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Leather is an everlasting material that has been adored for generations for its durability and natural looks. You can’t simply deny the fact that whether you’re looking for a leather jacket for men, leather jacket for women, carrying a leather bag or sitting on a leather sofa, the feel of leather always gives you luxury and comfort. While buying leather products you have to keep one thing in mind that you are dealing with real leather or else you will end up buying a fake one. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to identify the difference between Genuine leather and fake leather. This blog is all about informing our readers how to identify the real leather.

1. Examine the Label and Product Information:

The first step that can save you from buying fake leather is you first inspect the label  or any product information provided by the seller or manufacturer, If you inspect the product label of genuine leather products you can see they proudly claim that their leather is genuine and will use terms like “full grain leather ” or “genuine leather” on their product information but if you see terms like  synthetic, polyester, leatherette, or vegan leather then you comprehend that you are dealing with the fake leather.

Examine the label and product information

2. Get a Feel for the Texture:

One of the most notable factors that can tell you the difference between real leather and fake leather is their texture, genuine leather carries the grain pattern and an organic touch and the uneven texture, you can simply skim your hands across the leather surface and feel the imperfect and variation on its texture. The genuine leather has a soft, slightly stretchy, and grainy feel. while on the other side, the fake leather feels plain and cold like a plastic surface.

Get a feel for the leather texture

3. Put Your Sniffer to the Test:

The scent of genuine leather is something impossible to replace. When you give a good sniff to the real leather you meet with a pleasant and natural earthy aroma while on the other side if you whiff the fake leather it sends out some chemical, unnatural, and plastic-like smell. So, while buying any leather product always take a whiff and believe in your nose .

Put your sniffer to the test

4. The Flame Test:

After applying the above steps, if you are still perplexed and can’t differentiate between fake leather and real leather then you may attempt the fire test on the leather, grab a lighter, and ignite a small swatch for no more than 10 seconds. if it were real leather then it would smell a bit like burnt hair and turn slightly char,  in contrast, if you ignite the fake leather it will give you an unpleasant plastics burnt smell.

The flame test on leather

5. The Moisture Test:

Here the simplest way to identify the fake leather is by applying a small drop of water to your leather on an undamaged area. Gently rub the water using your finger. Now, wait for 30 seconds. If your leather darkens, and the water is eagerly absorbed within 30 seconds, congratulations, you’ve got the real leather product. If the water just sits on the surface, refusing to soak in, then, unfortunately, you’re not dealing with genuine leather because fake leather contains plastic and does not allow water to be absorbed.

The moisture test on leather


By following the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently distinguish between genuine leather and faux leather. With the help of this information, you can embrace the luxury and longevity of authentic leather in your life. So go ahead, treat yourself to the real thing!