The Splendid Arrow Costume Collection For You & Your Partner

If you thought that the superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics have cemented their place only on the big screen, you are wrong. With DC Comics superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman dominating the big screen, you have other characters that are taking over the small screen. Many would say that there have been more Marvel movies in the past eight years as compared to DC’s. The TV series say otherwise, with DC Comics ruling the small screen area by releasing incredible and entertaining shows for fans to enjoy. The other thing they can enjoy is having the opportunity to wear a Green Arrow costume and here’s how.

Oliver Queen Blinder Eye Patch

There are different kinds of masks that superheroes use to disguise themselves. Same goes for Oliver Queen also known as Green Arrow. He wears a small patch that covers his eyes. You can also pair green arrow mask with the incredible costume.


Green Arrow Vest Jacket (From Season 4)

Green Arrow vest makes you look more masculine than others. Secondly, it provides maximum protection in winter. A good option in you is looking for a new trendy jacket design.


Sheepskin Leather 5 Pocket Style Pants

Five pockets are without rivets and non-denim too which gives them an edge over fitted distressed jeans. Wear five pocket pants while cruising on your motorcycle.


8 Inch C4t Ry008 Work Boot

Work boots are popular in hip-hop or street style. Work boots are also handy if your profession relies on heavy physical labor and work with sharp objects. These boots provide you full safety.


Lambskin Leather Gloves

Apart from the costume, leather gloves are used to protect hands and wrists from cuts, chemical spillages. Good quality leather gloves also help in the cold environment. Check the grip of the glove if you are planning to buy one

All age group plays archery. The health benefits are impressive. Archery is a good way to exercise your body. It increases your control, strength, and self-confidence.


Stephen Amell Hooded Jacket

leather green arrow hoodie jacket is a timeless classic. In extreme cold, it isn’t enough to provide warmth. Attached hood solves that problem, so your face and body both are protected from cold.

Red Arrow Arsenal Costume

Are you ready to dress up as Arsenal along with the bow and the arrow costume? It is great to wear this Arsenal costume as cosplay as it features the entire attire. In this blog, we will take a look at Arsenal costume as part of his attire.

Red Arrow Jacket

Red Arrow Jacket

Red arrow jacket makes you look like a tough guy. It increases your charisma instantly. The attached hood sounds like a cherry on the icing.

Red Arrow Pants

Black Pant

Riding heavy bikes require protection because of their insane speed. Leather pant reduces the chances of injuries in an accident.

Red Arrow Gloves


All purpose leather gloves serve you when driving for a better grip or to keep your hands warm in the winter season. They are flexible and fit mostly for costume purposes.


Red Arrow Boots


Combat boots are a one-time investment. They may look heavy and awkward to move around with but are flexible and lightweight



We hope you had a great time reading this red and green arrow costume for sale guide. The red arrow costume for sale is here so you can buy it for any event.

Archery Set


Archery isn’t limited to space. You can practice this both indoor and outdoor. This bow and arrow set can pair with your Robin Hood costume too.


We hope you had a great time reading this red and green arrow costume for sale guide. The red arrow outfit for sale is here so you can buy it for any event.

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