A Fantastic Star Wars Costumes Guide For Adults

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Star Wars Costume Guide

Star Wars costumes are record-breaking sellers in Halloween and Comic-con season. Star wars fan base is huge. And is still going strong after four decades. These Star Wars Halloween costumes are best for fans of powerful heroes.

Here are some of the Star Wars cosplay character costumes to help you out

  • Jyn erso
  • Captain cassian andor
  • Han solo
  • Poe dameron
  • Finn
  • Captain phasma
  • Princess liea
  • Rey
  • Kylo ren
  • Stormtropper
  • Skywalker
  • Bb8

Couple Costumes

  • Princess Liea and Han Solo
  • Finn And Rey
  • Captain Cassian Ando And Jyn Erso

Star Wars Rogue One Costumes

Jyn Erso Costume






Women’s  star wars costume available for Jyn Erso followers.


Jyn Erso is wearing a light grey polyester scarf similar to this one in the movie. Wearing this will help you feel comfortable.


Jyn Erso Vest and Jacket

Look good, feel good with Jyn Erso vest/jacket. Jyn erso shirt will complete the look of your costume but isn’t mandatory.


Fingerless real leather gloves for a strong grip. Motorcyclists and fitness freaks will surely love this.


Tactical Pants

Seven pocket cotton and polyester mix tactical pants makes your costume movie accurate. And can go from office hours to after-hours with easy styling.



These boots will complete your getup of Jyn Erso. They have short heels and are comfortable to wear. They can be used for regular purposes as well.

Captain Cassian Andor Costume




Parka Jacket




Blaster Toy Gun


Shearling-Deadpool-Jacket-422x500 (1)


Multi-use Cassian Andor  cotton T-shirt with a pull on closure.

Diego-Luna- Rogue-One-Jacket

Captain Cassian Andor Jacket

This Captain Cassian Andor cosplay Jacket’s material is soft, comfy and easy to wear for a Halloween party, as well as for casual wear or attending events.



These pants are crafted mostly of polyester wear this formally. Plus its numerous pockets will keep your valuables safe.


Captain Cassian Parka Jacket

This classic parka jacket is yet another part of Captain Cassian Andor’s. It can be worn as winter outfit and for Halloween.


Grey Gloves

 Made of genuine lambskin leather use them while driving and riding a motorbike.

Binocular With Lanyard

Captain Cassian requires seeing distant objects.  It comes with a cord so that you can tie the binocular around your neck.



made of high-quality leather and rubber sole which would make walking and be running comfortably during Cosplay. And goes great with daily wear.

Blaster Toy Gun

If you wish, get this toy blaster as an added accessory to your Costume. Your kids can play with it when the costume is not in use.

 Star Wars Episode VII Costumes

Han Solo Costume 


White Tee

Straight Fit Pant

Trouser Belt


Blaster pistol



Brown Distressed Jacket

Next up is Han Solo costume guide. Han Solo brown Distressed jacket is very skillfully crafted to give a screen accurate look. The large sized pockets are handy to keep important things while the erect collar gives the person a heroic look. It also has magnetic buttons,


Waffle Henley Shirt

Han Solo can be seen wearing a t-shirt just like this one underneath his jacket. Use Waffle Henley shirt for casual wear and outings.


Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

The trouser looks tight and is best for Halloween or Comic Con. You can also it used for outings.

Real Leather Suit Trouser Belt

Han Solo’s costume belt that matches with the overall brown theme of his outfit.


Leather Belt Holster + Droid Caller Set

People who possess a firearm need to keep the weapon safe and sound. For that reason, they keep a holster attached to their belt. It’s made from high-quality leather to give it the same look like the fi. Jyn Ersp Holster is similar to Han Solo’s Holster in the movie.


Han Solo Blaster Pistol

Blaster gun became part of his suit; This gun is made of plastic so that it does not harm anyone in any way.



Halloween Captain Boot

These shoes have a synthetic sole to keep you comfortable. It has an interior side zip closure which will help you in getting the shoes on and getting them off quickly and with ease.

Poe Dameron Costume

X Wing Helmet

Poe Dameron Costume

x wing helmet

X Wing Helmet

X Wing Helmet. So just grab that Helmet and become the member of the X wing.

Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron Costume

Now all you need is a complete costume of Poe Dameron which he wore as the pilot and commander of X-wing.

Finn Costume



Slim Jeans

Athletic Shoes


Finn Jacket

Now all you need is a complete costume of Poe Dameron which he wore as the pilot and commander of X-wing.


Tech Silk S/S Crew Shirt

It is made of pure cotton so that you may feel relaxed at all times.



Regular Slim Tapered-Leg Jean

You can use a black jeans trouser like this one. If you already have one as your star wars pant, and if you don’t, you can have this trouser for your cosplay. It is made of pure cotton and has five pockets.

