Guide To Your Very Own Shazam! Costume

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Call him Captain Marvel or Shazam; it’s same. Why? Let’s dig some past.



Captain Marvel is a fictional character from American comics. Captain Marvel firstly appeared in Whiz Comics#2 that was published by Fawcett Comics in the year 1940. In that, he was a boy named Billy Batson, who by saying the magical words “Shazam” can transform into a costumed superhuman. However, Fawcett stopped the character after a lawsuit was filed against them by DC Comics in 1953 who claimed that Captain Marvel was the copy of their fictional character Superman. But in 1972 DC licensed the character from Fawcett and was brought under publication by them. Since then DC has integrated the character to DC Universe and had tried to revive the character several times.  Later on due to the trademark issues with Marvel, as they also had a character named Captain Marvel, DC renamed its character as Shazam. DC officially launched Shazam in its comic books, later in 2011.

Since then Shazam appears in DC comics as former Captain Marvel. The character has been featured into two television series, probably the series adaption and in 2019 will be debuting in a self-titled feature film by Warner Bros.

Shazam surely has a broad range of fans who would love to have their character inspired merchandise. So for them, we are here with this blog showcasing some of the best Shazam merchandise in town.




Men’s Captain Marvel Cosplay Costume Shazam Full Set

Every fan of a character wishes to dress up completely like his superhero. So that’s the one for Shazam fans who want to dress up like him in Cosplays or Comic Cons. This full set of costume will give you a complete Shazam look.

And also here you can impersonate as Billy Batson; the boy actually behind the costume, by following this DIY guide:

Shazam! and Billy batson


Men’s Business Casual Long Sleeves Dress Shirts

Men’s Portfolio Modern-Fit Performance Pant

Mens Casual Slim Fit Pullover

Men’s Leather Belt Sliding Buckle

Mens Solid Color 2″ Skinny Tie



That’s all with the blog. Hope you enjoyed it and will like to have any of these Shazam! costume very soon.



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