Become The Leader Of Underground Hackers In Mr Robot Costume

Hello, Friends.”

What’s your plan for Halloween this year?

Are you done with your costumes or still having a hard time figuring it out?

Well, here we’ll demonstrate you that it is so easy to re-create some of the most iconic Mr. Robot looks. There’s a lot of space to make each ensemble your own. Here are a few ideas to get the artistic energies pumping and hack your way to the best Halloween ever.

With regards being mysterious on Halloween, Dressing up as one of the characters from Mr. Robot is the way to go. Each one is as unusual as the last, having a sharp style all their own. Designing a Halloween ensemble similar to the style of Mr. Robot is just easy. Get this —it’s about keeping comfortable. In fact, there’s more than one way to customize a Mr. Robot character to your level of Halloween style.

Dress Up in Mr Robot Costume This Halloween

Let’s start with:

Elliot Alderson Costume:

Elliot is an unpredictable and dark character. He is an ultimate hacker and leader of the fsociety. A schizophrenic drug addict. If you’re going as Elliot this Halloween, you’ll have to guarantee you stay as covert as could be permitted. Going as Elliot will give you a chance to wear dark colors, grasp your exhaustion. The ensemble needs to hand-off this somehow.

Elliot Alderson Hoodie

 Crew Neck Elliot Shirt

Slim Fit Jeans

Black Tactical Backpack

Fashion Mr Robot Sneaker

Wear a low profile classic hoodie. Carry a backpack. Elliot is always in a hurry and needs to move quickly and carry all his stuff. You can utilize it for all the confection; I mean candy. Elliot is never without one, and this will enable you to watch all that is going on.

Christian Slater (Mr Robot) Costume:


“Exciting time in the world right now. Exciting time.”

Mr. Robot, the patron, and the leader of the hacker group ‘fsociety.’

A progressive prophet who intends to cut down the world’s largest aggregate.

Despite the fact that he is gifted and charming.  Mr. Robot is additionally manipulative and quick to violence. It has incited correlations with the conduct of aggressor religion pioneers.

Mr Robot Christian Slater Brown Jacket


Cardigan Sweater/Long Sleeve Shirt/Mr Robot Jeans/Mr robot Scarf/Unisex Knit Scarf

Tortoise Square Eyeglasses/Sunglasses/Fingerless Winter Gloves/Baseball Cap

Wear a scarf and a baseball cap to finish the character’s outlook. Surely, this may be great on a chilly fall night, but these are fixtures for Mr Robot costume. Mr. Robot always does mix up his scarves. At some points, he is even seen wearing two. Make sure your scarf looks like it comes straight from his wardrobe.

Put on a few shades or some thick-rimmed glasses. So, that you can be Mr. Robot in night or day.

Fsociety Member Costume:

FSociety Costume Mask

Looking for a group costume to dress up for Halloween. Great, get your hands on fsociety hackers costume. This is the ideal chance to influence the Man to fear your energy.

You’ll need a fsociety mask,  hat or black hoodie and some dull pants to pull off this look. Since you would prefer not to give away your identity.

Furthermore, if you truly need to offer your companions on the thought that yes, you are the pioneer of the fsociety. You must ensure that you have a couple of white gloves and tuxedo coat for sure.