Greatest Star Wars Merchandise For Everyday Life

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Star wars

Who is not aware of Star Wars franchise which includes a wide array of films, TV series, books, video games and comics? Not only the costumes of this movie characters are popular all over the world, but the merchandise that ranges from different items has taken the world by storm. In line with the fact, we bring you the best collection that you can buy today.

House holds items

RoomMates JL1399M Vehicles X-Large Chair Rail Prepasted Mural, Ultra-strippable (Shop On Amazon)

This mural would awaken your walls as it features the battle scene between the good and the bad. It is a great product for all fans and would be a great to place in your bedrooms. Plus, assembling and hanging this mural is very easy.

Oil Paintings on Canvas Wall Art Set (Shop On Amazon)

Hang these oil painting canvas art pieces on your walls or gift it to your friends and family members on Christmas. They would suit any room in your house and would be a source of absolute beauty. The five pieces make an image and would be great.

Star Wars Word Art Print Three Set - 11x17"

Word Art Print Three Set (Shop On Amazon)

These prints are a must have which every fan must have in their collectibles. It features the images of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the second Death Star. They are printed on quality paper, and you would be impressed with the handwork.

Rebels Twin/Full Bedding Comforter and Twin Sheet Set (Shop On Amazon)

Kids especially would love this bed sheet as it’s made of sturdy microfiber and has a lining of polyester. This comforter displays characters from the Rebel series and comes with a pillow case. Quotes are also displayed throughout, and it’s a perfect Christmas gift.

Modern Full Comforter, Sheets, Pillow Cases Set and Exclusive Linens N Beyond LED Simple Touch Key Chain (Shop On Amazon)

Even while sleeping and resting, you can have a Star Wars merchandise with this incredible comforter set. It includes everything from sheets to pillowcases. Fit in on your bed as its polyester material would make your rest even more comfortable. Plus, it has different designs.

Toys & Games

Air Hogs Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad(Shop On Amazon)

Kids would love this: A Millennium Falcon Quad which they can fly using a remote control. Get your hands on this one which has exemplary LED lights and sounds. This fabulous product works on batteries. So kids, get this iconic toy.

The Black Series First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (Shop On Amazon)

The TIE Fighter is an incredible action figure that has the same vehicle that you can see in the movie titled as The Force Awakens. Kids would love to play with it while adults can add this to their collection.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot with Star Wars Force Band

Sphero BB-8 App Controlled Robot with Band (Shop On Amazon)

An example of advanced technology, you can get this incredible Star Wars merchandise that is the BB-8 robot which can be controlled with a tablet or a smartphone or the Force Band that is included. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Star Wars merchandise and see for yourself.

3D Hologram Starter Kit – Kylo Ren (Shop On Amazon)

This hologram is inspired by The Force Awakens movie and features Kylo Ren, a character in the movie franchise. This three-dimensional masterpiece would serve as a decorative piece for different rooms of your house.

LEGO 75098 Assault on Hoth (Shop On Amazon)

Give your kids this LEGO building set as inspired by the movie. With this building set, you can create your ice planets battles. Be in ultimate Star Wars action as you can choose from several toy weapons included in the set.

Clone Wars + Lego Complete Sage + Dual Glow Sabers for Nintendo Wii (Shop On Amazon)

Don’t miss out this stuff as you can get two great games: Clone Wars and Lego Star Wars Complete Sage for the console of Nintendo Wii along with dual glowing sabers.

The Original Trilogy – Xbox 360 (Shop On Amazon)

Play the captivating Lego: The The Original Trilogy game on the platform of Xbox 360

Skateboard (Shop On Amazon)

Here is another stuff which all skaters would love. This skateboard is inspired by Episode 6 that has a design of BB-8 robot embossed on it. The deck is ply maple made while the trucks are aluminum and which is sure to give you a comfortable ride.

General Grevious Spinning Electronic Lightsaber (Shop On Amazon)

The closely matching famous lightsaber is available now, and it’s electronic and spinning one. Its runs on batteries and gives out brilliant light and makes amazing sounds.


New 12 Pieces Stromtrooper CarSeat Covers Floor Mat Set with Travel Size Purple Slice (Shop On Amazon)

Transform your car’s inner into a Star Wars’s one that you can easily install and maintain. This Stromtrooper product has everything from seat covers to floor mat which you can put on to have the look and feel of the popular franchise. It forms a great collection.

YODA Car Rear Window Graphic Decal Sticker(Shop On Amazon)

We bring another item for your vehicle, and it’s in the form of decal sticker that has impressive Yoda’s image imprinted on it. It is visible from outside and sees through from the inside. Pick from various sizes according to your vehicle and show your style of the franchise with this admirable collection.

Lego Kids' 9005466 Star War Watch with Boba Fett Mini-Figure

Boba Fett Mini-Figure Watch (Shop On Amazon)

There’s a watch right from LEGO that kids would love to wear. It has the image of Boba Fett on the display and includes the link of the character’s mini figure along with additional buildable links. It is also water resistant. Parents can give this as gifts to their children as an ideal wristwear.

