the grey suit similar to the one above in the film Skyfall as part of his James Bond character. Get this Grey James Bond suit which is highly in demand and features a lapel collar and two button closure on the front. It’s grey coat and pants make it one of the best suits for formal wear as well as for different Cosplay events. It has various pockets with one in the chest area, two on the waist and two on the coat’s inside. Pockets are also provided in the trousers. You are just an order way from having a handsome look to your clothing.


Casino Royale Suit

Dress to have an ultimate Bond look as worn by Daniel Craig in the smash hit movie Casino Royale. This blue color suit is a style statement for fashionable formal wear. It is made from a wool blend and has various pockets in the coat as well as in trousers. It has a three-button closure as well as buttoned cuffs. It also has viscose lining stitched internally that makes it an overall comfortable suit to wear during Cosplay One can also wear it with the vest to have dramatic looks. A special James Bond costume for his fans.


Spectre James Bond Double Breasted Coat

The movie Spectre depicted several appealing and staggering James Bond costumes.  This double breasted wool coat is as worn by Daniel Craig to give the remarkable looks of Bond and now you can have this as part of you Cosplay. Have this James Bond Halloween costume which includes wide a lapel collar, outside pockets as well as inside-stitched viscose lining, it is made of a high-class wool blend. It will give a fitting look according to your size and is a lifetime apparel to be also worn outdoors to look smart and elegant.


Spectre No Time To Die Navy James Bond Suit

Now presenting a James Bond costume that will give you a fascinating look at your Cosplay as well as during special occasions and gatherings such as dinner and weddings. It’s navy blue color will appeal to everyone as well as it beautiful standard lapel collar. Additionally, it has got several pockets on the coat as well as on the provided trousers which are of the same color. Its high-quality woolen fabric and internal viscose lining add to its overall comfort level. Wear this suit with a white shirt and blue tie to look breathtaking.


James Bond Spectre Gloves

Daniel Craig wore these closely resembling and stylish leather gloves in the film Spectre. They are made from real leather and are also slim-fitting. James Bond had a nailed-styled approach to the gloves which makes them chicer. They have a button for closure and are perfect for keeping one’s hands warm during the chilly season. If you want to dress like James Bond, then wear these long-lasting gloves to have your presence felt during Comic-con and other events.


Spectre Ring

This ring is a must-have item for all those James Bond fans to complete his costume. He wore this type of ring and it has a characteristic Spectre logo. This ring adds elegance and grace to your attire. Crafted from stainless steel, it is silver in color. Wear them along with one of the above Bond’s suits or jackets.


And that’s it for this James Bond costume blog. James Bond, no doubt is a character that is widely popular throughout the world. His suits and jackets are a sensation worldwide not just due to its features but also how its add style to Bond character. You just to have follow this guide to look like him. You can wear any suit or jackets plus the ring and gloves as part of your James Bond clothing. Happy reading!

Surprise Everybody with Walking Dead Negan Costume


Hey there friends.

Welcome to another exciting, original costume guide from Today we are we going to talk about the popular TV series Walking Dead”.
“Walking Dead” is a favorite series because of the spooky zombies and different character costumes. We have listed Negan’s costume from the series, and we hope you will find it useful. Let us dive into it then.

Negan leather jacket

Negan Black Jacket

The leather jacket is a timeless classic. You always wanted to look masculine and tough, and a leather jacket is a solution. It is the must-have walking dead costume jacket for fans.


Crew Neck Long Sleeve Shirt

You always thought layering was tough. But what if I tell you about a tee which matches with every jacket? Yep, you guessed it right. A plain white tee matches with every blazer and jacket available anywhere in the world!


Negan Costume Pants

Next up is Straight-fit jeans. Classic jeans are durable and easy to wash, but there is a problem. They can’t pass for formal occasions. You don’t worry we always have a Plan B. Slim-fit jeans are dependable for both structured and informal occasions.


Red Scarf

Enough of the man’s stuff, ladies it’s your turn now. Exotic Lamb wool solid colored scarves for preppy and professional dressing.


Leather Gun Belt

Dramatic brown leather gun belt to for your dummy cartridges. An essential part of your Walking Dead Halloween costume.


Long Leather Boots

You must be thinking that man heel boots are uncomfortable and disturbing. On the contrary, they are extremely light-weight and comfortable. Bikers wear heel boots to minimize injuries.


Black Driving Leather Gloves

Hands can get sweaty while riding a motorcycle. Black leather gloves are sure to give you the perfect grip.


The Walking Dead Costumes Negan’s Bat Lucille

First things first this isn’t real, But it looks real. So the next time you want to fake it, this is the right choice

Negan infograph

Other Related Items


Walking Dead Pullover Hoodie

You can’t take a blanket everywhere you go, and that’s we have hoodies.


Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Vest

Do you prefer fancy over that so-called boring “Decent”? Daryl Dixon has full-size wings printed on the back to jazz up your ordinary vest. get a walking dead costume today and enjoy your favorite hero look.

And that’s it for this Negan costume blog. You can show his attire this Halloween and other dressing events and parties.