A Fantastic Star Wars Costumes Guide

star wars costumes

A Guide for the Fans of Star Wars to choose best costumes From Movie Series. You would be pretty lucky and crazy if you managed to watch every single movie of your favorite franchise. Costume ideas are here for the fans and the people looking for dress parties and other friends reunion gathering. You can make your own costumes after reading this entire guide.

Well, now it isn’t considered a crazy thing because of how fans want to know more about the entire plot and how it is connected. These ‘marathons’ play a crucial role these days because it helps the viewer know what is happening and from where these characters come from. It’s a real learning process.

In superhero movies, mainly you have comics for inspirations and a couple of trilogy series. But the problem is that at times, these movies don’t do the comics justice until in this decade. So it gets tough. But there are franchises that weren’t founded on any inspiration or source. Star Wars is one of those famous movies that maintained its story and level of entertainment on the whole for more than three decades. Some gaps made fans lose slight interest. Nevertheless, Star Wars is back, and it looks like it never left. Seeing how old it is, they managed to show some neat but very basic effects and an interesting storyline to make it one of the highest-grossing movies in Hollywood. Not only was that the reason for the film being popular but the outfit, which have been a huge inspiration for Halloween and other costume events, became huge in demand. A star wars adult costumes, star wars cosplay costumes, and a brief detail and guide for Star Wars couple costumes is here for you. Avail these costume according to your desire.

 Star Wars Rogue One Costumes

Rogue One: is going to be release on December 16, 2016. The story of the movie revolves around the group of Rebels assigned for the mission to steal the plans from the Death Star. Well, the fans are super excited for the movie. But here we another reason that makes the Star Wars fans more and it is the outfits collections that is inspired from the movie. if you’re looking for Halloween then we highly recommend you to try these as star wars Halloween costumes. Here they are as follows:

Jyn Erso Costume



Jyn Erso can be sporting a light grey scarf similar to this one that further enhances her looks. You may choose to wear it as part of the costume or not. Also, it is very soft that you can wear as you like around your neck, head and shoulders. It’s fully made of polyester that can be worn in all seasons.


Jyn Erso Vest and Jacket

Worn by Felicity Jones, this Jyn Erso Vest cum jacket is a dual style attire that you can don with a jacket and even as a vest. Made from cotton fabric, this Vest and Jacket is a great fit for Halloween and other movie events. You can wear this attire for cosplay and also can be worn for casual wearing because of its sober and catchy look.Jyn-Erso-Gloves-625x417


These gloves would take you one step closure to have a perfect costume for the leading character in the movie. They are crafted from real leather and have a fingerless style. You can wear them not just as part of the costume but also for daily wear. Women bikers would also love to put them on.


Tactical Pants

Felicity Jones wore these closely resembling pants in the upcoming film. It is crafted from a cotton and polyester mix and feature seven pockets in which you can keep your valuables. It would make your costume more realistic of the character. You can use it on any day when you are done with the Jyn Erso Cosplay.



These boots would complete your getup of Jyn Erso. They have short heels and would further boost your costume. Apart from providing you the appearance of the leading heroine, they can be used for regular purposes as well.

Captain Cassian Andor Costume

Shearling-Deadpool-Jacket-422x500 (1)


This cotton T-shirt closely matches to that worn by Diego Luna. It has a pull on closure and would do great as part of the Cosplay of the character. Also, you can wear this shirt on several different occasions along with your pants or jeans to have a cozy feeling. The shirt is a bit distinct from that of Han Solo.

Diego-Luna- Rogue-One-Jacket

Captain Cassian Andor Jacket

This Captain Cassian Andor Jacket is made available in exact style. Plus the cotton material applied throughout made it soft, comfy and easy to wear attire which you can wear in Halloween party as well as in comic cons and costume party.



These pants would be perfect as part of your Captian costume as its color scheme is the same that matches to that of the central character in the movie. It’s crafted mostly of polyester and would do good also to be worn formally or any way you like. Plus its various pockets would cater to your needs of keeping your essentials during Cosplay.


