All You Need To Know About Comic Con

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Comic Con

All You Need To Know About Comic Con

Comic-Con is a unique event that takes place in the United States, and this blog will tell you all you need to know about Comic Con. People from around the world the world come to this event and dress like their favorite comic character. It has been going on since March 21, 1970, in San Diego, California. The convention was founded in 1970 by a group of seven people named Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, Richard Alf, Mike Towry, Barry Alfonso, Bob Sourk, and Greg Bear.

The first Comic-Con, which was a three-day convention that took place in U.S. Grant Hotel and it, drew three hundred people. Through the passage of time, the number of attendees grew larger and in 2015 they reached the strength of 167,000, and the Comic-Con was organized at San Diego Conventional Center. Due to massive success, Comic-Con is celebrated in seventeen different cities and attracts people from all over the United States. People are fond of getting dressed as Comic characters, so they come well prepared to make a deep impression and express their love for their favorite character.


Not only adults but children are also fond of going to Comic Con International. Comics are very much admired by children, and they love comic characters such as the Batman, Spiderman, HULK, and many more. Children are fond of fictional characters who look best not only because of their appearance and outfit but also because they perform athletic maneuvers and catch the bad guys. Adults are also inspired by such outfits and characters, but are more into realistic character to some extent.


Such as Captain America, who is a human being with special powers. Captain America’s jacket is very much admired by people of all classes because of its bold appearance, and it can also be worn on many informal gatherings. This character has been one of the favorite among men and women both because of his style, and bold outfit. He carries a shield with him which is made up of fictional material named “Vibranium”. It is the most preferred outfit for Comic Con International.



Costume Details:







This Captain America costume will make you look perfect among others because of its exceptional quality material and screen accurate looks.


Ladies are also into the Comic-Con more over because of female characters such as the Harley Quinn, and the Wonder Woman. Harley Quinn is a source of attraction nowadays because of her revised outfit in her upcoming movie “The Suicide Squad”. Female fans not only wear the movie costume but also show their support for the comic character as well. Since its making, Harley Quinn can be seen only in the comic, animated series, and games, but for the first time she has been introduced to the big screen. For this reason, her outfit is made to be much more attractive and bold than the previous ones.



Costume Details:                    








Wonder Woman, just like Harley Quinn, is not a new character at all. Wonder Woman is one of the oldest characters produced by the American comics. Its character shows a woman who has tremendous strength and is able to take on whats coming with ease. Wonder Woman has been a source of attraction for male and female individuals both, because of her staggering looks and ability to fight against the bad. She can be seen in the comics in a tight vest and a skirt which gives her an appealing appearance, while her arm guards and the shield makes her look more stylish.




Costume Details:






Arm Guard


Comic-Con is not just about dressing up like your favorite comic character and competing with other people, but it also involves many other events, seminars, and workshops with comic book professionals. Previews of upcoming feature films are also shown. The evening session includes many other activities, such as award ceremonies, costume contest, and Comic-Con film festival, which show short and long movies.

Types of Awards:

  • Eisner Award
  • Eisner Retailer Award
  • Icon Award
  • Inkpot Award
  • Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award
  • Bill Finger Excellence in Writing Award
  • Most Promising New Comer Award
  • Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival


Eisner Awards are also known as Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, and they are equivalent to Oscar Awards. It is named after Will Eisner who was a writer and an artist as well. He died in the year 2005. Eisner Awards started in 1988 after the discontinuation of the Kirby Awards in 1987. The Eisner Awards are given to a wide range of categories which includes best writer, best new series, best continuing series, best short story, best anthology, and much more.


Eisner Retailer Award is also known as Will Eisner Spirit of Comic Retailer Award. It was also named after Will Eisner, who was the creator of the fictional character known as “The Spirit.” This award was initiated in the early 1990’s and is given out to retailers who have supported the Comic-Con by demonstrating their overwhelming services. They are nominated by fans from all over the world.


The award which is given to people who are jubilant in presenting the comics or other popular arts to a wide range of audience is known as the Icon Award. Since its formation in 2006, the Icon Awards were part of the Scream Awards which were aired on the “Spike” cable network, but since 2012, it has been awarded at Comic-Con International. It has been awarded to ten people up till now who have devoted their expertise to the Comic-Con industry. Some of them are as follows.


Reginald Hudlin (2015)

Reginald Hudlin is an American writer, film producer, and director. He is a well-known personality in the comics industry because of his contribution to the Marvel Comics Black Panther series. He was the writer for the Black Panther series from 2005 to 2008. The most successful storyline during his tenure was “Bride of the Panther” which showed the Black Panther’s wedding with the fictional character “Storm”. Apart from the comics he has been the director for House Party in 1990, and Boomerang in 1992, and much more. He received Icon Award in the year 2015 at Comic Con International.


Joss Whedon (2014)

Joss Whedon is famous for writing and directing “The Avengers” movie in 2010. The movie became a super hit at the Box Office and managed to become the fourth highest grossing film of all time. Joss Whedon also played his part in the development of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” for the popular channel “ABC”. After the fantastic experience of Agents of Shield, he got the chance to write and direct “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Apart from the comics, Joss Whedon is also the creator and executive producer of the TV Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doll House, Fire Fly, and Angel.


Michael Straczynski (2013)

Joseph Michael Straczynski is also known as JMS. He is a well-known American producer and writer. He has written various comic book series which includes, Thor, Superman, Superman: Earth One, and much more. He also created tv show which includes Crusade, Babylon 5, and as well as Jeremiah. He wrote 92 out of 110 episodes for Babylon 5 which is still an unbreakable record. He had been a comic fan for a very long time and began writing comics in the late 1980’s. His comic writing includes The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. His marvelous script and remarkable efforts earned him the Icon Award in the year 2013.


Inkpot Awards at Comic-Con International are given out to people who have dedicated their hard work for comics, film, animation, fiction/fantasy, television, and fandom services. This award is being presented since 1974 by Comic Con International and has been awarded to hundreds of recipients up till now.


Bob Clampett was an American producer, animator, puppeteer, and director. He is best known for his work for animated series, Looney Tunes. Bob directed 84 cartoons in the time span of fifteen years when he was at a directorial position in the 1930’s and 40’s at Harman-Ising Productions. This award is presented in Bob Clampett’s name to people in comics and traditional arts who have worked to help others.


Bill Finger Award was established in the year 2005 at the suggestion of Jerry Robinson, who was a great legend. The motive of presenting this award is to recognize the people who have not been recognized in the right manner. It is to ensure that the individual who has worked hard should get all the respect that he deserves. This award was handed out to two people in 2015 for their prodigious services in comic book writing at the Comic Con event. The two individuals were Elliot S! Maggin and Richard E. Hughes. The Bill Finger award is presented in the memory of William Finger, who was the first writer of the Batman.


Russ Manning Award is named after the legendary comic book artist, who gave birth to many comic series, such as Tarzan, and Star Wars. He was also included in the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006. He drew the Tarzan Series in the late 1960’s which was very much successful and managed to attract a broad range of audience. This award is being given out annually since 1982.


Independent Film Festival is a juried event that has been commencing from the year 2005 as part of the Comic Con International: San Diego. It is a four-day festival that screens some of the best short and long movies. The films are classed in a wide range of categories, and the winner of each category is finalized by some judges who are the pioneer in film and popular arts industries.”The Judges’ Choice Award” is also handed out for a movie which is considered best in the film festival.

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