Mens Velcro Athletic Shoes

These star wars shoes are made of leather so that the shoes are comfortable. Velcro tightens the front closure.It helps in getting the shoes off easily.

Captain Phasma Costume

Captain Phasma Costume



Adult Captain Phasma Costume

Adult Captain Phasma Costume

For Captain Phasma look, first of all, need is a costume exactly like the one which she used to wear in the movie. And here is that piece that looks similar.

Adult Captain Phasma gloves

Adult Captain Phasma Gloves

Star Wars gloves are an ideal choice that you never want to miss for sure.

Adult Captain Phasma Blaster

Captain Phasma Blaster

 if you want to complete the look then don’t let this blaster out of your hands.

Princess Leia Costume


Button Down Shirt




Sleeveless Lapel Pocket Long Jacket Waistcoat

Made from cotton. There are two pockets at the front.


Basic Simple Button-down Shirt

Princess Leia can be seen wearing a gray dress shirt underneath her vest. The shirt shown above made of 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex.


Barely Bootcut Stretch Pants

“Force awakens” pants from the movie, and you can have them too.


Dayton Boot

These boots possess a synthetic sole. A side closure with a long zipper makes these boots very easy to wear. They are available in black and brown color. You can use it in your daily life as well.

Rey Costume

Eye Masl

Rey costume



Adult Rey Eye Mask With Hood

Rey can be seen wearing a mask that covers some part of her face, and a hood to hide her identity. The cover is made of polyester and has elastic straps so that it can fit your face properly.


Deluxe Adult Rey Costume

Made of polyester, and the dress includes deluxe top, pants, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch.


Rey Staff

Star Wars Rey staff available to give more detail to the costume.

Kylo Ren Costume


Voice Changer Helmet

Kylo Ren Costume







Black heel which are comfortable and easy to walk around with.

Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet

This helmet is inspired by the movie character and has the function to change your voice in resemblance with character. It also has adjustable straps.


Standard Sith Costume with Belt

They are durable because of their composition of a leather sole and suede leather. Secured by a stitched zipper at the back.


Kylo Ren Gloves

It is comfortable because of the strap on the wrist which is fastened by Velcro. Made of high-quality fabric. Kylo Ren gloves are handy while riding the motorcycle.


Halloween Walker-130

Knee high shoes for preparing his costume. You can also use them with other cosplays if they suit you so.


Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber

The Star Wars franchise introduced lightsabers. If you are going to Comic-Con, then you can have this lightsaber which includes a light dagger and a connector in the package.


White Boots


Blaster Gun


Stormtropper white boots

White boots

The Stormtroopers wear white boots with their costume. The boot is very compatible and compliments the outfit very much.

Stormtropper gloves

Stormtropper glovesStormtrooper gloves give you safety if you are involved in physical labor or work with sharp instruments.

Starwars tropper blaster


Stormtrooper’s signature weapon is the trooper blaster. Pair this blaster gun with other star wars costume like Han Solo, Skywalker or Transformers costume.

Stormtrooper costumeStormtropper costume


Orange Jumpsuit

Black Boots

Fighter Helmet

Blaster Gun

Skywalker costume

Orange Jumpsuit

SW orange jumpsuit

Skywalker costume from the star wars franchise is quite impressive. You can make a prison outfit out of it or a Dragon Ball Z costume.

Black Boots For Men

SW boots

Skywalker long boots are sure to provide you with safety at work. Many of you must be thinking that they are tough to move around with. But on the contrary, they are lightweight and comfortable.

Fighter Helmet

SW helmet

Now, this is something you can’t resist if you are a bike lover. It doesn’t matter if you own a Harley or not. Skywalker fighter helmet looks impressive with every motorcycle.

Star Wars Blaster

SW blaster gunStar Wars blaster is worth buying. Use it with your star wars costume or pass it to the young ones for endless role play.

Luke Skywalker White Costume

Sw luke skywalker costume




BB8 Kids costume


sw bb8 helmet

Forget the old robotic helmets. Bb8 helmet takes your ordinary robotic costume to new heights. Experiment bb8 helmet with different robotic suits.

Costume dress

Bb8 costume dress

Bb8 costume dress for girls is impressive. You can wear this almost anywhere anytime. It isn’t limited to cosplay or Halloween.

Bb8 kids costume

sw bb8 costume


Star Wars Costumes For Couple

Princess Leia and Han Solo


First up in couple star wars costume are Princess Leia and Han Solo. Fans love the chemistry of Princess Leia and Han Solo. If you want to dress yourself like this couple here is the guide of Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes.

Finn and Rey


Finn and Rey are from The Force Awakens (Episode 7). Read the complete guide of Finn and Rey

Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor


You can see both the characters of Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor in 2016 movie Rogue One.

Jyn Erso Vest Jacket and Captain Cassian Andor Jacket are now available

This concludes the Star Wars Halloween costumes. We hope you found them useful and interesting.

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