Captain Cassian Parka Jacket

This classic parka jacket is yet another masterpiece which Diego Luna as Captain Cassian Andor. It can be worn as winter outfit. But you can also try this outfit in movie events, Halloween and in other places where it enhances your outlook.


Grey Gloves

These grey gloves would be ideal to complement your Costume for the Captain. Its color matching has been kept the same as that in the movie. It’s made of genuine lambskin leather, and its shiny effect would boost your Star Wars Cosplay. You can also use them while driving and riding a bike.

Binocular With Lanyard

Captain Cassian can be seen sporting a binocular that allows him to see distant objects. Here is a closely matching one that you can use for the costume. It comes with a lanyard so that you can tie the binocular around your neck. You can also use it for other activities such as fishing and hiking.



These boots would complete your costume for the character of the Captain. They are made of high-quality leather and have a rubber sole which would make walking and running comfortable during Cosplay. Also, they can be used for daily wear and would last for a long time, so you won’t have to look for other ones when this is available.81-FC3EZueL._SY355_

Blaster Toy Gun

And this toy Blaster gun would be sufficient to carry around as part of the Cosplay. It has special lighting and sound effects which make your Coplay more realistic of the character. Also, your kids can play with it when you are done with the costume.

 Star Wars Episode VII Costumes

Han Solo Jacket


Brown Distressed Jacket

Real leather jackets are always fascinating due to their glossy look and durability. Han Solo can be seen wearing a brown jacket in the movie. Brown Distressed jacket is very skillfully crafted to give the screen accurate look. The large sized pockets are very useful to keep important things while the erect collar gives the person a heroic look. It also has magnetic buttons to give an excellent finish as seen in the movie. This Han solo Costume is a perfect fit for adults for various parties like Comic Con, cosplay or for Halloween.


Waffle Henley Shirt

Shirts are widely used all over the world as casual attire. Ordinary people, as well as celebrities, wear t-shirts to show a little bit of fashion. This long sleeve Star Wars t-shirt is inspired by the movie. Han Solo can be seen wearing a t-shirt just like this one underneath his jacket. star wars shirts can be used for casual wear and for outing purposes.


Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

Jeans pants are a common choice for men, especially teens. It is because the jeans depict a bold look and can be worn with various outfits. Han Solo wears brown trousers which look like this jeans trouser. The trouser looks tough and is best for Halloween or Comic Con. It can also be used for outings and informal gatherings. star wars pants, trousers and jeans normally wearable in casual parties and more various occasions.


Real Leather Suit Trouser Belt

Belts are crucial in holding the trouser to its place. Han Solo wears a brown belt that matches with the overall brown theme of the outfit and also in resemblance with the brown jacket. The buckle of this belt is very simple, and can also be used with formal dressings.


Leather Belt Holster + Droid Caller Set

People who possess a firearm need to keep the weapon safe and sound, and for that reason, they keep a holster attached to their belt. The holster that Han Solo uses is made of brown color so that it matches with the overall theme of the outfit. This holster is inspired by the movie, so it is made from high-quality leather to give it the same look like the film and is part of the Star Wars.


Han Solo Blaster Pistol

Han Solo had to use a blaster pistol to safeguard himself and his friends. Han Solo Star Wars Blaster gun became part of his suit, and it is necessary for anyone to have this pistol if they intend to be like Han Solo. This gun is made of plastic so that it does not do harm in any way and has the same appearance as the original one.


Halloween Captain Boot

Knee high shoes are preferred if anyone has to perform difficult tasks and require safety as well. These shoes are manmade and have a synthetic sole to keep you comfortable. It has an interior side zip closure which will help you in getting the shoes on and getting them off quickly and with ease. The faux leather makes sure the boots are durable for an extended period so that you can also use them for various other outfits.

Han Solo and his dress will always be remembered for looking simple and stylish. In Episode VII, his entire outfit got an upgrade. From his signature vest, he moved on to a leather jacket. The only things that remained the same were his holster and his pistol. Other than that, he was still the main hero of the film even in his old age.


