Your DIY Guide To A Simple But Amazing Batman Costume

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Batman is not a new character at all. The heroic character has been seen on various platforms since his debut.

Right from the comics, then moving to Animated series, games, and many other forms of media. The role of Batman has been played by different people on different platforms.

In this blog, we will highlight the costume of Batman from the movie, animated series and from the game. So you can choose your favorite one and cosplay like your favorite Superhero. Let’s take a look at best Batman costumes.

Batman Begins Costume


Christian Bale was the the Batman from 2005 to 2012. His performances in the Dark Knight trilogy set a very high bar for anyone who would follow. Here is the ever-popular DIY Batman costume guide inspired from the movie. Have a look at this Batman begins costume and try it on.

Batman Mask

Batman Begins Mask

Every superhero has its own identity. What makes Batman different from others is the mask. And here we put this Batman mask in our list. It is design in precise manner and is breathable at the same time. So just get this mask to take the first step towards your batman cosplay.

Batman Leather Jacket

Batman Begins Jacket

The Batman leather jacket should replace the upper half of the suit and it’s just like the Batman Movie Costume. Tucking it into the pants (given below) should give you a proper look. It will make you feel like Batman. Plus this will gives you an appealing style statement when you wear it casually.

Batman Leather Pants

Batman Begins Pants

This black trouser is a must have part of the Batman adult costume. It’s a skinny trouser that will compliment your superhero look. It’s comfortable to wear, and fits well with the jacket shown above.


Batman Begins Cape

No matter which costume you choose to wear, it is incomplete without a black cape. Batman can’t fly but his cape helps him out to fly from one place to another. That’s why it’s a must-have part for any Batman costumes for adults.

Batman Begins Gauntlets


Batman Begins Gauntlets

It’s not easy to find the authentic style batman gloves. Because they are unique in design. And that is why we put these gloves  in our list to complete top part of your Batman suit. Well, this one is definitely a must have for you.

Batman Begins belt

Batman Begins Belt

One of the important elements in any superhero costumes are the accessories and gadgets. And Batman is better known for his accessories. So if you want to carry that same look then you need this belt for sure. It works well on Batman Dark Knight costume as well.

Batman Boots

Batman Begins Boots

Batman is also well known for his dominant look. Everything from head to toe is completely black. And to complete your look you should put these boots in your list for sure. It’s an impeccable part of the Batman suit. With these boots, your  Batman DIY Costume is complete.

Batman Beyond Halloween Costume


The next one in the list is the Batman Beyond costume from the animated series with the same name. The TV series got much acclaim worldwide, and we saw one of the best Batman suits as worn by the main character. Here we have brought the best Batman Beyond costume for adults which you can try this Halloween. Now take a look at recently added Batman costumes.

batman mask


The Batman beyond mask is different from the movie one. Right now that mask is unavailable. But you can try this mask with your Batman Beyond suit. It will give you comfort and ease. Wear it and move beyond the limits.


Batman Beyond Jacket

Wear this signature Batman jacket that closely resembles with the one inspired from the popular series. It’s a close enough match for you and will compliment your Batman Beyond costume for sure. You can gear this jacket while riding your bike or any other casual places.


Batman Beyond Gloves 

These Batman gloves are a mandatory part of the costume. Your Batman Beyond Halloween costume is incomplete without putting this gloves in your hands. It is ideal for comic cons and for other costume parties.

Batman Beyond Pants

Batman Beyond Pants

This slim design pant would cater to your best Batman costume needs. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear. You can also wear them while riding a motorbike or even casually.


Batman Beyond Boots

These Black Gotham Boots are perfect for your Batman Beyond costume. It’s not only perfect for any costume party and Halloween but also fits well for outdoor activities, field works and for camps.

Batman Arkham Knight Costume


Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most popular Batman games and was released in 2015. The game saw mind blowing graphics as well as a critically acclaimed storyline. It set new levels of popularity among fans and gamers. Here are all the items that are needed for Batman Arkham Knight Cosplay.61LtfNuWMSL._UX342_

Arkham Knight Mask

This Batman mask would be perfect as part of the Arkham Knight cosplay. It is crafted of high-quality material, and its size would fit most adults. This mask is especially suited for the above costume, so you have to get this matching one if you intend to wear it.


Arkham Knight Jacket

Here is the dominant style jacket that will make your Batman Arkham Knight cosplay bold. Well, it’s a must have for all the Batman fans. You can wear this masterpiece to enhance your fashionable look as bike rider or as smart guy.


Arkham Knight Gloves

For a perfect Batman look you need those gloves that looks precise and complete your look. And this one is the best available option that you must try for sure. It’s an officially licensed product. Just grab it in your hand and fill the power.


Arkham Knight Pants

Your Arkham Knight costume will look more classy with this skin fit black pant. This will compliment your Batman cosplay look. You can also wear this pant with any of your casual shirt or jacket.

Arkham Knight Belt

This yellow colored belt is also a part of the Batman cosplay costume. This Batman belt will not only hold your pants but has various pockets in which you can keep your valuables.


Arkham Knight Boots

You can’t imagine Batman in white boots because it looks awkward. That is why this black boots is very important. You can try your own black boots or  you can get this one. It’s not just for one time use, but you can wear it on other places and events. A great thing to wear with other Batman costumes.


Arkham Knight Cape

This cape is an essential part of the Batman Halloween costume. So put this Batman cape and make your costume more realistic.

 Batman Costume

So here we end up this amazing batman costumes guide. We have gathered different cosplay ideas inspired from the movie, animated series and from the popular video game of Batman. I hope you like this blog and will try it on this Halloween. Which one do you like the most? Please let us know in the comment box. Till then! Have a nice day!

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