Dazzling Catwoman Costume Collection For All Ages

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Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, has been associated with Batman in comics, TV series and movies. She has appeared both as an enemy and love interest of the Caped Crusader. Different actresses have portrayed the character, and we saw variations in the outfits worn by them. The sexy yet hot looking outfits worn by them are popular among ladies who would like to dress as deadly kitten especially during Halloween. Here we would cover easy Catwoman costumes as showcased by different actresses and also have a look at outfits for young girls and toddlers.



We start the leather Catwoman suit with this black colored catsuit that makes is made of lycra spandex and would give you sizzling look at Cosplay. You will feel comfortable as it comes with a back zipper for easy wearing. This suit is similar to that worn by Anne Hathaway in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You can also don it at parties for a unique appearance. It’s also a perfect dancewear.


The next requirement of the costume is the goggles mask as shown above. It’s one size would fit most women. You can wear it for Halloween and other costume parties to get an exact look like Catwoman. It’s made fully of vinyl material that would keep you comfortable.


Anne Hathaway can be seen wearing these similar long gloves that would help to give you an exact appearance of the character. It is made of fine quality PU leather and goes well up to the length of elbows. Its color matches to that worn by the famous character. These gloves would be an ideal fit for authentic Catwoman costume.


Grab the attention of others at Cosplay Catwoman with these long boots that would be best for Halloween and other costume events. It would go nicely with the above-shown suit and accessories for a perfect look as the daring lady. They are made of synthetic material and has a high heel with a stylish pointed toe. These boots are durable, and you can use them for many years to come.


After the Catwoman boots, have a look at the Pistol that has an exact design to that used by the actress in the The Dark Knight Rises film. It’s lightweight, and you can use it at costume events as part of the Catwoman adult costume. It’s enough to scare others while Cosplaying.


The last item you need to complete your Anne Hathaway costume is this pistol belt. It can be worn around the waist area, and you can carry the above-shown pistol with it. It will also be useful if you are a police officer. Get it as its one of the essential requirements of the costume for even a bold appearance as the character.



We looked at the Anne Hathaway costume. Now let’s look at another variation of the Catwoman adult costume that is similar to as worn by Camren Bicondova in the hit TV series named as Gotham. The first requirement of this Catwoman adult costume is this real leather jacket. It’s is black colored that is typical of Selina Kyle and available at a reasonable price. It’s also great as a biker jacket for women. Just wear it with a sexy Catwoman costume.


We looked at the Catwoman Leather Jacket. Now come to these skinny jeans that have a distressed detailing. It’s crafted mostly of cotton and is ideal to be worn with the jacket. These jeans are also stretchy and would give you a comfortable clothing experience. When you are done with the Cosplay, you can also wear it casually.


After the jeans, have a look at the leather biker gloves as worn by the actress. They have a fingerless style and give you a relaxed feeling when worn. They would go nicely as part of the Catwoman adult costume.


In the Gotham TV series, Camren has dressed in a unique style and did not wear a mask. Instead, she attires these similar goggles. They are made of plastic and would be sufficient for your Cosplay needs. They have a vintage style, and you can get them at a nominal price.


Lastly, to complete the costume, you have to wear these mid-calf boots. They have multiple buckle straps that ensure a perfect fitting. This footwear is crafted of high-quality material which makes it durable. Plus you can also wear them on casual and special occasions to look stylish.




The Catwoman sexy costume you are viewing above is similar to the outfit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Batman Returns. It’s also one of the most attractive outfits that you can wear for Halloween. The clothing comes with catsuit, gloves, and Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer mask. It would give you a matching yet shiny appearance as the character, and you will look dazzling.


You need these faux leather boots with the above Catwoman outfits. They have high heels and go well through the height of knees which many women like to wear. You can even wear them on grand occasions to look sizzling and sexy. Get them as they are available at a reasonable price.


Catwoman uses a whip as her weapon, and you can get a matching one as in the movie. It is made from polyester and polyurethane that makes it a lightweight accessory. It would make your Catwoman Halloween costume more realistic.



Let’s take a look at the most adorable Catwoman costumes.

The outfit you are watching closely resembles that worn by Halle Berry in the 2004 movie named as Catwoman movie. She looked very sexy and eye catching, and now it’s your chance to wear the identical attire. It is created from vinyl material. The jumpsuit comes with a bra style top, catwoman headpiece,  pair of gloves and pants. It’s a sexy Catwoman costume Halle berry for Halloween and other costume events. You can avail it at a nominal price.


Have a look at these open toe booties that would complete the adult Catwoman costume. They have a flexible sole and high heels that would be a source of comfort while walking. They ankle booties can also be used for special and grand occasions due to their stylish design. Have them as they are in available in various sizes.





Many young girls would like to attire like Seline Kyle whether it’s for Halloween or a fancy dress party. Here is everything you need to give your child an exact look of the character. The above costume is a full jumpsuit that also includes belt and mask. Also, you can get the get the black colored boots and gloves as shown to complete the Catwoman kids costume. They are designed so that your daughters would be comfortable and relaxed while moving around. The suit, boots, and catwoman gloves are available at a reasonable price, so you just have to order.


After the Catwoman kids costume, you can even dress your toddlers as the character who has been the love interest of Batman. The outfit comes with a jumpsuit,  boot tops, mask, headpiece, and belt. We are sure your growing children would appear charming and stunning. So takes some pictures and share them with your friends and relatives.

With the Catwoman toddler costume, this guide is completed. We have covered the outfits and accessories for adults, young girls, and toddlers that would give an authentic and stunning look like the character. We hope you would have a great time with sexy Catwoman Cosplay, whether it’s for Halloween, Comic Con and other events and parties. You can even pair up the costume with Batman or Joker for incredible looks like a couple. You can more costumes guides by visiting our blog.