Affordable Doctor Who Merchandise: Productivity and Zeal combined

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Dr Who Merchandise

As you all know, Doctor Who has been one of the most widely acclaimed scientific fiction TV series ever since it premiered in 1963. Since then, not only the costumes of the lead role of Doctor Who has appealed to the masses but the merchandise inspired by the series is gaining popularity with time. Here we cover the best Doctor Who merchandise that would lend productivity to your lives.

Tardis Merchandise Men’s Clothes

Men’s T-Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

This is one of the simple Doctor Who shirts that would be the perfect apparel to be worn at home or casually. It’s cotton made and has the image of TARDIS, which is embossed on the front. Wear it yourself or gift this to your friends.

TopsHouse Men's Doctor Who Police Box Brief Designed Sport Soft T-shirt Black L

TopsHouse Men’s T-Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Another Tardis based T-shirt, and this time it has one of the inspirational Doctor whose quotes are imprinted on the front. You will be comfortable in it due to its cotton material. Plus it’s reasonably priced. Get this amazing Doctor Who shirt as it’s available.

Doctor Who TARDIS Hoodie

TARDIS Dr Who Hoodies (Shop at Amazon)

This cotton and polyester Doctor Who hoodie would do look good on all the men as it has the design of TARDIS embossed on the front. Stay warm this winter and look cool. Furthermore, it has a zipper closure as well. Get this cool doctor who merchandise today and enjoy the day.

Women’s Clothes

Doctor Who Tardis In Space Juniors Tee Ripple Junction AMZ M

Tardis in Space Junior’s T-Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Gift this spectacular Doctor Who T-shirt to your young daughters as it has beautiful Tardis in Space graphics on the front. Pick from its navy blue or black colors and look marvelous while at home or hanging out with friends and family. 

Ladies TARDIS Swirl Doctor Who T Shirt from BBC Worldwide, White/Off White (Small)

TARDIS Swirl T-Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Women would love this one of the amazing Doctor Who T-shirts that has the design of TARDIS moving through Space-time making the warped design. Made fully of cotton, it has rolled sleeves that enhance its looks. Get this according to your size and show your style. Its is a must have Doctor Who merchandise for fans.


Special Clara’s Jacket

This real leather jacket is as worn by Clara Oswald, a character in this series. It has various pockets and an attractive black color which would make you rock casually or semi-casually. It also has a button and a zipper for closure which further adds to its appeal.

TARDIS Sweater (Shop at Amazon)

Get this TARDIS sweater that is suitable for girls and made of high quality 100% acrylic material. It will give a cozy feeling when worn and is reasonably priced. It’s a great Dr. Who merchandise for the winter. Amazing doctor who merchandise shirt for ladies.


Tardis Shoe

Fashion Sneaker (Shop at Amazon)

These canvas style, fashionable Doctor Who shoes are made especially for women and have a fresh design inspired by the TARDIS. Additionally, its rubber sole would be helpful while walking and running. It’s a perfect for casual wear. Men can also wear it at casual events.

Doctor Who Men's Tardis Slippers (L,11-12)

Men’s Tardis Slippers (Shop at Amazon)

These Doctor Who TARDIS slippers have the design of the doctor spacecraft and are great when put on. These are plush slippers, so you will be comfortable when you wear them. Pick according to your size as they are cheap.

Men’s Sneakers (Shop at Amazon)

And this Doctor Who shoes in the form of sneakers would do well for men as it also has a canvas style to it. They have laces along with fantastic front graphics. Its durable rubber sole would make running and walking very comfortable.


Doctor Who Tardis Slouch Beanie Hat

Slouch Beanie Hat (Shop at Amazon)

Show your love for the popular TV series by wearing this hat. It comes in a size that would fit most adults and is perfect to be worn casually. It is multi-colored and features the image of the Tardis.

Doctor Who Tardis Navy Flex Hat Cap

Navy Flex Cap (Shop at Amazon)

This is another hat which will enhance your looks. It’s made of acrylic and wool mix and has wonderful embroidery done in the form of text and multiple images of Tardis. Have a cool look when wearing it. It is flexible and would fit perfectly on your heads.

Dr Who Backpack

Doctor Who TARDIS Knapsack Backpack 14 x 17in

Blue Tardis Backpack (Shop at Amazon)

This sturdy Doctor Who backpack is a great merchandise, and you can put several items in it such as notebooks. It’s wholly made of polyester and has the design of TARDIS along with blue color.

