The Complete Guide To Dressup In Indiana Jones Costume

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One of the most iconic movie characters in cinematic history, Indiana Jones has long been a symbol of daring adventure. Throughout the film series beginning in 1981, he has the perfect costume and accessories. Making the look easy to appear like the recognizable character you should have a look at this amazing blog to serve your personality. Follow the few steps to transform your look into one of the famous character Indiana Jones. The below outfit is best for the upcoming Halloween and costume party.

Starting with one of the Indiana Jones costumes, the ladies love him, and adventures follow him. It is also one of the easiest costumes you can put together.


We begin with the Indiana Jones outfit, the shirt that is made up of polyester and cotton, the perfect combination for any outfits. The shirt is featuring buttons down shirt, simple collar and two chest pockets that will give you an accurate look of the character. You can wear it also on casual occasions for a perfect appearance.


Here is the Indiana Jones Halloween costume jacket that would go nicely. It is the most stylish piece for the youngster; they can wear to get an eye-catching appearance. The jacket is made high-quality leather which you can use for many years. The features include shirt style collar, cargo style pockets and long sleeves with open cuffs. You can either wear it with your complete costume and also use as casual wear. It would look perfect when worn with Indiana Jones shirt as shown above.


Now, have a look at this character’s khaki safari pant that is made up of high-quality material. The cotton is the best fabric which will keep you comfortable. Indiana Jones has been observed wearing this dress pant in his blockbuster movie. This is the must-have Indiana Jones outfit for men.


Here is an Indiana Jones hat which he wears in his movie. The hat is made up of wool and very suitable to wear. It is featuring pinched crown and hat band. You can also wear it to protect your head from sunlight.


After looking at the Indiana Jones hat, let’s check the leather belt which is necessary for the Indiana Jones costume. It is in brown color which will match with any of your outfits. Now, it’s up to you that either wears it with your costume or casually.


Here is the bag which is almost similar to the Indiana Jones bag. It is made up of excellent quality material that can be used for many years. It is beautifully designed that will give you an attractive look. It is in brown color which will look perfect with the costume.


It is made up of leather and includes 6’ bullwhip. Indiana Jones uses this bullwhip to fight against his enemies. So for an exact look of the character, you can have this Indiana Jones whip.


Now after looking at the Indiana Jones whip, check this weapon gun which he carries with his costume. The gun has blowback action with shooting sound. You can take this product with your complete Indiana Jones Halloween costume at the costume party or some another event for an eye-catching appearance.


Here is the one set accessory kit which we have shown separately above.  The kit includes belt, gun, and holster that are made from high-quality material. It’s your choice that either you have to buy it separately or a complete kit.


Lastly, have a look at this stylish boots that are made up of excellent quality leather. The best quality will allow you to use this product for many years. Give your outfit a classy look with these above shown brown boots. It includes traditional lace up, zipper design and low heel that will make you feel relaxed and easy to walk.

This is the complete Indiana Jones costume DIy guide that will transform your look into the character appearance. I hope you will undoubtedly like this guide, and it will help you to select one of the best outfits for the special occasions. You can find more costume guides by clicking here.