Be The Soldier of Fortunes with The A-Team Costume

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“I Love it when A plan Comes together.”

Familiar with the saying ‘Old is Gold.’  Yes, of course!

Lets, talk about the classy tv series from 80’s. A team of ex-special force soldiers framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Help the innocent while on the run from the military.

A standout amongst the most notable TV arrangement at any point made. The guide here will enable you to wear into the A team costume for an appealing look.

Have a group of friends who want to play along. Dress as Hannibal (don’t forget the cigar!), suave Face, and kooky pilot Murdock. But it’s going to be B.A who pulls your costumed team together.

The A Team Costume

Here’s how you’ll form up your team.  Begin with dressing up in:

John Hannibal Smith Costume

Dress up as a leader and the highest ranking officer of the team. With a cigar in your hand just like Hannibal.

Costume Wig/Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt/Point Collar Dress Shirt/Fit Straight Leg Pant/

Cotton Bandanas/Genuine Leather Gloves

Fake Puff Cigar

Russian model Rifle

Be prepared to excel a lot of pressure, and make your backup plans ready. Mostly not reliable strategies with favorable conclusions. Lead with Hannibal’s catchphrase, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

B.A Baracus Costume

“I ain’t gettin on no airplane.”

His initials, behind for his given short name,  acquired a much more colorful meaning: “Bad Attitude.”

With his drink of choice  B.A. essentially becomes the team’s paternal figure.

To dress up like him all you are going to need are the following items:

Fool Mohawk and Sideburns Wig/Cargo Twill Pant/Sleeveless T-Shirt

Complete your attire by adding up these accessories with your costume.

70s Disco Fever Medallion/ Austrian Crystals Necklace/ BOSS Chain Necklace/Chain Tassel Necklace/ Dollar Sign Pendant/ Gold Chain Necklace/ Men’s Big Silver Chain/ Metal Medallion On Chain .

Classic Cuban Chain Bracelet/Dollar Ring/Gold Plated Ring/Gold Wrist Cuffs/Signet Style Stainless Steel Polished Ring/Stainless Steel Israel Necklace/Yellow Gold Initial Ring

Hannibal may be the leader,but B.A. is the one who gives orders. Usually yelling by at Face and Murdock as if they are his disobedient sons.  B.A.’s most recognizable qualities is his intense fear of flying. Forcing the others to trick him into air transportation if flying proves necessary.

They get around in the famous A-Team van. So, why not create a small van accessory that you and your friends can carry around with you for the night?
Add it to your A-Team costume, and it’ll undoubtedly be one of unique costume themes that people see!

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