Dr Strange Costume And Merchandise: Have A Stunning Looks

Imagine what would be going on with a brilliant yet self-centered surgeon who lost his hands during an accident which hinders his ability to perform surgery? To save his career, he does not give up in the quest to repair his hands, only to find himself in a state where he is destined to save the world from various supernatural threats.
Well, if this is what we witnessed in a movie, it will be fascinating. We just saw it in the movie Doctor Strange having the leading character with the same name and portrayed by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, the versatile actor with Sherlock fame to his name.


Benedict Cumberbatch: From Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Strange

In the movie, the character acts as Sorcerer Supreme, the ultimate savior of the Earth, and it also demands absorbing clothing. The film shows a unique Doctor Strange costume which is already available from leading stores. People are already purchasing the Cosplay as to showcase their Cosplay. Doctor Strange Halloween costumes is unique in design and style, so there is a lot of hype of the Doctor.

Black Wig

If you have black colored hair, you can style like that of Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie. But if you have a wig that is already available and which you can wear to show your hairstyle like Him, then why not go for it. It is made of silk which would get the job done for you and you will not feel hot while wearing it due to its excellent air permeability.


Eye Of Agamotto Necklace

One of the apparels the Dr could be seen wearing is the Eye Of Agamotto Necklace. Having the shape of an eye, it is made up of alloy metal. This necklace gives the Doctor the magical powers needed to be the Sorcerer Supreme. This gold-painted necklace is sure to give one striking looks of the Doctor when worn with the cosplay.


The doctor robe is available which you can wear for the character’s Cosplay. It has a bright red color as well as a high stand-up collar with a shiny buckle. Cotton is used to make this cloak and is best to be worn at Cosplay as part of the Dr Strange costume. The fictional character would be wearing the cloak called as Cloak of Levitation which gives him the ability to levitate and fly. While you cannot fly with this closely matching cape, you can sure shine with it at Halloween and other costume parties.


This robe is sure to give you scintillating looks for the Dr Strange Costume. It is made wholly of polyester and fastens at the back of the neck with velcro. The belt, arm guards, and robe are all under one item.

Jaeger LeCoultre watch


Get this masterpiece watch that is as worn by the Sorcerer Supreme Supreme in the movie. It is made using the highest levels of workmanship and can be said the king of all analog watches. With a crafting of stainless steel bezel and having a pure alligator leather band, it has automatic movement and is water resistant. Be amazed by its subdials for date, day and month. Plus you can also view the year. It’s truly a Swiss made luxurious item that you can wear for proms, weddings and other special occasions apart from Cosplay.


To complete the attire of Dr. Strange, these boots are available which closely resembles what Benedict can be seen wearing in the movie. Made of PU leather, they have the color scheme as that of the character. So pick them according to your size and be like the Doctor you are anxiously willing to see in the movie.

Other Items

Apart from the cosplay, there is merchandise also such as hoodies and T-shirts which both men and women would love to wear.

Logo Men’s Black Hoodie

Hoodies are now trendy apparels but how about one that has the logo of the Sorceror Supreme imprinted on the chest area? Yes, you will look awesome in this black colored hoodie that has a hood you can adjust with strings. Plus it also got a pouch pocket which you will love.

Men’s T-shirt

Get your hands on this superb T-shirt which men would like. It has the Doctor’s image imprinted on the front. You will be comfortable with its cotton material and is great to be paired with blue or black jeans.

Pullover Woman’s Hoodie

Now presenting a hoodie for women that would make them look attractive and eye-catching. It is crafted wholly of cotton and would be the perfect apparel to be worn in casual situations. It has the Doctor’s image and the quotes imprinted on the front.

Women’s T-shirt

There is an inspired T-shirt that women would love to wear casually. It features the image showcasing his magical powers. It is comfortable to wear due to its cotton material and is available in different sizes and colors for you to choose.

This completes the guide to Dr Strange costume and merchandise. The craze of Doctor Strange had already mounted up even before the release of the movie. As expected, the blockbuster film was hugely successful at the box office and one of the best from the Marvel costume ideas. Many people especially the fans want to attire like the Sorcerer Supreme at costume events as well as wear the inspirational clothing. This guide covers it all. You can find more costumes guides by visiting our blog.