Simple and Easy Vampire Costumes Guide

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When it comes to Halloween, dressing up as vampire is definitely on most of the people’s list. It is because of the fact that they are spooky, sinister, and looks dangerous. The simple vampire costumes that we have presented below will make the wearer familiar with the vampire only if the dressing has been done in appropriate way.

When it’s come to the Halloween, Vampire Halloween Costumes are up there on the list. They are spooky, sinister and sometimes dangerous or sexy. A costume of vampire makes the wearer instantly familiar if the person dresses up appropriately. Aside from clothing, buyers also purchase other accessories such as makeup and fangs which are truly required for an authentic costume. Sometimes the customer wants a traditional or contemporary look, several of intends to get a unique appearance in front of the viewer and a few wants to change their style like famous Vampires.

Here we have the best DIY Vampire costumes ideas, which will help you to transform your look into scary appearances.



white shirt

Start your Vampire Halloween costume ideas with a white shirt and begin to appear like Vampire. This white shirt is made up of cotton + polyester which is very soft, and feels great to wear anytime, anywhere. The features include front button closure, point collar style and a chest pocket. This shirt is not only for the costume party, but you can also wear it casually.


red blazer

After you are satisfied with the white shirt, get a red vest for the costume. This red vest is made up of polyester and has many useful features, such as a v-neck, which shows a traditional look. Six buttons front closure makes it more secure and fits perfect, while the welt pockets are very skillfully crafted to keep items of need within reach.


Deluxe Vampire Cape

Now you are one step near to complete your scary costume. Here is a black cape made of double layers smooth and stretchy polyester fabric with red lining. Wear this cape with the entire outfit. To make the scary look of vampire, the cape is an essential piece. Black and red colors are vibrant colors which make the appearance frightening just like a vampire’s personality. You can consider these vampire costumes ideas for Halloween.


black pant

Black is one of the ideal colors of men and women both. The color is considered while manufacturing various types of clothes; it attracts almost anyone who wears it. This black pant is made up of polyester and cotton for your comfort. This flat front pant features side pockets which can be used to keep your hands comfortable, and welted pockets are designed at the back to keep your valuables safe, such as your wallet. It has a front zip closure which allows the person to get in and out of the attire with ease.


black shoes

It’s time to give your outfit a classy look with this stylish shoe. Let’s have a look at what type of shoes can be used with your costume. You can wear black shoes that look like these. The best thing about them is that they made up of leather, and are black in color which is most favorable for the costume. The quality of the product will surely make you feel comfortable while walking, and is best item for a costume party as well as for casual use.



Vampire Gothic Renaissance Dress Gown

Let’s have a look at this astonishing Women sexy vampire costume ideas. This gown has a red and black combination which gives it a resemblance to vampires. This luxury gown is made from soft rayon viscose that is one of the oldest man made fibers. It has beautiful black laces for a perfect fitting, and the red portion of the dress possesses rich embroidery. This amazing dress is requisite for an impressive look at cocktail party, Halloween or costume party. The color is perfectly matched with the vampire dress so that you can get ready for the party with the terrifying looks.


Peep-Toe Pump women show

As color shows the different nature of the environment, Red and black color represents the horrifying and dark surroundings. If you are looking for the high heels for the vampire party, then have a look. Here is the perfect footwear with the outstanding gown to complete the look. Wear this classy shoe and get ready for compliments.



Scarecrow fang

After costume, look for accessories which are essential to appear like a vampire. Here is a classic fang which will totally give you a horror or dramatic look. It is made up of high-quality plastic. Enjoy your big event with the worth product.


Victorian Lolita Choker Pendant Vampire Chain

For vampire women’s costume, you will need pendant that gives a striking look. This necklace is composed of alloy, lace, and rhinestone which are ideal for creation of a breathtaking necklace. The necklace would be a charming addition to the women vampire outfit. The viewers will surely praise the vintage style jewelry.


Vampire Makeup Kit

The most crucial item which is required to appear like Vampire is ‘makeup.’ This kit includes simple vampire makeup sponge, teeth, brush, and tray. Implement the makeup and get ready for the Halloween or costume party. The color is washable so get rid of all fear and enjoy the party. These all are the vampire costumes ideas for the fans.

You can visit our blogs for more various costumes ideas like the vampires costumes one we have made here. This caters to those who are searching for a couple’s ideas on their outfits for next year’s Halloween.