Genuine Star Wars Luke Skywalker Adult Collectors Watch

Luke Skywalker Adult Collectors Watch (Shop On Amazon)

Now get your hands on this adult watch which has the image of Luke Skywalker. Its stainless steel case would do nicely with it along with it orange leather band. This analog watch is a must-have item for all the Star Wars zealots out there.

Star Wars Jewelry Unisex Storm Trooper 3D Stainless Steel Chain Pendant Necklace, 24"

Officially Licensed Stainless Steel 3D Stormtrooper (Shop On Amazon)

Wear this striking necklace that is in the form of Stormtrooper and made of stainless steel. It comes with a chain that has a lobster-claw clasp. Furthermore, the onyx-tone detailing makes the necklace even more special to be worn by both genders.


R2-D2 USB HUB (Shop On Amazon)

This USB hub is in the form of the well-known robot R2-D2 through which you can connect various devices. Plus it also lights up and makes sounds similar to RD-D2 in the movies. Don’t miss out on this great stuff.

Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker (Shop On Amazon)

Get this fantastic Star Wars merchandise that is in the form of Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker. It would give you a powerful sound experience while it also lights up when in use. You can use it as a speakerphone also. So get it and listen to your favorite music or attend calls.

LEGO Darth Vader Desk Lamp (Shop On Amazon)

Now presenting a product that would surprise everybody. It has the LEGO model of Darth Vader carrying lightsaber sword in his hands, and that can light up as a lamp. Operate it from batteries or USB, and it’s sure to be your perfect companion to provide light on your desk.

Jedi order Lighting Decor Gadget Lamp + Sticker Decor for Perfect Set (Shop On Amazon)

All the fans can get this fantastic 3D lamp which is perfect to be kept at homes or even offices. It is USB powered and can even be connected to the power supply. Plus the lamp comes with a beautiful Jedi order sticker which you can put anywhere.

Lightsaber Lamp with lluminated Lightsabers and Steve Anderson (Shop On Amazon)

And this great lightsaber lamp with illuminated lightsabers displays the portraits and images of favorite character and ships. The lightsaber light up in three colors while there is also the logo on the silver plaque.

Stormtrooper Toaster (Shop On Amazon)

This toaster is tailor made for all fans through which they can toast all types of bread. It toasts two slices and is compact. Additionally, it runs on electricity and would be a great companion for your breakfast needs.

Pangea Brands Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Death Star Waffle Maker (Shop On Amazon)

Prepare delicious waffles in the texture of Death Star with this waffle maker. It is made from durable stainless steel with non-stick waffle plate. Give your breakfast or dessert a style with this fantastic product.

R2-D2 Hot Air Popcorn Popper (Shop On Amazon)

You are also used to popping popcorn in a microwave. How about a Star Wars merchandise that does the job? This product will do more, and it’s way faster than a microwave and doesn’t need oil. So you can prepare delicious meals with this amazing yet useful product.

Darth Vader Mini Fridge (Shop On Amazon)

Get your hands on this remarkable Darth Vader mini fridge that you can use to cool and warm your items. It can be connected to an electrical supply or even into your car. Plus its reasonable pricing makes it a must buy Star Wars merchandise.


Disney Store Deluxe Darth Vader Rain Jacket Star Wars Size S Small 5 - 6 5T

Disney Store Deluxe Caped Darth Vader Rain Jacket (Shop On Amazon)

All the parents get this magnificent rain jacket that is the form of Darth Vader character for your boys. It is a hooded apparel which would get the job done in harsh weather conditions.Side pockets are also provided along with a cape that makes it a great stuff.

Star Wars Distress Logo Black Hoodie

Distress Logo Black Pullover Hoodie

Hoodies are always popular among both genders, and we present a logo hoodie for men which would give you terrific looks casually.  It includes a hood that you can raise as per your needs. Plus, its cotton and polyester crafting would keep you warm.

Star Wars Men's Darth Polo Shirt, Charcoal, Small

Men’s Darth Polo Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

With its crafting of cotton as well as the Darth Vader logo imprinted on the side of the chest area, this shirt is a no-brainer for all the fans. Its charcoal gray color would do well with any pants or jeans. You can wear it casually to look simple yet elegant.

Star Wars Womens' Star Wars T-Shirt Princess Leia Size Large

Cosplaywho LoL Zed Weapon Miniature Finger Toy (Shop On Amazon)

This T-shirt for women is a great Star Wars merchandise that is made wholly of cotton and has the image of Princess Leia along with “Don’t mess with a Princess” imprinted on the front. It’s available in various sizes at a nominal cost. Show your style with this incredible apparel.

Star Wars- Stormy Night T-Shirt Size L

Stormtrooper Stormy Starry Night Adult T-shirt (Shop On Amazon)

All the men would love to wear this shirt casually as it is black colored and has the Stormtrooper image imprinted on the front. So people, pick one according to your size and order and show your zeal of the popular franchise to look awesome.

And that is what we have for this blog; We have brought the best items for you from different categories ranging from toys to apparels to lighting and electronics. These items are the best Star Wars merchandise out there, and we are sure you will love them.Plus you can check our full costume guide also.