Valuable Harry Potter Merchandise For All The Zealots

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harry merchandise

It is a no doubt that Harry Potter novels and movie series have become a sensation. Fans worldwide have not only done Cosplay of various characters such as Harry Potter
and Hermione, but there are enormous Harry Potter merchandise and stuff available inspired by the novels and films. That’s why we are bringing for you best stuff that people of all ages especially the zealots of the Wizards, would love to have.


Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat by elope(Shop On Amazon)

We start with a hat that all Harry Potter fans must have in their collection. Made from a  cotton and polyester mix, this sorting hat would fit most kids, teens, and adults. It a perfect gift to fans which can be worn in parties as well as for Cosplay of the Wizard.

Harry Potter Dobby Magic Juniors Black T-shirt S

Dobby Magic Black T-shirt(Shop On Amazon)

Get your hands on this shirt for junior kids that is black in color and crafted from lightweight cotton. It features Dobby the House Elf showcasing his magic imprinted on the chest area. So parents give this Harry Potter merchandise to your kids and make them look superb.

Harry Potter Spells Womens T-shirt Movie Fun Magic Nerdy Geek Sorcerer (S)

Spells T-shirt(Shop On Amazon)

Now presenting a black colored T-shirt which women would love to wear. It has various Harry Potter spells embossed in the front and made wholly of cotton. Plus, it is available in different sizes. So ladies, pick one and show your style of the magical Wizard.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Girls Cardigan

Gryffindor Cardigan(Shop On Amazon)

This harry potter Gryffindor cardigan sweater would be symbolic of this series as it has a pull on closure and the same Gryffindor logo on the front. Juniors would love it to wear it and be comfortable with its crafting mostly of polyester. Have the look and feel of a Hogwart’s student.

 Harry Potter Gryffindor Adult Fleece Hooded Bathrobe (One Size)

House Adult Fleece Hooded Bathrobe(Shop On Amazon)

Now this bathrobe would be your perfect apparel while swimming or bathing at your home. It comes with a hood and is made from high-quality fleece. Additionally, it has the Gryffindor logo on the chest area. You will feel like a real wizard when wearing this one.

Harry Potter Womens Ankle-No Show Socks 5 Pair Pack (Black)

Womens Ankle-No Show Socks 5 Pair Pack (Shop On Amazon)

This pair of five socks comes in different colors and designs and would be very handy for women. They are crafted mostly from polyester and are ankle no show ones. Get their set as they are perfect to add to your collection of clothes.


Noble Collection - Harry Potter Replica 1/1 Deluminator

Replica 1/1 Deluminator(Shop On Amazon)

This Deluminator would be a great Harry Potter merchandise as it lights up and measures 4 inches long.  It closely resembles what can be seen in the movies. Plus its battery operated which you can replace also. So order this one now.

The Remote Control Wand (Shop On Amazon)

This unique remote control wand is sure to blow you away as you can control any IR device such as TVs and DVD players with just a flick of a wrist. You can program and reprogram the wand to perform up to 9 commands. So why not get this one and control your devices like magic.

Wand Collection Weasley Twins(Shop On Amazon)

The closely resembling wands would be your best Harry Potter merchandise as they are as carried by Weasley twins in this film series. They come in a display box, and you can also add them to your collection.

Jewelry & Accessories

Hermione’s Time Turner (Shop On Amazon)

The closely resembling Hermione’s Time Turner necklace amazon is available and is plated in gold. It also comes with a chain and display. In the product, there is an hourglass while the inner rings rotate. While you can’t turn the time with it, we are sure you would look breathtaking when worn.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Diadem

Ravenclaw Diadem (Shop On Amazon)

And this diadem would look perfect on your heads as it takes the form of an eagle that is symbolic of Ravenclaw, one of the houses in the Hogwart’s School. You will look stunning while wearing it. It also comes with a collector box for easy storage. 

Replica 1/1 Lord Voldemort’s Horcrux Ring (Shop On Amazon)

Get your hands on this Lord Voldemort Horcrux ring which is made from 24 karat gold and as seen in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It comes in a display box, and adults can wear it to look sensational.

Gryffindor Sword Letter Opener (Shop On Amazon)

This letter opener would be a great Harry Potter merchandise as it has the Gryffindor Sword which is helpful in opening your letters. The lion acts as a holder. The whole product is made of metal, and even while opening your mails, you can have this symbolic item. 

Replica The Hufflepuff Cup (Shop On Amazon)

This Hufflepuff Cup closely matches to that of Hufflepuff Cup as you can see in the movie. Now its copy is here, and you can get it for less than 50 dollars. It can be used as a showpiece in your houses and is not meant for drinking.

Exclusive Light-Up Tri Wizard TriWizard Dragon Champions Goblet Cup( Shop On Amazon)

Get this Great Harry Potter merchandise that is in the form of the closely resembling Goblet Cup. It even lights up and is battery-powered. It has Tri-Wizard engraved on the cup that has three dragons molded, all of which form a great Harry Potter stuff amazon.

