The Most Vicious Joker Costume Affordable And Durable

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Looking for the best joker costume for yourself and the young ones? You are at the right place my friend. Joker costumes are one of our best sellers, and we can’t blame them, who doesn’t love the joker?. From blockbuster movies to classic comics he has entertained over three generations. Here’s a tiny slideshow of the available products.

Cesar Romero to Jared Leto

Today we are going to compare each of his costumes from live-action movies. Apart from makeup, the Joker costume has its own justification. Vibrant and not so common colors are the signature.


His makeup is an essential part of the costume. Green hair, white face and red lips. Heath ledger’s character stands out in makeup. He modified the makeup himself.Jared Leto’s character was the realist if compared with the comics. Here is the Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit.


Different styles of jackets have been seen since its first appearance, though colors have remained the same. Cesar Romero and Jack Nicolson’s character wore tail coats, while Ledger and L.eto’s character opted for long coats. Apart from Romero all wore purple joker suit.

Cesar Romero

Jack Nicolson.

Heath Ledger

Jared Leto


Cesar Romero the first ever Joker wore a full pink vest, his costume was completely pink. Nicolson’s wore aqua blue vest for the iconic character his costume was much more detailed than the previous joker. Heath ledger’s performance blew our minds in the dark knight, he choose a green vest for his character. That is the reason why heath ledger joker costume is the best amongst all.

Cesar Romero

Jack Nicolson

Heath Ledger


Colors and style of trousers has changed over the years . Cesar Romero’s character wore a full pink tail coat with stripes Jack Nicolson’s trousers pattern was tartan. Although Ledger and Leto’s trousers were completely plain. Ledger wore purple colored baggy pants and Leto wore black trousers

Cesar Romero

Jack Nicolson

Heath Ledger

Jared Leto


What new jared leto brings to the iconic joker?

Fans went bananas after it was announced that Jared  Leto would be playing the new Joker in suicide squad. After Heath Ledger’s legendary performance fans were sure they won’t see a better joker than him. Jared Leto had some big shoes to fill into. There’s been a constant speculation among fans and critics, that it was Joker’s character that took ledger’s his life. After the movie’s release fans were a bit disappointed  because of Jokers short screen time. Though they still got a glimpse of Jared Leto’s joker. Jared Leto’s joker did bring something new to the characters.


Jared Leto’s  Joker was the first ever Joker to have tattoos. All of the previous Jokers whether animated or live action didn’t had any kind of tattoos. Each of his tattoos has some kind of history behind it which creates a mystery element. We aren’t going to break down all of his tattoos because there are too many to be honest. Tattoo will add more beauty to joker costume.


His hairstyle is slick back resembling Nicolson’s joker. This was a new take on the character because joker’s hairstyle is normally light green curly/messy hair


The reason for his too white complexion is because of the accident where he falls into the bleach chemical factory. Unlike Heath Ledger’s Joker his body isn’t painted.


Jared Leto’s version of Joker saw many changes. No other Joker except him used a staff. That’s what makes his version of Joker fresh and unique for Halloween.


There you have it folks. Everything you wanted to know about the iconic villain  Joker. All of actors were good, but Heath Ledger’s performance was “once in a generation”. He nailed it. Every expression every gesture was exceptional. Many believe it was the Joker’s character that took his life. Get your own joker costume today

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