Mini Satchel With Metal Charm Purse (Shop at Amazon)

Women would love this handbag that has the image of Tardis as well as being crafted with PU leather and polyester. It comes with a charm and makes it look appealing. It has the same colors as TARDIS and would be great when carried over your shoulder.

Line Up Backpack (Shop at Amazon)

Being crafted of nylon and featuring a number of TARDIS lined up, this Doctor Who backpack caters to your all needs. Its has got zippers for your convenience of opening and closure.


Tritan Water Bottle (Shop at Amazon)

These sports water bottle has the design of Dr. Who’s time machine along with the title of the series. It is made from durable plastic material and has an insulated double wall design that would help you to stay hydrated.

Doctor Who Figural Tardis Mug, 17 oz

Figural Tardis Mug (Shop at Amazon)

Drink tea, coffee or whatever you like in this rectangular mug that takes the shape of TARDIS. It comes with a lid for your added convenience and plus it’s made from sturdy material. Gift this Doctor Who item to the fans you know or get it for yourself.

Gift Pack (Shop at Amazon)

This pack one of the best Doctor Who gifts you can give to your family. It comes with five items including necklaces, bracelets and a pin that comes in a beautiful gift pack. You can present this for Christmas and other occasions.

Blue Police Box Earrings .925 Sterling Silver Earwires 1-1/2 Inch In Gift Box with Tardis Blue Bag

Blue Police Box Earrings (Shop at Amazon)

Women of all ages love earrings, so this one is a no-brainer. Its takes the shape of Blue Police Box and would be a perfect accessory to cherish the popular science fiction series. It is also available in a special gift box. It’s among the most attractive Doctor Who gifts you can give to your loved ones.

USB Hub (Shop at Amazon)

Get your hands on this excellent Doctor Who merchandise. It has four USB ports through which you can connect different devices. Additionally, it gives out flashing light and amazing sound effects. All these features make it a handy accessory.

Doctor Who TARDIS Umbrella

Umbrella (Shop at Amazon)

Protect yourself from rain and harsh weather conditions with this terrific umbrella. It is easy to open it with a push of a button and is large enough to cover you and your companion. Plus the inside shows a view of Twelfth Doctor’s console which makes it worth buying.


Button Badge / Pin (Shop at Amazon)

This button has one of the intriguing Doctor Who quotes and can be tied to your bag or wherever you like. It’s made from a sturdy material that won’t break easily and would last for years.


Collector’s Analog Watch (Shop at Amazon)

Add this analog Doctor Who watch to your collection and wear it to enhance the looks of your attire. Its blue and white color combination along with stainless bezel make it a must-buy item. It is a perfect time companion on your wrists.

Doctor Who Wrist Watch - Collectors Bigger On The Inside Analog Clock With Blue Tardis Wrist Band

Bigger On The Inside Analog Clock (Shop at Amazon)

And this is another collectible in the form of an analog Doctor Who watch that is a perfect accessory to be worn with every outfit. A famous Doctor Who quote is written which makes it look eye catching.

Vinyl Wall Clock Art (Shop at Amazon)

Put this vinyl clock on your wall that has the striking artwork of Dr. Who along with his TARDIS. The clock works quietly and is an ideal item to keep for yourself or gift this to the fans you know. Put in anywhere in your house also as a decorative piece.

Doctor Who Merchandise Games & Toys

RISK (Shop at Amazon

And this board game will keep you engaged in your spare time. Decide the fate of the Earth and the universe as it features for the past fifty years that you have seen in the series. Gift this enthralling Doctor Who games to your kid or loved ones and play against them.

Chess Board Game with 3D Lenticular Images (Shop at Amazon)

Combine your love for chess and Dr. Who into one with this chess set that has 3D lenticular images of your favorite Dr. Who characters in the form of 32 pieces. Play the game with this board with your loved ones and have an good time.

Exploding Tardis 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Shop at Amazon)

Keep your kids busy with this great Christmas gift in the form of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. When completely assembled, it will give you a look of exploding Tardis. Your kids would love to Play with this.


Action Figure (Shop at Amazon)

This 12th Doctor action figure is one of the most eye-catching Doctor Who toys that can not only be kept in your collection but can also be played with by your children.


Building Kit (Shop at Amazon)

Build the Dr Who spacecraft with this one of the most enjoyable Doctor Who toys that kids certainly would like.

And that is for this blog on the most affordable Doctor Who merchandise in the form of various items such as Doctor Who shirts, games, shoes, accessories and more. We have covered the best stuff for you in different categories ranging from apparels and accessories. We hope you have a great time with them.