Daredevil Costume – Your DIY Guide From The TV Series

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Daredevil Costumes

The Man without Fear, the blind vigilante who wears a mask with the signature horns on it, taking on the villains using only his fists and his sharp senses for the betterment of Hell’s Kitchen is none other than Daredevil. The guide has all the important info to be like the Daredevil with these Daredevil costume for sale.

After knowing the release of Daredevil television series, which is airing on Netflix, the first thing we had our focus was on the costume. In the debut series played by Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the first costume which introduced was the complete Daredevil black costume with no eye holes in the mask. That created a lot of impressions, which the fans have already started donning that apparel at the costume conventions.

If you guys haven’t got the chances to dress in the Daredevil Season 1 Costume, then you have it now. This guide will help you out, so let’s get started.

Starting off with the Daredevil outfit;

Daredevil Black Costume

Daredevil Clothing Costume


The shirt will be skin tight; the trouser is cargo-type, and then this utility belt will give the overall the look of a vigilante.

Men’s Compression Shirt Long Sleeve
Men’s Army Combat Work Trousers
Condor Tactical Belt

Followed by a pair of boots, combat gloves and black bandanna in black. Since Matt Murdock didn’t make any hole in his mask, make sure you do them.

Magnum Classic Series Boot
Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves
Cotton Premium Bandanna

Don’t forget these, armguard and your weapon. Especially the weapon, you can’t complete your Daredevil costume without these in your hand.

Daredevil Misc Set


Natural Wood Craft Dowel Rod
Hexpad Arm Sleeve

It’s not done yet. You still got one more to follow. Have you forgotten the new Daredevil costume? The one that you may have noticed in the finale of Daredevil cosplay costume, which will continue in Season 2. You dress in that outfit as well using these following items.

Daredevil Maroon Clothing Costume


The armored designed jacket, followed by maroon trouser and Daredevil boots will give you somewhat at least 70% to look just like Daredevil.

Daredevil Maroon Jacket – For Sale
Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans
Men’s Renaissance Boot

Hide your identity and this time; the mask got eye holes. This Daredevil mask for sale so make it your now.

Daredevil Series Misc Costume

Outdoor Sports Military Army Tactical Hard Knuckle Full Finger Gloves
Lycra Hot Skins Hood
Dare Devil Mask Matt Murdock Cosplay Halloween Helmet Red

Going out empty handed wearing this Daredevil new costume? Once again this is essential of Daredevil costume

Daredevil Sticks


Natural Wood Craft Dowel Rod

There you have it. You don’t have just one, but two new Daredevil costumes. All of these items are reasonable, and it will be easy for you to create your own Daredevil Halloween costume. Choose your favorite and dress in your daredevil cosplay now.

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