A Mass Effect Merchandise Collection Of Galactic Proportions

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Without hyperbole, Mass Effect is one of the greatest game trilogies of all time. The series has gained critical acclaim for its compelling storylines, fully fleshed out characters personalities, gorgeous design, and excellent combat mechanics. You play as Commander Shepard as he leads his teams through many different perils in an attempt to save the Milky Way Galaxy. The story arcs of the first two games come to a head in Mass Effect 3, where the Reapers, a race of sentient machines, invade the Galaxy to wipe out all organic life. As Commander Shepard, you must work to unite the different races of the Galaxy to fight against the Reaper threat. If you’re a fan of the mass effect series, then you should check out this Mass Effect merchandise collection.



Alliance N-7 Long Sleeves Shirt

If you’re looking for Mass Effect clothing, then you’ve come to the right place. This long sleeves Alliance inspired. The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in a multitude of different colors. It’s comfortable and professionally designed.


N-7 Leather Jacket

This N-7 jacket is made from real leather with the N-7 insignia stitched onto the top right. The Dark red armor stripes coupled with the jet black color of the main jacket gives it a very stylish look.

N-7 Training Jacket

Training to join the ranks of the N-7 elite? Or just feel like going out for a run? This jacket will keep you warm on days when the cold might just try to stop you from running. It comes with two external pockets and one internal pocket. The outer shell is waterproof, so come rain, come snow, come cold. Nothing is going to stop you.


N-7 Lounge Pants

When it’s time to rest, and you just want to do nothing and laze around the house, you want to be wearing something that’s comfortable. Step right in, the Mass Effect lounge pants. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the pants are stretchable and comfortable so you can rest in full comfort.


Models and Figures


Alliance Normandy SR-1

This model of the Normandy SR-1 from the first mass effect game stands at just under 6 inches in length. Everything from the color scheme to the Human-Turian design of the ship has been copied to a tee in this replica. It’s the perfect item to have to decorate the house of an Avid Mass Effect fan.


Cerberus Normady SR-2

The illusive man spared no expense in resurrecting Shepard and the Normandy, and the creators of this replica spared no effort in making sure this model looks exactly like the original.

Mass Effect Legion Action Figure

The Geth were thought of as the villain throughout the first game. However, Legion in the second game showed us that the Geth weren’t evil, just misunderstood. All of Geth’s personality is seen here in this action figure, which is designed to be a replica of the loveable AI from the games.

Grunt Action Figure

Born and raised in a tank, and then released from that tank by Shepard, much to the fear of everyone on board the ship, Grunt is a complete badass of a Krogan. This action figure shows Grunt in all his Krogan glory. It also comes outfitted with Grunt’s favorite weapon, the Claymore Shotgun.


Tali Zorah Action Figure

Belonging to a race of aliens known as the Quarians, Tali Zorah is first encountered as a helpless, naïve individual. But over time, she shows that she is a fearsome warrior and an expert in all things technological. Shepard and Tali can get “really” close if the player chooses to do so. This figure comes with the Scimitar Shotgun and M-5 Phalanx Pistol. Two of Tali’s signature weapons.


Shepard Funko Pop

Here he is. The man himself, Commander Shepard. This Funko pop is great to keep as a decorative piece around the house.

Garrus Funko Pop

There is no Shepard without Vakarian. This sentiment is reflected throughout the entirety of the series. Garrus is as important to Shepard as any supporting role is to the lead actor. This funko pop is great on its own, or paired with Shepard as part of a collection.

Paragon Embroidered Patch

Renegade Embroidered Patch

Do you prefer the diplomatic route, or do you just go through everyone to get what you want? Whichever style you employ in your play-through of the game, these Paragon and Renegade patches are what you need to show your style. These patches come with a backing card which makes them easy to hang up as a decoration.


Mass Effect Trilogy Xbox 360

Mass Effect Trilogy PS3

Mass Effect Trilogy PC

And we end with the trilogy of games that inspired such fanfare against gamers. The Mass Effect Trilogy is playable on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. The games offer tons of content as well as multiple playthroughs, each with a different style of playing. They’re good for hours upon hours of entertainment and are worth getting.

This has been a collection of the best Mass Effect merchandise available right now. If you like any of the products you’ve seen on this list, then don’t hesitate to place an order. All the items show here are top rated, so when you order, you can be assured of a high-quality purchase.