Cosplay A Dashing Look With Star Lord Costume Ideas

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Star Lord is a fictional character made by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan. The character made its first appearance in Marvel Preview comic in the year 1976. We will discuss the Star Lord costume in this guide to provide useful information to the readers on how and where they can get the costume to support their favorite character.

If you are familiar with it the plot, you’ll see that it does resemble a couple of films produced by Marvel. One of those successful films being Guardians of the Galaxy. With a name like that, you would instantly know that the chaotic clash of the bad vs. good takes place on a planet. This movie has become one of the most discussed movies until today because of the lack of faith Marvel fans had in it.

Unlike Spider-man or Iron-Man and other household names, the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy team were unknown. However, the cast of the movie featured a lot of recognizable names. One of those actors , Chris Pratt, rose to fame with his performance in this film. He played the main character, the leader of the team, called Star LordHe led a group of criminals to save the world from one of Thanos’ men. Thanos is the mightiest villain in Marvel history, who will appear in Avengers: Infinity War. Just take a look at the StarLord costume and make your day awesome.

We always blame space for giving us countless threats and signs that our world is always in danger. Luckily, our heroes, who have alien-like abilities, are always there to save the day. Star Lord has a brilliant mind and is known to be a master of creating strategies. In addition to this, he also possesses vast information regarding aliens and their cultures. The costume that he wears allows him to travel through space and grants him enormous strength. Let’s have a look at his costume that has amused the viewers from all around the globe.

We start with the Star Lord costume from Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Star Lord Costume From Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is a film in which we witness Peter Quill again as Star Lord. The movie is the sequel to the 2014 film named Guardians Of The Galaxy which revolves around the famous Guardians team who are ready for yet another action and adventure, as they aim to find the true ancestor of their leader, Star Lord. Star Lord is ready to attract the masses with his costume and mind-blowing performances.To get the Star Lord look from Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, you need to have the following items:

You can take the rest of the items below except the T-shirt and jacket to give you a complete look.

Now let’s have a look at the costume of the popular character from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which was released in 2014.

Star Lord Costume From Guardians Of The Galaxy



Star Lord’s fame is not only due to its performance, but also his attire. Star Lord wears an attractive mask that has a unique shape and design. It covers all of the face and possesses red eyes for an impressive appearance. To get a complete look, you need to have this Star Lord mask.

Star Lord Jacket


Jackets are imperative if you are in cold weather, or need to look cool at an informal gathering. This Star Lord jacket looks very attractive due to its burgundy color, and the dotted embossing on the front. It also possesses a strap design around the arms which shows boldness.



T-shirts are casual attire and can be seen worn by both celebrities and regular people. Star Lord wears a t-shirt underneath his jacket which gives him a more casual appearance than most major heroes. Although the apparel is plain and simple, this Star Lord shirt looks great when worn with the complete outfit.

star lord pant


Star Lord’s pants match with the t-shirt. They possess padding at the back and thighs for easy and comfortable movement. These pants can also be used for other informal gatherings because of its regular fashion. You can put your valuables in these zipper pockets. The snap tab closure makes it easy to take the attire off. Complete your star lord costume by picking this pant in your collection.


Shoulder Sling Chest Bag

Star Lord has crucial tasks to perform, and for that reason, he needs to have a bag. The bag is used to keep important stuff, and it is also quite fashionable. The bag is brown in color so that it is distinct with the t-shirt and trousers. The multiple zipper pockets are crafted for extra convenience.



A celebrity’s costume has stunning looks because of quality fashion. If you want to look like Star Lord, you will have to wear a brown leather belt, with a rectangular buckle that resembles with the one worn in the movie. The brown color also matches with the bag that he holds and fits perfectly with the overall costume.


Quad Blaster

Almost all superhero characters possess a weapon, but they are distinct in using the kind of weapon for their defense. Some use lightsabers, while other use guns. Star Lord uses a Quad blaster gun to counter his rivals. The blaster is orange in color and has a secure grip. You can carry this around as part of Star Lord cosplay.


Half Chaps

We have looked at the Star Lord Blaster above. Now let’s have a look at these half chaps which not only safeguard the area on which it is worn, but also helps in maintaining the fashion. They are usually crafted with leather for a glossy look. They have assisted the Star Lord in showing off his immense style in the movie. You can also have half chaps like these for your super cool cosplay look.



If you want to look like the Star Lord, then you need loafers like these. They are very common in this fashion era and widely used by teenagers. You can also use any one of those if you already have them in your closet. The loafers you use for the costume must match with the trousers to give the outfit a good look.

This Star Lord costume was an instant hit after the movie was released. Fans and cosplayers wore two variations of this costume. The first variation was with the jacket, which you can see above, and the second variation had the long coat. If you want the second variation, then just order the long coat instead of the jacket. Both of these outfits along with the rest of the items will give you the signature look of the only human among a team of aliens. Another suggestion in this Star Lord costume guide is that if you prefer wearing your jacket without zipping it, then make sure you have a blue-ish t-shirt. That will nail your appearance perfectly. Finally, It’s time to portray yourself as a hero with this DIY guide.

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