Finn Jacket

Celebrity jackets are made stylish so that they can increase the viewership. The jacket that Finn wears is brown in color, and to make the attire more comfortable and durable, It is crafted from real leather. The jacket is made screen accurate so that you can depict the character of Finn in the best possible way.


Tech Silk S/S Crew Shirt

T-shirts can be worn with various outfits and can blend in with almost any other attire. Finn wears a black t-shirt in this movie. Star Wars t-shirt is inspired by the movie, and you can use it for your Halloween cosplay. It is made of pure cotton so that you may feel relaxed at all times. If you already have a short sleeve black t-shirt.

Star Wars Gray T-shirt

Star Wars T shirt

Apart from the costumes,  merchandise, and stuff inspired by the Star Wars franchise has set new levels of popularity. Not only people do Cosplay of the various characters of the franchise on different occasions such as Halloween but equally famous are the Star Wars shirts that people of all ages love to wear casually or as they like. They give elegant looks when paired up with jeans and jacket. These shirts often have the Star Wars logo or the image of the well-known character imprinted on the front part usually.  One can show and spread the Star Wars love with these apparels.


Regular Slim Tapered-Leg Jean

If you are a teenager, then it is most likely that you may have a black jeans trouser in your closet. You can use a black jeans trouser like this one if you already have one as your star wars pant, and if you don’t, you can have this trouser for your cosplay. It is made of pure cotton and has five pockets to keep your crucial belongings within reach.


Fur Lining Buckle Suede Casual Short Boots

Finn can be seen wearing a pair of Velcro silver shoes. These star wars shoes are made of leather so that the shoes are durable and can make you feel comfortable. The front closure is tightened by Velcro to make it look exactly like the screen version, and it also helps in getting the shoes off easily.

Finn has a history in this galactic world. His father was featured in one of the previous films and was a very good friend of Han Solo and his team. Finn rose up to the occasion of taking responsibility and right decision to join the good side. If you betray a Stormtrooper clan, you are bound to suffer. But Finn managed to not only save himself with some help but also complete his mission.

Princess Leia Costume


Sleeveless Lapel Pocket Long Jacket Waistcoat

Princess Leia has worn a vest along with her costume in the movie. This vest is made from cotton and has the same look as seen on the big screen. There are two pockets at the front to keep your important things. star wars princess Leia costume can be worn for cosplay and also for formal wearing with confidence.


Basic Simple Button-down Shirt

Shirts are attire that can be used both in formal and informal dressings. Princess Leia is a character from this movie sequel. She can be seen wearing a gray dress shirt underneath her vest. Princess Leia shirt is made of 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex.


Barely Bootcut Stretch Pants

Stretch pants are commonly used among both men and women. Princess Leia shows good looks in the movie. The Force Awakens due to her attire. She can be seen wearing this type of pant, and you can have this too from Amazon.com


Dayton Boot

Long boots are always good for safety. These boots are man-made and possess a synthetic sole. Side closure with a long zipper makes these boots very easy to access. They are available in black and brown color, but you can have black ones for your Princess Leia cosplay from Star Wars.

You would be so wrong to think that Princess Leia would look too old and ugly after showing her face for more than 15 years. She still looks beautiful, and it should not come as a surprise that her new outfit would be the next big thing in fashion. Her sense of dressing is elegant, and now you can use it in your daily life as well.

Rey Costume


Adult Rey Eye Mask With Hood

Star wars costumes for adults, masks are small attire, but they tend to make a huge difference on the personality on a celebrity. Rey can be seen wearing a mask that covers some part of her face, and a hood to hide her identity. The cover is made of polyester and has elastic straps so that it can stick to the face properly.


Deluxe Adult Rey Costume

Rey has a very simple outfit in the movie. The movie inspired outfit is available on Amazon.com for your Halloween party. It is made of polyester, and the dress includes deluxe top, pants, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch. Rey fans must buy and can use these. So grab this sexy Rey costume to look like her with confidence.


Rey Staff

Every fighter possesses a weapon, just like Rey from the movie. Rey fans can get the staff that looks just like the one used by Rey in the film. You can use this stuff for your cosplays on special occasions.


