The Ultimate Wonder Woman Costume Guide

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Costume Guide For Wonder Woman

She is the first female superhero in the world of comics. She is the bravest and most powerful superhero as compared to other male superheroes.She is none other the Wonder Woman.

Better Known as Princess Diana of Themyscria and an important member of Justice League. Her costume made a good impression in the mind of the audience.

So here we bring out the exclusive costume guide of Wonder Woman that you love to try this Halloween.

Are you ready? Here you go!

Wonder Woman Costume 2017

To portray a perfect Wonder Woman look the first thing you need is a perfect make up that helps you in make you look bold and appealing and make your appearance more attractive.

Here is the infograph from Sarah Brock, personal makeup artist to Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman movie.

wonder woman makeup

Here is the complete blog about Wonder Woman movie makeup that will help you more.


Wonder Woman Wig

Now days, superhero stuffs are not hard to find. You can easily get it online like this wig for the Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice costume. It will go nice for Justice League look.

Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume

Here is the exact style Wonder Woman movie costume. The package includes all the stuffs that complete the piece. So just shop it and get the look your favorite superhero.

Wonder Woman Cape

Now if you think that female superheroes never use cape then you are wrong. Gal gadot was seen in cape in one of the movie scence. That’s why we put this cape for you. Just put it over your costume and you are ready to rock.

wonder woman sword

Wonder Woman Sword

Wonder woman is a superhero warrior and to get that touch you need to get that warrior look. And to do that you need to grab this sword. So take this sword and kill your enemies.

wonder woman shield

Wonder Woman Shield

Your Wonder Woman look is incomplete without shield. In most of the fighting scene, she used her shield as weapon. And I am sure you don’t want to fill incomplete. So just add this sword in your list and make your Wonder Woman Halloween costume look dominant.

Platform Sandals

In the end you need a perfect boots that fits well with your wonder woman cosplay look. It’s okay if you don’t have wonder woman boots. You can try any sandal over it or if you want to complete your look from head to toe, then you can try wonder woman cosplay boots.

For Little Girls


Now we have a complete Wonder Woman adult costume look, it’s time for Wonder Woman girls costume.

Here they are!

Wonder Woman girl costume

Wonder Woman Movie Child’s Deluxe Costume

Wonder Woman is also popular amongst the kids especially girls. And this Wonder Woman kids costume is an ideal choice for you little girl. You just need a sandal. A simple strip sandal for little girl will fit right.

wonder woman costume for girl

Wonder Woman Girl Costume

Another great option for your little girl is this classic costume from the Lynda carter’s Wonder Woman series. It is the earliest version of the costume which is still popular. So you can use this piece as well.

Wonder Woman Child Top

Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Child Top and Tiara

Well this one is just a Wonder Woman Child Top that can be use as costume for Halloween, comic cons and for school parties which your daughter definitely loves to try.



Wonder Woman costume is not only available for slim fit women and kids, but also for plus size women who want to dress like her. That is the reason why we bring out some incredible plus size costumes ideas as well.

Take a look!

wonder woman plus size costume


Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume Plus

Well this Wonder Woman plus size costume is made in exact design just like the way Gal Gadot used to wear in Batman v Superman and in Wonder Woman movie. So just choose your size and be like her.

plus size wonder woman costume

Deluxe Wonder Woman Plus Size Costume

This classic Wonder Woman plus size costume is yet another great option that you can dry on Halloween, comic cons and in other costume parties and in other Wonder Woman events.


Batman and Wonder Woman

batman and wonder woman

Now there are lots of couple costumes ideas that you can try with your Wonder Woman cosplay costume. Like this one. If your husband or boyfriend is a Batman nerd then you try this one. If you don’t have that kind of Batman suit then no worries you can follow this Batman costume guide.

Superman and Wonder Woman

wonder woman and superman

Couple up as Wonder Woman and Superman is another great option that you should try for sure. It doesn’t matter whether you have the old costume of Superman or Wonder Woman. You can wear anyone and grace yourself like a superhero.

Joker and Wonder Woman

joker and wonder woman

Wonder Woman and the Joker is another perfect couple costume idea for you. Both the characters are different and opposite to each other and it will create a unique chemistry for sure.

Deadpool and Wonder Woman

deadpool and wonder woman

Deadpool and Wonder Woman are from different comics and with different origin and background. But you can try them as a couple costume to reflect a new comic couple approach.

Captain America and Wonder Woman

wonder woman and captain america

Captain America and Wonder Woman both are superhero warriors and pretty much close in nature. So trying this couple costume idea is not bad at all.



Here’s your guide to becoming perfect Wonder Woman’s cosplayer with these items given below:

                                  Wonder Woman Cosplay Corset         Overbust Corset with Shorts          4 Piece Costume Set


Go Go Boots                             Comet Boots                      Knee High Boot

Besides of the movie costumes you can try these attires for more costume ideas. You can also have these corsets for your wonder woman running costume and look sexier than ever. You can also check the boots that you can wear according to the outfit you choose to wear.

Fanjackets’ Version Of The Costume


There are many corsets and one piece costumes for female fans that aren’t even the authentic design. However, the colors of gold, red and blue have been beautifully incorporated in the attire so that you can look like Wonder Woman. Seeing how everyone is putting together their version of the costume, Fanjackets has also done the same thing.

Star Crown

Wonder Woman Inspired Jacket

Leather Gloves

Faux Leather Leggings

Zip Combat Boot

This is our Wonder Woman’s costume version that you can try to put something new as compared with other than typical costumes. It’s not just for particular costume events or for Halloweens. But you can try this combination on any style by excluding the crown.


So here we end up this amazing wonder woman costume ideas blog. We have covered every single elements right from the make up to the adult costumes, little girls’ costumes, plus size costumes, couple ideas and also other costumes including our own version. Hope this will a helpful guide for you. Which idea you like the most? Please let us know in the comment box.

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