Superman Costume: Dress Like The Man of Steel For Cosplay

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Superman Costume Guide

Superman is one of the most popular superhero who we love the most. Right from our childhood till now, we have a strong association with him.

First through the comic books and then by the animated series. Later on, he’s got featured in many movies and in drama series. But when it comes to Henry Cavill’s Superman Man of Steel, there is a big change made in the costume.

Now, it’s in 3D pattern with some detail work. And most importantly, there’s no underwear. Since Man of Steel laid the foundation of the modern day Superman movies.

Here we bring out another guide that gives you a perfect Superman costume replica look.

Man of Steel Costume


“I’m Superman. I can do anything.”

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Jacket

Superman Blue Jacket

To get that look, you need to pick the right piece and this one is ideal for use. The first thing you get is bondage with your favorite superhero. What makes this jacket unique is the ‘S’ logo, which is a symbol of hope. And as compared with the costume, it is more comfortable. Plus you feel more relaxed. On the other hand you might face fitting issue in other Superman halloween costume.

Red Cape

Red Cape

Cape is the identity of a superhero. As it makes him different from others.  That is the reason why you have to include this red cape in your list. Simply put it with superman man of steel costume and you are ready to fly. Well, you can also try a devil look with this cape.

Casual Trouser

Blue Trouser

Now you need a trouser that fits well with the rest of the stuff. This simple yet casual style trouser not only compliments your overall look. But also make you feel like Superman who can do anything. You can also use this trouser to enhance your smart casual look.

Superman Buckle Belt

This belt will compliment your look as a superhero. It will further add grace and charm to your look. It has s-logo in the buckle. Well, this belt is not just for a particular use, but you can also try it on any pant. It can be don casually and will also enhance your smart casual look.

Red Boots

To add perfection in your appearance, you have to put the right boots and this one is perfect. Just put your feet in this red boots and be like Superman. It’s not just for one time use, but you can also try this boots on other attire.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Costume


“I am Superman. I stand for truth, for justice, and for the future.”

Batman V Superman

Henry Cavill’s appearance remains the same in Batman V Superman Dawn of justice movie. So you can use the same steps that I have mentioned above. Or you can check this Batman v Superman costume guide.

Superman Justice League Costume


“The only way you’ll save the earth is over my dead body!”

Superman Justice League

There is a rumor that Henry Cavill might make his return in the black suit. If it’s real that this will be a great twist in the movie. This will reflect the comic plot of Superman rebirth.

Here are the stuffs that you need to complete Superman Justice League look.

Superman Black Jacket

For justice league look, this black S logo jacket is a perfect match. Well, it will give you a dominant look and fit like a glove on your body. This one is a great choice for black superman costume. It will make you a charming superhero. You can also wear this attire casually, and also as bike riding gear.

Casual Black Trouser

Since it’s a complete black costume, therefore it’s better to wear a black pant rather than any other. A simple casual pant in black color is perfect like this one. It’s not just ideal for the costume look. But you can also use it wherever you want.

Black Superman Belt

Nothing defines your devotion and affection for Superman then this belt. Just use and get the look that you want.

Black Cape

We have seen Batman in the black cape but not Superman. But now we might see him in this black cape. That’s why this cape is a must have for you. Whether it’s comic con, Halloween or any other costume parties, you can use it with your favorite costume.

Black Boots

At last, just put your black boots to complete your look. If you’re looking for a new boots then you can shop this one.


So here we end up our Superman adult costume guide with three different guides. Hope you find it interesting and informative. You can find more blogs by visiting our website.

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