Jumanji Costume Guide

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Jumanji is hitting the big screen from December 2017.

Right after twelve years and the fans are super excited about it. However, it’s a completely new plot with lots of twists and turns that will keep the thrill and suspense alive.

Unfortunately, there is no Robin Williams. But the inclusion of the entertaining superstars like Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan. Jack Black and Kevin Hart will bring the movie at the new peak. Fans are willing to wear Jumanji costumes, so we made it easy for you.

So remembering this! We draw out the total Jumanji ensemble manage that you will love to cosplay without a doubt. Take a look at these Jumanji costumes.

Jumanji Costume Ideas

Let’s Begin with !

Dwayne Johnson:


jumanji dwayne johnson costume Cowboy Hat – Men Short Sleeve Cargo Shirt – Mens Tactical Pant – Belt And Holster – Pistol Gun Toy – Mens Sneaker

Dwayne Johnson is portraying the role of Dr. Smolder Bravestone, and as expected his appearance represents a strong, muscular and charming persona.

However, you don’t need to rush yourself for Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji costume as we put up all the stuff. It includes a cowboy, slim fit short sleeve shirt, a fake gun, belt and holster, pants and shoes. So just click it and make your own look.

Karen Gillan:

Karen Gillan jumanji

Karen Gillan jumanji costumeWomens Crop Top – Leather Vest – Faux Leather Pant – Tactical Belt Pouches – GlovesBoots

The next in the list is Karen Gillan, who is portraying the role Ruby Roundhouse. Karen’s role represents a shy girl but when they enter the game, she appears somewhat in a silly Lara Croft-Esque scanty Jumanji outfit while others are in more appropriate jungle clothing.

The reason her look is criticized by various celebrity sites, but she defends her appearance as well. So for the fan girls of Karen Gillan, here is the complete list of her Jumanji costume. Just grab it and style up like her.

Jack Black:

Jack Black jumanji

Jack Black jumanji costumeHatSafari Jacket – Long Sleeve Shirt – Bow Tie – Mens Vest – Pant – Tactical BeltEyeglasses – Boots

Jack Black is portraying the role of Professor Shelly Oberon, who was a girl before entering the game. But when she found herself as Professor Shelly things a big fat guy.

Things getting worst and funny at the same time. However, like the other characters, his appearance is also counted as an important one. That is the reason why we have gathered at the stuff that completes Professor Shelly Oberon Jumanji costume. So just shop it and complete your look.

and Kevin Hart:

Kevin Hart jumanji

Kevin Hart jumanji costumeHunter HatMens Tee – VestScarfShortsWhite Socks – Mini TelescopeBagBoots

Last but not the least, this Kevin Hart costume from Jumanji is all you need to try for sure. Portraying the role of Moose Finbar, his character reflects a funny and entertaining persona that the audience loves to watch.

And to reflect his appearance, you just need to put all the items that is highlighted in the links. Just click it and give yourself a final touch.

So here we end up our guide of Jumanji Halloween costume. Hope you found it entertaining and a good read. Share this blog with your friends and loved ones.

You can also express your suggestions and views in our comment box about the Jumanji costumes. Till then, have a lovely weekend.


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