Blade Runner Costume Guide

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Be ready to start going steady with the edge of your seats…!

These days, it appears like every movie is a remake or sequel and they aren’t all made alike. While it’s anything but difficult to be critical about your typical Hollywood money grab. Some of the time there are genuine reasons to inhale new life into a Franchise.

Blade Runner: 2049 resembles an ideal case of the last mentioned. The buildup is high for this overdue follow-up to the 1982 clique exemplary, however here are a couple of reasons it may be superior to anything you think.

However, this time the Blade Runner costume will be better recognized through Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s stylish appearance.
“It’s a Canadian wet dream!
The bad-ass look in the film will surely grab the attention of the fans for sure. So, here is the complete look of Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner costume guide.

Ryan Gosling Costume


  Blade Running Ryan Gosling Coat

Leather trench coats will always remain a charm for a male actor. Especially if it’s on Ryan, then it will mean a lot for the audience. And this Long leather coat is the best example of it. That is the reason why we put this elegant trench coat for men at the top of the list.

ong-Sleeve Beefy Henley T-Shirt

Long Sleeves Shirt

Next, you need a long sleeves shirt that is breathable and comfortable to wear like this one. If you have this kind of attire in your wardrobe then use it. If not then just shop the look.

Mens Blade Pant

Casual Pants

Grab any comfortable looking pant that costs you lots of money. Because sometimes a simple looking gear works well like this men’s casual pants. Just wear it and complete your look.

Rubber Training Gun

Toy Pistols

You need toy pistols to get the officer look. Well don’t be afraid it’s a practice gun so it will not harm anyone. So just shop it and use it and get the personal touch.

Mens Skyweight Work Shoe

Men’s Tactical Boots

Lastly, all you need is a nice pair of men’s tactical boots that compliment your Blade Runner costume look. And for that you have to put this classy brown boot to complete your outlook.

Harrison Ford Costume

Rick Deckard Shirt

Cotton fabric is favorable for everyday tasks especially in summers because it’s breathable. Cotton prevents moisture from rising up between your clothing and skin.

 Rick Deckard Business Casual Pants

Silhouette is straight and smooth because there are no pleats in flat front pants in flat front pants. This men’s casual pants are make you look slimmer, but business casual pants go in and out of fashion really quickly, so avoid wearing it frequently.

Rick Deckard Insulated Shirt Jacket

Shirt jacket is for fall season, when you want an extra layer without making the dressing too thick or complex. Insulated Shirt jacket is basically a bit more heavy than a normal shirt but less thick than a jacket.

Rick Deckard Men’s Lace Up Dress Boots

Lace up boots are same as dress shoes, the only difference is high ankle in lace up boots. Lace up boots are mostly worn with casual/ business casual wear.

Toy Pistols

Safe toy pistol which is harmless for both kids and adults. This pistol is useful for other cosplay costumes as well like the characters from the Star Wars franchise

So here we conclude our Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner costume guide. Hope you like it and find it helpful. Do share it with your friends on Pinterest, facebook, and twitter. You can use our comment box to express your views and suggestion. We will right back with another exciting blog.

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