A Complete Halloween Costume Guide For Everyone


Trick, treat and freak! That’s what Halloween is all about. Halloween gives us the reason to celebrate an event by costuming ourselves in a scary way.

However, some love to dress up themselves like their favorite characters that inspired from comics, movies and drama series. Here’s why we bring out a complete Halloween costume Ideas guide that anyone can try.

Whether you’re a superhero lover or couple, or going in a group. Or looking for kids costumes, this guide will fulfill your needs.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready!

For Superhero Lovers


Batman costume

Superhero costumes are not only for comic cons or for other events, but also for Halloween. And this Batman Halloween costume is the best example of it. Well, you can be like Batman. Just complete your look and join the fight against evil and zoomies.

Superman costume

Superman is another great option for you. It is one of the most popular superhero costume for Halloween that you can try for sure. So just dress like your favorite superhero and give yourself special attention.

Wonder-Women costume

Now if your girlfriend or wife is a die-heart fan of Wonder Woman, then this guide is best for her. It’s the best superhero halloween costume for women.

Spiderman costume

This Spiderman costume is another option that you can try this Halloween. Just choose your spidey look and catch your enemies with web.

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas


If you are looking for a vintage yet classy Halloween couple costume then try Pink Ladies and T-Bird style. Inspired from the late 70’s movie Grease, this outlook will give you special treat for sure. Well, you can wear it in couple dance parties. For Danny Zuko costume, you just need that jacket. You can use your casual jeans and sneakers to complete your look.


Han Solo and Princess Liea are one of the highly admired couple from the Star Wars universe. And fans love them. You can be like them this Halloween. Just follow the guide and get the best couples halloween costume look.

Sucide Squad

If you want to try something crazy this Halloween then the Harley Quinn and Joker costume is best for you. Both are badass and unpredictable. And I am sure you love to try this halloween couples costume.


For a true superhero look, you can try The Flash and Supergirl costume. Both are popular and known for their look. All you need is to wear it and be like the most charming superhero couple.

For TV Series Lovers



Sci-fi drama series are popular amongst the audience. Most of them aired their new season during Halloween like the Walking Dead. And since Negan made his appearance, the series becomes more popular. That is the reason why Negan costume comes first in the list.

Doctor Who

Doctor who is another option if you are kind of a guy who loves to live in a mysterious world. So just choose your favorite character and take the lead.


The Arrow costume is yet another choice that you can wear on Halloween. Arrow showcase his smartness through his outlook and you can do the same by simply style like your favorite superhero.


If you want to be like Daredevil then do not hesitate to try this Daredevil costume. Just follow the guide and the bold look like Daredevil.

For Kids



PAW Patrol is a popular animated series that kids love to watch. And I am sure your kids loves them too. So give your kids special treat by giving this adorable Halloween kids costume.


If you have seen the movie 101 Dalmatians, then you definitely remember the character of Cruella De Vil. That woman with a crazy look made her popular. And this Disney’s famous female villain look will fit well on your daughter. Well, it’s an ideal Halloween costume ideas for girls.


Elvis Presley is a popular figure both in adults and kids. And this Halloween kid costume fits well on little boys. So just dress your son like Elvis and let him rock like a legendary pop icon.


Despicable movie series is well known for only one character and that is Minion. Those little cute dudes are popular among kids. And your kid will love to try this Minion costume. So, if you are looking for a cute kid costumes for halloween then you can try this one.

For Groups



Now if you and your friends are looking for a perfect Halloween group costume then try this Trolls look. You just need a dress and wig. You can create your own look by using your own old dresses or shirts.


If you are looking for group halloween costume ideas for 5, then you can try the Power Rangers getup for sure. You can be like your favorite character. Just pick your costume and lead the group.


Assassins creed is yet another great choice for you and for your friends. Just group up like your favorite character and be like the gaming warrior this Halloween.


Last but not the least, these Guardians of the Galaxy group costume will make you feel like a superhero. From Star Lord to any other character, you can try anyone.

So here we end up our blog. We bring out complete Halloween costume ideas that cover ideas for couple, superhero lovers, tv series fans, kids and for groups. Just pick your character and give your best shot this Halloween.

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