2 Broke Girls Costume | Capture The Perfect Sitcom Look

2 Broke Girl

Are you prepared to bring the hit comedic action of the television to life?
In case if you’re a fan of the funny, silly tricks of Maxine and Caroline on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls. Then we think we already know the answer. Obviously, you are!

You know the show. You love the comic drama. But in case you’re anything like us, you’re presumably stuck between choosing. In fact, you’re even more a Max or a Caroline?

Bring the activity from The Williamsburg Diner to your great Halloween get-together; now you’ll have the capacity to do it with this particular waitress outfit!

2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume

2 Broke Girls Max and Caroline Diner Waitress Cosplay Costume
With both Max or Caroline name tag you can be either character. Feel just like one of the waitresses from the Williamsburg Diner when you wear this outfit. Tie the apron around the waist to ensure the perfect fit. This costume pairs great with some freshly baked cupcakes!

Max Wig

If you have your sights on this hit character for Halloween…? For that, All you need to do is utilize this mark wig to finish your legitimate outfit.

 Angel Wings Heart Pendant Necklace

Metal Cuff Bracelet

      High Heel Boots

Get yourself a pair of boots to complete your costume, and you’ll have this signature look of this sitcom vixen.

Caroline Wig

Get a wig that merely looks like one of our most loved characters. It fits over even the worst of bed head!

Cream Pearl Choker Necklace


Casual Style Sandals

In case you’re going as Caroline, don’t miss her vintage pearl accessory. It will be tough to keep guests from flocking to you continuously because, as you pretend-waitress your way around the place.

The costume includes both a Caroline and a Max nametag. So, that you can go as one to your first party, and as the other to the next hoedown!

To up the showy behavior, you can likewise serve your companions a bunch of newly prepared cupcakes with a note on the plate that says ‘Max’s homemade cupcakes.’