Marvel The Defenders Season 1 Not So Very Spoiler

Marvel is back with its new TV series, “The Defenders” by Netflix. The series will hit television on 18th of August this year. But recently it had its first four episodes premiered for the reporters. It is an eight episode mini -series that will air shortly.   As it is becoming a trend and I suppose that Netflix is the … Read More

Superman In Justice League An Unrevealed Threat To The World

For all those fans waiting for Superman’s return to Justice League, this is for you. He is returning, and this time he will be on a different look as compared to the previous one. Your hero will be the villain this time.   Yes, you heard it right. The whole Justice League team-up to meet the imminent threat none other … Read More

James Bond 25 Announced For 2019 Release

James Bond 25

“The name’s Bond, James Bond”   One of Hollywood’s most iconic character. Set to return in 2019 titled James Bond 25, to mark the 25th movie in the series franchise. It would follow up 2015’s Spectre. Confirmed today by the movie’s production company MGM and Eon production.   Little is known about the iconic action series 25th movie. It isn’t … Read More

Duck Costume The Fancy And Cute Cosplay

Okay, so we do not have any luck here. A group of ducks has chosen to attack our parking area. There was this massive rain storm, and it overwhelmed the low end of the part. Then these ducks just swooped in and made themselves at home, waddling and sprinkling endlessly like they possessed the place. Not that we mind having … Read More

A Breakdown Of The Ant Man Costume From Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Ant-man a couple of years back. So far, every Marvel movie received good reviews and ratings, and Ant-Man was no different. However, there was one fragment in

How To Make A Deadpool Costume With Single Clicks

Deadpool Halloween Costume

Hello, Friends. Welcome to another exciting original costume guide from Today we are going to talk about Deadpool costume from the movie. Deadpool wasn’t a typical good guy superhero warfare. Deadpool’s quality is his anti-hero, bad-ass personality. His sarcasm kept the fans laughing till the end. Movie’s Here we have listed the Deadpool movie costume for sale and exclusive … Read More

Jumanji Costume Guide


Jumanji will be hitting the big screen in December 2017. Right after twelve years and the fans are super excited for it. However it’s a completely new plot with lots of twist and turns that will keep the thrill and suspense alive. Unfortunately, there is no Robin Williams. But the inclusion of the entertaining superstars like Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan. … Read More

The Dark Tower Costume Guide


The Dark Tower is another thrilling science fiction fantasy and horror movie that is going to going to hit the cinemas in August 2017, the story revolves around the two main characters that is Roland Deschain portrayed by Idris Elba, and Man In Black done by Matthew McConaughey. Both can be seen fighting to claim their regime over the dark tower that … Read More

Blade Runner Costume Guide

Be ready to start going steady with the edge of your seats…! These days, it appears like every movie is a remake or sequel and they aren’t all made alike. While it’s anything but difficult to be critical about your typical Hollywood money grab. Some of the time there are genuine reasons to inhale new life into a Franchise. Blade … Read More