Impersonate As God Of Thunder In Thor Costume

 Are you ready for some thrilling and spontaneous action…????

Go big or go home, this Halloween, with Thor Ragnarok costume of epic proportion.

The final showdown between the Asgardian God and the Goddess of Death will take place this November. The third standalone film is different from the prior one.

Yes, we are talking about “Thor; Ragnarok.

The whole new transformed look of Thor in the movie creates more excitement. Fans are in love with it and are desperate for its release.

Here, we’ll discuss the new costume. Along with the new characters of the upcoming movie.

Thor Ragnarok costume

Chris Hemsworth is back in armor. He’s got his hammer, his Asgardian god status. He’s even got his brother, Loki (who is apparently not dead).

Thor’s long, beautiful golden locks will be missing.


Thor Ragnarok Helmet

Get your hands on the Thor Helmet replica and be ready to do some action like Thor. Easy to wear throughout the day for your Cosplay. Wings are adjustable and are made from the comfortable material. So now you simply need to snatch it and thunder like Thor.

Halloween  Thor  3 Costume

To save his homeland and the end of Asgardian civilization from the hands of ruthless Hela. Thor has to survive the deadly gladiatorial contest against his former ally and fellow avenger-Incredible Hulk. Grab the costume and be the Viking warrior.

 Thor armor replica

Looking for the movie costume..??

Add replica helmet and honor the look as in comics and animated. Complete the gladiator look like Thor’s in the movie.


We’ll see Valkyrie as the new character  in the latest edition of the movie. An elite warrior and Asgardian by birth hold hands with Thor.

Ragnarok Valkyrie Thor Costume

 Thor Ragnorok Valkyrie Costume

Go for the warrior gesture in this sexy looking Valkyrie marvel costume. It’s a perfect pick for Halloween, costume parties and other superhero events.


Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death was imprison for thousands of years. Mistakenly released and promptly look for her revenge who had detained her for all of those years. Battle against Thor as he challenged her freedom.

“I’m not a queen or a monster. I’m the Goddess of Death.”

Hela Head dress

Create a horrifying look for the cosplays by wearing this head dress. If you have seen the trailer clearly you will see Hela wearing these horns. You just need to put this on your head and rule like a goddess.

Hela Cosplay Costume

Acquire the suit and complete the look of the Marvels first female villain. People would be glad to see you in this attire.

What are you waiting for..???

Its good time to gear up in the whole new Thor Ragnarok costume for Halloween or other occasions. If you find the guide helpful do tell us in the comment box below.


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