Your Complete DIY Flash Costume Guide

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He is superfast and also known as the fastest man alive in the history of DC comics. He is none other The Flash.

The Flash uses his powers to hunt down criminals. But what makes the Flash stand out from the rest of the crop is his insanely good looking costume.

Wearing all red, with lightning bolts on his mask, he has a unique look. Fitting for a person who calls himself the fastest man alive. This Flash costume adult guide will show you how to dress like your favorite superhero this Halloween.

CW Flash Costume


The Flash Helmet

For the Flash CW costume, helmet is an essential part. And this one is a perfect match for you. It’s a flexible mask that fits well on your head. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, you can wear this mask with ease. So just gear this helmet to get the super fast speed.


The Flash Leather Jacket

Well you can try any other flash cosplay costume. But having a flash theme jacket in red color gives you ease and comfort that you want. That is the reason why we put this jacket in our list. It will compliment your look that you want to highlight in the Flash Halloween costume. Plus you can also wear it casually.

The Flash Gloves

The Flash Gloves

Now you need a hand gloves that matches well with your costume. And these red gloves are ideal for your look. You can use it to complete your flash cosplay look. And also for daily use like as biker gloves.

The Flash Pant

The Flash Pants

As we all know that flash cw costume is in complete red color. So it’s better to choose similar pant like this one. It’s a comfortable pant that you can wear with ease while cosplaying. You can utilize this pant with any of your smart casual shirt.

Flash Costume Boots

The Flash Boots

Now it’s time to give yourself a light fasting speed. And to do that choose this red flash boots. So just get your hands on this boots and complete your costume.

Zoom Costume

Zoom Flash
Zoom Mask

Zoom Helmet

Zoom was an equally popular super-villain to Flash’s Superhero. And Zoom is the best example of it. Now to get that look, try this mask. It’s a one size fit that can be adjusted on any head so need to worry. You can use it with other Halloween costume.


Zoom Jacket

Like the red one, you can try this Zoom jacket. It’s an ideal pick for the zoom flash cosplay. Apart from Halloween, comic cons and other costume events, you can wear it on outings, gatherings and at other place.

The Zoom Flash Gloves


Zoom Gloves

A simple black pu leather gloves are perfect for zoom costume. It’s not just for cosplay use, but it’s a multi use gloves. From driving to the cold season, as well as for any other style, this will fit well on your hands.

The Zoom Black Pant

Zoom Pant

This black silm fit pant is ideal for Zoom costume. If you are a bike rider or love biker fashion then then this pant is ideal for you.

The Zoom Flash Shoes

Zoom Boots

Well you can try any ordinary black boots that you have in your wardrobe. Or you can try this one. You can complete your look with this boots. You can wear it on any style. Right from the formal to the casual or smart casual, it will fit well on any look.

 Reverse Flash Costume

reverse flash


The Reverse Flash Helmet

Reverse Flash Helmet

Here is the Reverse Flash helmet that is made available in exact manner. If you have that then it’s good. But if you don’t then simply grab this one. The features are same, plus it will give you nice fitting and breathable comfort for sure.


Reverse Flash Jacket

For a perfect Reverse Flash style, this jacket will give you the best outcome. It features yellow and black color combination with a wild flash logo. You just need to wear this jacket to get that super-villain look on Halloween. You can wear as a casual fashion piece.
The Reverse Flash Pant

Reverse Flash Pant

This black biker pant fits perfectly on your Reverse Flash cosplay. Like that of Zoom, this pant is also skinny and shiny. You can gear it in party nights, clubs, and outings and for casual use.

Reverse Flash boots

Reverse Flash Boots

If you are looking for a similar boots then this Reverse flash boots are ideal for you. It has red and black color combination. It is comfortable to wear. Whether it’s Halloween or other costume party, you can use it with ease. You can use at other place as well.

Flash Movie Costume

flash movie costume

Flash Justice League Costume

Flash movie costume is more updated and tactical as compared with the one seen in the drama series. Now if you are looking for the new one then take a look at this costume. It’s a complete piece that includes mask, gloves and shoes. You don’t need to buy it separately. Just click the link and get your piece of flash costume.

So there you have it. This blog covers the complete costume guide to Flash, Zoom, and Reverse Flash and from the movie. These heroes and villains created magic on the small screen and now you can be like them too. We have brought all the items in one place so that you only have to order and wear the costume of the character you like most. We hope you had a good time reading this blog and wish you have a great time with your favorite costume. Cheers.