Perfect Cosplay Guide For Deathstroke Costume

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Ever heard about Deathstroke? He is regarded as the greatest mercenary and assassin of all time. If you are a comic reader, you might have seen him in comic books. He has been cast against the superheroes such as Arrow and Batman and is coming on the big screen in the movie Justice League in 2017. He would also be appearing in another film dubbed as The Batman.

He is a cruel, cunning and invincible soldier and his costume is one of the most terrifying of all villains. then, How to make a Deathstroke costume arrow? Here we cover all the apparels that are needed for Deathstroke arrow costume this Halloween. 71Y2lOyYxLL._SX522_

Deathstroke Mask

A mask is always an important part of a costume of a villain, or a superhero, then how to make a Deathstroke mask? Deathstroke has one of the terrifying Deathstroke mask arrow ever. As Deathstroke was one-eyed, you can see through the mask with only one eye. It has two different colors on each side and is crafted from high-quality latex. It would fit most adult heads. So wear the Deathstroke mask for sale and show your style at Cosplay.

Deathstroke Body Armor

This Deathstroke armor for sale is one of the essential apparels you need to cosplay yourself like this bad ass supervillain. Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson was a former soldier and can be seen wearing this type of cosplay body armor. Slade costume is available in various sizes and features thick foam padding in different parts for absorbing shock. Its hard projector protects your chest, upper arms, forearm, and elbow. It also has a foam mesh fabric making the apparel stretchable. The Deathstroke armor can be worn not only as part of cosplay of the villain but also while riding a bike.714XRV2J76L._SL1000_

Deathstroke Gloves

The fictional supervillain can be seen sporting gloves that closely resemble these bomber gloves. Made of perforated leather which provides protection, It looks pretty much similar as compared with the real one. You can use it for Halloween and other costumes party and also as bike riding gloves.61qGaalFxoL._SL1000_

Deathstroke Shin Guards

These shin guards would be ideal as part of your Deathstroke cosplay costume and are made up of padded material with tough plastic plates that would last for a long time. The shin guards similar to them are part of Deathstroke suit which will keep you protective, and you can put them on also for Halloween and other costume parties. They are also great while riding a bike and skating in particular for sports.

Black Tactical Pants

This pant is made of cotton, and is a perfect fit for this Super-Villain cosplay. They feature a total of nine pockets so you can keep your belongings in them. They are fade and wrinkle resistant and also include an action stretch waistband. You will look striking with them for as part of Deathstroke Halloween costume though you can wear this tactical pants on outdoors.


Black Swat Belt

This swat belt will not only hold the tactical pants comfortably, but you can keep small items in the various pouches which come with it. It is wholly made of polyester and is lightweight. Deathstroke used a similar belt to this one to put arms and ammunition in the pouches, but we know you don’t have any. Wear it to have the look and feel of the villain.


Deathstroke Tactical Holster

Deathstroke always wears a holster with him in which he carries his gun to take on his enemies. Now you can get a holster which you can wear on your right leg to further boost your outlook. It has fully removable and adjustable belt hanger along with a closure that can be adjusted to fit your arms tightly.


Deathstroke Airsoft Pistol.

You can carry this airsoft pistol to make an impact on the people around that you look the greatest assassin of all time. You can put it on the holster to carry it around and take it out as per your needs. These are just for Deathstroke cosplay purposes.


Deathstroke Jungle Boots

This jungle boots would cater to the footwear needs with this attire. It is made available in a blended material of real and PU leather. Walking and running will be very comfortable in this boots plus you can fasten it up with laces. They form an essential part of Cosplay of Deathstroke.


Deathstroke Samurai Swords

One of the primary weapons of choice which were carried by the supervillain are the Samurai Deathstroke swords. These dual swords would complete the getup of Deathstroke this Halloween. Martial Arts lovers would like them for the purpose of practicing. The dual swords also include scabbards for holding them. Here is the Deathstroke costume for sale, just have a look.

Deathstroke Hoodie

Here is the Deathstroke Hoodie that is made up of durable quality cotton. The Hoodie includes drawstring at hood and front print of Deathstroke. IT can be worn as casually to get an attention of viewers. The slade wilson costume is best for the Halloween or any costume party.

And that is it for this Deathstroke costumes guide. We have covered every apparel and accessory for an enchanting costume for slade cosplay. All the items are available, and you just have to order. Hope you have an enjoyable time at Halloween.