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For ages, styling leather jackets have been an iconic among the men. However, there are different types of leather jackets, and colors available for men which can provide the coolest look and style to men.

This article is the one-stop solution for any fashion-enthusiastic man who is looking for different types of styles that can be matched with leather jackets. This guide will make you an expert in leather jackets whether you are experienced in sartorialism or even just a beginner.

Choosing the Right Leather Jacket

Selecting the right leather jacket according to your personal style and body type is the main task. There are plenty of styles and colors available in leather jackets and this blog has breakdown some popular leather jacket styles and their ideal wearers:

Styling Black Leather Jackets:

Styling black leather jacket

Black is the most classic and definitive color it exudes timeless style and versatility, even if we discuss the black leather jacket it should be the must-have for any man’s wardrobe. 

  • White or light-colored tees create a striking contrast with black leather jackets, offering a clean and bold look.
  • Experiment with darker shades for tees to achieve a sophisticated ensemble.
  • Black leather jackets pair effortlessly with both jeans and chinos, providing options for casual or more polished outfits.
  • For a casual and rugged appearance, combine the jacket with distressed or classic denim jeans.
  • Opt for tailored chinos in neutral or dark tones to create a sleek and semi-formal look with a black leather jacket.
  • Black leather jackets complement various shoe styles, from casual sneakers to dressier boots or loafers.
  • Consider the occasion and your personal style to create a cohesive and stylish outfit.

The versatility and timeless charm of black leather jackets make them a go-to choice for adding a touch of cool sophistication to various looks.

Styling Brown Leather Jackets:

Styling brown leather jacket

Brown leather jackets provide a more relaxed and casual Look. and if you are looking for a casual and most attractive outfit. The neutral nature of brown leather allows for easy pairing with a variety of colors, providing numerous styling options.

  • Classic white or black tees create a clean and simple look when paired with a brown leather jacket.
  • Brown leather jackets effortlessly pair with both jeans and chinos, offering versatility in casual and semi-formal outfits.
  • For a casual look, pair the jacket with distressed or classic denim jeans for a laid-back yet stylish look.
  • Opt for tailored chinos in neutral tones to elevate the outfit, achieving a more polished appearance.
  • Brown leather jackets complement a range of shoe styles, from casual sneakers to dressier boots or loafers.

The adaptable nature of brown leather jackets makes them a wardrobe staple for various fashion preferences and settings.

Styling Cognac Leather Jackets:

Styling cognac leather jacket

Cognac leather jackets, although expensive provide sophisticated and casual looks. The warm tones of cognac leather make it easy to pair with various colors and offer flexibility in styling.

  • Neutral-colored tees, such as white, gray, or black, complement cognac jackets for a classic and versatile look.
  • Cognac jackets pair seamlessly with both jeans and chinos and provide options for casual or more polished outfits.
  • For a casual look, combine the jacket with dark denim jeans and leather boots.
  • To achieve a dressier appearance, pair the jacket with tailored chinos and stylish loafers.
  • Cognac leather jackets coordinate well with various shoe options, from boots to loafers, offering versatility in footwear choices.

Overall, these jackets add a touch of refinement and elegance to different outfits, making them a go-to choice for a sophisticated look.

Styling Distressed Leather Jackets:

Styling distressed leather jacket

Distressed leather jackets bring a rugged and stylish edge to your wardrobe. These jackets offer a cool and casual vibe that can be paired well with various outfits. 

  • pair the jacket with a classic white or black tee
  • Complete the look with distressed jeans and worn-in sneakers or boots.
  • For a more polished appearance, layer the jacket over a neutral-colored tee, with chinos and stylish leather shoes

Create a dynamic and effortlessly cool outfit suitable for various occasions.

Styling Suede Leather Jackets:

Styling suede leather jacket

Soft and luxurious, suede leather jackets offer a touch of understated elegance. They create a relaxed yet refined look. Pairing with different colored tees can create diverse looks.

  • For a classic ensemble, combine the jacket with a white or black tee for a clean and timeless appearance.
  • Experiment with earthy tones or muted colors for a subtle yet stylish contrast.
  • Suede jackets pair well with both jeans and chinos, providing flexibility in styling.
  • For a casual look, match the jacket with distressed or classic denim jeans.
  • To elevate the outfit, opt for chinos in neutral tones for a more polished appearance.
  • Suede jackets seamlessly coordinate with a range of shoe options, from casual sneakers to stylish boots.

Consider the occasion and your personal style to create a refined and well-coordinated outfit.

Layering for Maximum Impact

A leather jacket is so useful; it can be worn under other coats for different styles. Here are some tips for mastering the art of layering with leather jackets:

Casual Layering:

Just take your leather jacket with a simple T-shirt or a button-down shirt for a casual daytime look. For warmth and style incorporate a scarf or a beanie.

Semi-Formal Layering:

For a more sophisticated outing, layer your leather jacket on top of a dress shirt and a sweater. The finishing touch can be achieved by adding a tie, chinos, or dark-wash jeans.

Winter Layering:

During colder temperatures, wear another heavier material like peacoat over your leather jacket. Pick a coat of complementing color that will pull things together.

Accessorizing for Added Flair

Accessories can elevate your leather jacket ensemble and add a touch of personal style. Here are some key accessories to consider:


Your look with a leather jacket will depend on picking the right footwear. Choose traditional options such as boots, sneakers, or Chelsea boots. Sporty and casual shoes will not go well with the elegance of the jacket. 


The right belt will help you perfect the look of your leather jacket ensemble. Select a belt matching the color of your trousers/jeans or that of the jacket.


Some hats can further personalize the stylish nature of this leather look. For a retro look, give a fedora a try; a beanie for a laid-back style, and a baseball cap for the energetic feel.


Ensure that any jewelry worn along with the leather jacket is kept low-key. If you have to accessorize, I recommend that a simple piece like the watch, and even a simple chain necklace will do.