How To Make The Most Heroic Justice League Costumes

Search for Halloween and Comic-cons costumes around the world. And i bet you won’t find a group more popular than the justice league. Justice league movie costumes demand will be at the peak in Halloween season. With iconic superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman they rule the costume world like no one else. The movie is yet to release, … Read More

Gear-up In This Green Lantern Corps Merchandise

Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police to ensure peace throughout the universe based on aliens from different planets. They have a base at planet Oa and take commands from the Guardians who are there since the beginning of the time knowing everything about the universe. Using the special ring of immense power Lanterns can create energy in any shape … Read More

Be An Inspiration Cyborg Merchandise Guide

Cyborg is a DC comic’s fictional character, created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez.  It first appeared in a special insert, ‘DC Comics Presents #26” in October 1980. If you remembered Teen Titans,  he was a part of it. In 2011, he became the founding member of Justice League as a part of DC’s “The New 52”. The … Read More

Guide To Your Very Own Shazam! Costume

Shazam!   Call him Captain Marvel or Shazam; it’s same. Why? Let’s dig some past.     Captain Marvel is a fictional character from American comics. Captain Marvel firstly appeared in Whiz Comics#2 that was published by Fawcett Comics in the year 1940. In that, he was a boy named Billy Batson, who by saying the magical words “Shazam” can … Read More

The Aquaman Costume Guide You Can’t Miss

Jokes are going to finally end when they see Jason Momoa in the Aquaman costume. Fans are praising the designers that they aren’t making him wear the orange and green attire that Aquaman is so famous for

Top 12 Superman Stuff For Adults & Kids To Behold

Superman is a fictional superhero created by DC comics in 1938 as part of the comic book series, action comic. His attire is simple, and yet set the standard for superhero costumes for the longest time. His attire

Batman Stuff – The Merchandise Collection To Blow Your Mind

Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in American Comic Books, published by DC comics. His popularity rose after his introduction in 1939 and he gained his own title ‘Batman.’ The first Batman story ‘the case of the chemical syndicate’ was published on May 1939 and he was one of the superhero characters to be continuously published as interest in the genre waned during … Read More