Star Wars Merchandise Collection

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Star Wars is an American franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It began in 1977 with the release of the first Star Wars film. This was followed by two true sequels, and then 3 “prequels”. The series then lay dormant for a few years until it was bought out by Disney, who then commissioned further movies to be made to expand on the lore and create new characters. Star Wars merchandise has always been a hot commodity ever since the release of the first film. Here we have a guide to the best star wars merchandise available right now.

LEGO Imperial Troop Transport

This Star Wars Lego set is in the form of an Imperial troop transport. In it, there’s space for four stormtroopers, as well as their weapons. The transport is equipped with a dual flick turret (which is self explanatory, really). The stormtroopers have weapons that fire red studs. There’s even extra ammunition in case a few studs go missing.


LEGO building kit

This Lego building kit is exactly what kids need to express their creative sides. It comes equipped with all the parts needed to construct the mighty Darth Vader. The arms of the figure are movable, which means Vader can stand in a number of imposing poses. It also comes with the lightsaber, which means you can now recreated your favorite battles from the Star Wars universe.


Monopoly game

This Monopoly game challenges you to dominate not just the board, but the entire galaxy. Spend hours upon hours of fun family time with this game, conquering and buying your way to galactic superiority.


Poe’s X-wing fighter

Poe’s X-wing includes three mini-figures with assorted weapons and accessories: Poe Dameron, Resistance ground crew, and Resistance X-wing pilot, and as an added item, a BB-8 Astromech Droid.  This is a perfect addition to your Star Wars collectibles.



Chewie made his return in the seventh Star Wars movie: The force awakens. This Chewbacca bobblehead is designed with that appearance in mind. It stand at 3 and 3/4 inches tall and has a sturdy base to support it. This is an excellent item to have as a decoration in your house or on the dashboard of your car.


Character apron

The Darth Vader apron is made up of 100% cotton and it is very comfortable for chefs to wear. This apron can be washed in machines only.


Thermos novelty lunch kit

Who doesn’t love R2-D2? The lovable little robot has been a favorite of many fans over the years. This thermos and lunch is just what any school going fan of the series would want. It looks like R2-D2, and carries your lunch in it.

Stormtrooper t-shirt

Mad Engine Men's Today I Am T-Shirt, White, Medium


The t-shirt is made up of 100% cotton and is very comfortable for the summer season. It includes crew neck, short sleeves and graphics at front. The graphics show off just how emotionally expressive the Stormtroopers are (yes, a lot of sarcasm was used there).


Girls t-shirt pack of three

Star Wars Big Girls' The Force Awakens Episode Graphic T-Shirt, Assorted, 7 (Pack of 3)


These t-shirts are made up of cotton and very comfortable and soft to the touch. The pack includes three T-shirts in different colors, with different graphics printed on the front of them. These T-shirts can be worn for picnics, going out to the movies or for shopping.

Women’s Fashion Printed Sleeveless Dress

Ensasa Women's Fashion Sexy Artoo Star Wars Print Sleeveless Bodycon Dress, Small


This women’s dress is made up of 82% polyester and 18% LYCRA lining and is very comfortable because of the soft lining inside. The dress is designed with the R2-D2 design in mind. It can be worn as a type of costume or for events.



Rebel: the complete season 2


The acclaimed animated series: Star Wars Rebels received a second installment in 2015. The show is loved by the fans as it expands on the lore of the Star Wars universe. You too can now enjoy the show with this BluRay Disc of Star Wars Rebels: Season 2.


The Force awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The seventh movie in the Star Wars series, The force awaken was released a long time after the Sixth movie (Or third, if you follow the order). This movie introduced the fans to new characters such as Rey and FInn, and also gave finality to older characters like Han Solo. It’s a must watch, and if you haven’t watched the new movies, you should definitely consider getting this one.




Ahsoka holds a special place in the heart of many Star Wars aficionados. The author of the book is E.K Johnston. Many of the fans wondered what happened to Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Rrder near the clone wars. So now the wait is over finally, her story will begin to be told. A book of Ahsoka is available to buy.

Dark Disciple


Reading the book “Dark Disciple” really feels like you are watching an episode of Star Wars. The book is written by Christie Golden and is a wonderful tale about the Jedi Quinlan Vos and the efforts to execute the Sith Lord Count Dooku.



To start, James Luceno is one of the bestselling authors of Star Wars novels. Tarkin is a novel written by James Luceno released on November 4, 2014. It is focused on Wilhuff Tarkin. This novel expands on the life and the actions of Tarkin. Even though it hasn’t officially been recognized as Star Wars canon, it’s still an excellent read and one that all Star Wars fans should pick up.

This has been a collection of the best Star Wars merchandise available right now. If you want to own any of these items, then don’t hesitate to place your order.