Brown Faux Suede Knee High Boots

Faux leather shoes are very tight and can help you walk across steep terrain. These shoes are long enough to depict the character of Rey from the movie. They are durable because of their composition of a leather sole and suede leather. They are secured by a zipper that is stitched at the back.

Rey and Finn’s partnership was worth admiring. Since his background was brought out to the world, who is Rey is still on everyone’s minds. She has ruled out that she’s related to Princess Leia and Han Solo. The best speculation at the moment is that she’s Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Nothing is confirmed, but one thing is for sure, she shouldn’t be underestimated. Now look at the below mentioned Kylo Ren Costume.

Kylo Ren Costume


Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet

Helmets look very prominent on anybody’s face. It is because they tend to hide the face, either to save it from harm or to cover up any identity. This helmet is inspired by the movie character and has the function to change your voice in resemblance with character. It has adjustable straps that will hold the helmet firmly on your head.


Standard Sith Costume with Belt

This costume is made from high-quality fabric and looks fantastic because of its actual screen appearance. The set includes Inner Tunic + Outer Tunic with Hood, and Pants + Belt + Sash. It does not include helmet and gloves. This cosplay is the best for your Kylo Ren appearance on Halloween and Comic Con.


Kylo Ren Gloves

These black gloves look very decent and comfortable. It is because of the strap on the wrist which is fastened by Velcro. These are made of high-quality fabric and are screen accurate. They can also be used casually while riding your motorcycle.


Halloween Walker-130

Kylo Ren has made a stunning appearance in the movie, and that could not be possible without his remarkable attire. These knee high walker shoes are inspired by the film character and can be used for preparing his costume. You can also use them with other cosplays if they suit so.


Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber

Lightsabers were introduced by the Star Wars franchise. Kylo Ren uses a red light saber to counter his rivals. This lightsaber has a movie like an appearance and can be used to depict the character of Kylo Ren. If you are going to Comic-Con, then you can have this lightsaber which includes a light dagger and a connector in the package.

Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he was on the same side as his parents. Instead, he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Darth Vader. His dress does look like he’s somewhat inspired by one of the iconic villains in the history of Hollywood. He is definitely a hot favorite this Halloween season.

Star Wars Costumes For Couple

Here are some incredible Couple costumes ideas that will make your Halloween special.

Princess Leia and Han Solo


Princess Leia and Han Solo is one of the most admired couples. And fans love the chemistry of both the characters. So if you want to cosplay yourself like this couple then you can go with Princess Leia and Han Solo costume. The Costume of both will look perfect with Star Wars couples costume. Here is the costume guide of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Finn and Rey


Finn and Rey are from The Force Awakens (Episode 7). However, they teamed up to fight against the evil and give the force a new hope. And somehow both are the future couple like Han Solo and Princess Leia. And we might see this happening in episode 8. So yes, Finn and Rey’s costume is yet another best available option for couples Star Wars costumes this Halloween. Read the complete guide of Finn and Rey.

Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor


You can see both the characters of Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor in 2016 movie Rogue One. Both Jyn and Cassian are the team members who are on the mission to steal the plans from Death Star that cause destruction in the planet. Well, both characters are the pioneer leads, and this might be great for you as Star Wars couple costumes. Jyn Erso Vest Jacket and Captain Cassian Andor Jacket are now available.

As the list of couples Star Wars costumes ideas conclude, just keep in mind one important point. Make sure you follow the items that are displayed in the images above. There are some that have variations of colors and designs, so be careful with that, and choose the variety that is shown. It would be perfect to wear Star Wars couples costumes at the event for a charming look. Nowhere on the internet will you find such a simple and detailed blog that isn’t only giving you costumes of the heroes but also of the main villain, which is has been quite high in demand. Whether you are a Han Solo fan or a Finn fan or even a Kylo Ren fan, you are assured to get the most perfect looking women costumes; you are guaranteed to have a memorable Halloween with these eye-catching Outfits. So which one will you go for? Is it the light side or the dark side? You got five costumes to choose from.

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