Wizarding World-Hermione’s Cat (Shop On Amazon)

You can keep this cat doll as a showpiece in your homes and children can play with it. Its none other than Hermione’s cat, the toy of which is now available. It is stuffed with polyester and is 18″ long. Grab this one for under fifty bucks.

Alohomora Key Holder(Shop On Amazon)

We have brought for you another item, but this time it’s in the form of this key holder. It has four hooks which are chrome plated on which you can hang your keys. Its has an overall black design with Alohomora written in big and a must have item for the home.

The Deathly Hallows Heat-Activated Morphing Mug(Shop On Amazon)

Be amazed as this mug can change its color when you put hot liquid such as coffee in it.  It is a ceramic mug, and you can order this marvelous Harry Potter merchandise at very low price.

Collectible Quidditch Set(Shop On Amazon)

Get this beautiful Quidditch set which is a great collectible for all fans. It is perfect to be lined on your shelves and includes Quaffle, Bludgers and a non-removable Snitch in a decorative box. It forms a good decoration piece in your homes.

Black Cauldron Ceramic Soup Mug with Spoon(Shop On Amazon)

Drink your soup and coffee in this great Harry Potter merchandise in the form of ceramic soup mug that also comes with a spoon. It features Harry Potter written in the mug’s centre. Every time you drink something in it. you will feel like a witch or wizard. Plus it also comes with a lid that is handy.

Avada Kedavra Bitch Lighting Decor Gadget Lamp + Sticker Decor for Perfect Set (Shop On Amazon)

 This lamp would be a perfect harry potter gift shop to be given for birthdays, parties and special occasions such as Christmas. It is USB powered but also can connected to power outlet through which you can see the captivating glow of this lamp. The product also comes with a sticker.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Knapsack Backpack 12 x 16in

Hogwarts Knapsack Backpack(Shop On Amazon)

This bag is made of mostly of cotton and has a snap closure to it. It would be a great gift this Christmas for school going kids as well as adults for general purposes. It’s also adequately priced.

Harry Potter Hogwart's Crest Mini Satchel Handbag with Charm

Hogwart’s Crest Mini Satchel Handbag(Shop On Amazon)

This handbag should be more than sufifcient for all women fanatic of the WIzard as it has Hogwarts logo and its color scheme has been kept in mind the Harry Potter attire. Girls would love it to keep their items and it also comes with a charm.

Hogwarts Wooden Steamer Trunk - Patronus Edition

Hogwarts Wooden Steamer Trunk – Patronus Edition (Shop On Amazon)

Get this wooden trunk which you can use to put your books and DVDs safely, and it gives the same look and feel of Hogwarts one. The product comes with stickers to decorate the trunk. You can use it for travel purposes also.

Art & Posters

Harry Potter "First Four" Word Art Print Four Set - 11x17"

“First Four” Word Art Print Four Set(Shop On Amazon)

Now every fan should get these print sets which represent first four Harry Potter movies. It is made from various quotes in each movie and is in the form of an image. You can also give them to your family members and friends who are real fans of Harry.

Always Snape and Lily Harry Potter After All This Time - hand cut paper art

Hand cut paper art(Shop On Amazon)

This handmade artwork would greatly appeal to all Harry Potter enthusiasts and you can get it at a nominal price.You won’t find such examples of brilliance elsewhere. Get it now.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and Golden Snitch - hand cut paper art

Hogwarts Castle and Golden Snitch – hand cut paper art(Shop On Amazon)

This handmade item is a masterpiece and a great Harry Potter merchandise. It is a brilliant artwork, and you will love it like also like the previous one.

Toys & Games

Funko Next Series (Shop On Amazon)

Now kids get your hands on these bobblehead set that features various characters that you will like to play with. You can also keep them in your collection. They cost just around hundred dollars. Adults can also get them for their assortment.

Hogwarts Express(Shop On Amazon)

This toy in the form of Hogwart express would be your perfect companion to keep along with your novels and other Harry Potter items. It has the carriages that enters and exits a tunnel and is made of cast iron. The train also is a perfect gift for children.

Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray](Shop On Amazon)

A Harry Potter merchandise which you must have, this blue ray disc set includes all the 8 movies series that have been released so far and that you can watch anywhere and anytime. So liven up your experience of the Wizards by watching them.  They are also available on DVD and other formats.

Wizard Chess Set(Shop On Amazon)

Play chess with this product that comes with playing board and chess pieces. Combine your love of playing chess into Harry Potter zeal.  So order it now as its suitable for both children and adults.

Clue Board Game(Shop On Amazon)

All the parents and guardians, gift this board game to your kids and they would simply adore it. Play it as Harry Potter and solve the students’ disappearance from Hogwart’s. It’s a type of game which adults alike can play with their children to have an enjoyable time. Grab it under 50 bucks.

And that is it for this blog on Harry Potter merchandise. We have covered multiple items in multiple categories to give you best products which are inspired by the Hary Potter movies and novels. Hope you have a memorable time with them