Relive your High School Days in Pink Ladies Costume

Recreate Pink Ladies fashion from Grease cult classic musical. Be a hit at your nearby retro dinner or knocking down some pins rear way. Pink Lady style is unquestionably in at the moment. As 50s chicks all knew how to dress perfectly well.

You can create your own Pink Ladies Club. All you really need is an attitude.

The guide underneath will help you draw out your retro, cheeky favor one of these impressive Pink Ladies jackets!

Pink Ladies Costume

Go Grease Lightning!

Celebrate purity with one of the most popular and imitated girl’s gang on screens. From Frenchy to Rizzo, the Pink Ladies were a unique gathering that could sing, move, and toss a prestigious festival.

Recover your most loved gang together!

Pink Ladies Jacket

The jacket is an inexpensive,a great looking way of making a lasting impression.

Women’s Crop Top

While the jacket will take the majority of the significance, WE cannot leave the top behind. It will add more authenticity and precision to your dress.

Polka Dot Chiffon Scarf

This scarf is so exquisite and wearable with a wide range of costumes. It will help you capture the full essence of your outfit.

High Waisted Leggings

Leggings are all season hot fashion trend. They will give you a sexy and charming outlook.

Cat Eye Glasses



Do add a spectacular sparkle to your outfit with the Trendy and stylish pink glasses for the most playful identity.

Classic Pump Shoes

Great shoes. They will add an astounding compliment to your pink ladies costume. You can likewise astonish daily wear with them.

Grab the attention of the T-Birds and everyone at your school or a party with one of the pink ladies costume. Regardless of whether for Halloween or a 50’s topic party. It’s an incredible looking approach to establish a long-term connection.

Other items:

Grease T Birds Jacket

Your companions will wish they were a piece of the modern gentry, when your group shows up – stylishly late!

So here is the manual for how you can shake the Grease outfit.  We hope that we have helped you in accomplishing the most precise look. We’ll be waiting for your input if you like it or not or perhaps we missed something; your comments will be particularly valued.