How To Make An Ideal DIY Hawkeye Costume With 10 Items

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Hawkeye costume

DC Comics and Marvel has their number of superheroes. Now with more than a hundred characters, it would be understandable for the brands to have different superheroes with the same abilities or personality. The best example and the most common one would have to be Hawkeye and Green Arrow. They both have the same abilities, highly trained archers. With Hawkeye belonging to Marvel and Green Arrow to DC Comics, there have often been comparisons about who is the better hero. An argument that still nobody knows the outcome of for sure.

Hawkeye is featuring in movies while Green Arrow is taking over the superhero TV series. When we talk about Hawkeye, many controversies were surrounding his role among the other Avengers. He was always used as bait or distraction. In the previous team-up film, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, he was given a more active role to play so much so that his costume was noticed too. A DIY Hawkeye costume has been presented for you to take these items and make it part of your adult Hawkeye costume.

Hawkeye Costume

  1. Riding Glasses (Black Frame/Purple Lens)
  2. Hawkeye Coat
  3. Traditional Glove
  4. Archery Armguard
  5. Heavy Duty Web Belt

Hawkeye Costume 2

  1. Combat Trousers Black
  2. Uniform Work Oxford
  3. Hunting Compound Bow
  4. Recurve and Compound Bow-12
  5. Back Arrow Quiver

It may look like a lot of items, but these are the essential items you need to look like the most skillful archer in the history of archery. The sunglasses aren’t a mandatory component to be a part of your adult Hawkeye costumes but it can act like a Hawkeye mask. While things like the Hawkeye bow and quiver are a bit harmful, so be careful about using it with people around you. You wouldn’t want to injure anyone with it, even if the Hawkeye costume with bow and arrow are made of fiberglass.

The reason for providing these items is that many fans intend on getting a realistic look. With a high budget, it is possible. But for those who aren’t able to spend, this guide is handy for them. Even without the arrow, if you want to play it safe and more convenient, the remaining accessories would do just fine. Be the next Hawkeye as this makes a great idea for Halloween costumes as well as at Comic Con events.

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