4 Doctor Who Costumes For Cosplaying With Ease

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Television shows are the most favorable medium to end your hectic day. You got your favorite spot on the couch with a drink and snacks to help you enjoy your favorite television series. With so many airing these days and the same amount getting canceled out of the blue, you really can’t afford to keep track of it. Longest running TV series are rare because of the trend and the other genres of shows that are taking over and are familiar with the new generation. One of them is Doctor Who – a show that has been airing for decades now since its inception.The Doctor Who costumes, on the contrary, are the most impressive set of clothing that you will come across.

Having a fan base that nobody would expect to exist in the first place after seeing the many shows that are taking over the screens is worth being impressed. Instead of the twelve various protagonists, you have a shortlist of the four that have stood out in the minds of the fans.

Are you ready to begin?

Ninth Doctor Costume


V-Neck Tee


Dr Who Leather Jacket


Skinny Fit Jean


Steel Toe Work Boots

This is the costume of the Ninth Doctor that was played by Christopher Eccleston. Before we learn more about the dr who costumes, the first and only point that you should keep in mind is that the personality of the Doctor changes only if he is injured and acts as a reincarnation stage. Now back to the costume. Scanning through the items above, it does look like a badass man that only aliens find sensible to mess around with. Having tasked to save the world, the Ninth Doctor made one hell of a hero in his short time in the show.


Tenth Doctor Costume

Reading Glasses


Oxford Dress Shirt


Tenth Doctor Blue Suit


Slim Tie


All Star Hi Basketball Shoe

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor is arguably the most favorite Doctor among the twelve. He has an excellent and fun loving personality that made him an instant success and favorite for the fans. Having lasted for a good number of years, David decided that was enough. The Tenth Doctor costume is on the top of the Doctor Who costumes list. His modernized approach to formal clothing and the blue striped suit made anyone who dressed like him a fashionable person, instantly. The suit is already a signature attire as well as his sneakers.


Eleventh Doctor Costume


Pink Stripe Shirt


Eleventh Doctor Red Bow Tie





11 Doctor Coat


Stretch-Twill Jean


Desert Boot

The next dr who costumes that is on the list is the one worn by Matt Smith. He became the Eleventh Doctor in 2013 and the span of a couple of years; Matt became a very famous actor in the television series universe. The costume he chose to wear was semi-formal. It’s quite a stylish and appropriate take on his predecessor who also dressed quite luxuriously. The suspenders and the bow tie are one of the essential items in this set, and it needs to be matching. He has only changed his coat and shirt, so the ones here are the most common color that the fans wear to look like him.


Twelfth Doctor Costume


French Cuff Dress Shirt


12th Doctor Coat


Stylish Contrast Vest


Six-Pocket Jean


Occupie Boot

The last Doctor Who costume featured is of the current Doctor. Peter Capaldi, a veteran actor, portrays the Twelfth Doctor and is currently acting in the television series’ latest season. His costume has changed but in the Doctor Who costumes, the latest one has made quite an impact. It has his red blazer with a blue vest and also boots to go with his slim jeans. Of course, he adapts to the trend perfectly by wearing other outerwears but he stuck to this and became a style inspiration.