The Dark Phoenix Costume – Jean Grey’s Dark Side

The Dark Phoenix alter ego was unveiled as a desperation move against Apocalypse, and the entire X-Men team. Of course, these are incidents that all movie goers will remember during the X-Men movies series, X-Men: Apocalypse and The Last Stand to be precise. Very few know that she has taken on this mantle in the comics and it isn’t only an ultimate or special power that is kept under wraps.

Moreover, that alter ego is about to be brought to the big screen very soon. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a movie that will feature Sophie Turner reprising her role as Jean Grey and we wanted to show that in previous movies and comics, what the Dark Phoenix looked like. Hence, here is the Dark Phoenix costume.

Jean Grey Dark Phoenix Catsuit

This is the famous Dark Phoenix costume that the world recognizes. The red and yellow colors justify the character’s name. A lot of women that see the word ‘cat suit’ in a product online often tend to avoid it. However, with the various sizes available, it doesn’t really matter what your body shape it is, the design and the stretchable benefit will make you look attractive. This Dark Phoenix suit is made from a durable and adjustable fabric that it even allows you to wear heels inside the costume. It comes with a zipper at the back to enable you to put on and take off the suit conveniently.

The next Dark Phoenix costume that was shown in the movies was the one worn by Famke Beumer Janssen. While she went to side with Magneto, she donned a bright colored outfit as compared to the black suit that the X-Men wore. Have a look.

Red Wig

The character had red/burgundy hair. If you already have red hair or are looking to obtain a close enough color, this wig should do the trick. It comes with the items like a wig cap and a comb to make it easy for you to use it. It’s 100% safe and can be maintained easily. The reason for choosing this wig is the volume of the hair that gives extra flare and beauty to your sexy costume.

Phoenix Costume

This is the costume that was worn by Jean Grey to portray herself as the Dark Phoenix. This Dark Phoenix costume is made from satin. The items that you get with it are the top, belt, the corset and the pants. This is the most perfect and realistic outerwear to give you the look of the character from X-Men: The Last Stand. It costs just below the triple figures and is assured to meet the high level of detailing.

Burgundy Riding Boot

To accompany and match your costume, these pair of riding boots is needed. These are always used for women who go for DIY costumes because of its elegance and various colors that they come in. The burgundy color will match your outfit and give you the best appearance on a whole. Wear these over your pants from the Dark Phoenix costume above and take to the events to show your ‘dark’ side.

That’s all from one of the most wanted Jean Grey costumes. These are the only two suits where the Dark Phoenix has truly been shown in all its glory. Now it’s time for you to carry the look at parties and events that will make everyone praise you.

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