Remarkable Walking Dead Merchandise That You Must Have

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You may be aware of AMC’s hit TV show titled as The Walking Dead. The award-winning series has witnessed six seasons of unbelievable horror drama while the seventh season is currently on air. Not only the costumes of its various characters and zombies are popular, but the merchandise inspired by the hit show is also getting good sales worldwide. Here we bring for you the AMC Walking Dead merchandise in different categories.


The Walking Dead Two Fire Logo T-Shirt, Large, Black

Men’s Two Fire Logo 2015 T-shirt (Shop On Amazon)

All the men who are die-hard fans of the series would adore this shirt that has the title of the tv show detailed in the form of fire coming out. Along with its great graphics, its cotton crafting would make you comfortable. This item is also among the perfect Walking Dead gifts.

Daryl Dixon

T-shirt (Shop On Amazon)

Get this fantastic tee that has the image and name of Daryl Dixon, one of the main characters along with the title of the series. It has a round neck collar and short sleeves. You will find its cotton material to be comfortable in casual situations. Plus it’s a great Waking Dead T-shirt which men can have to have bold looks.


Arrows In Walkers (Shop On Amazon)

This time we bring you a great TWD stuff in the form of the gray colored shirt having quality WD graphics and Daryl Dixon’s image. It is designed for all the men and comes in standard sizes. Overall it’s a striking Walking Dead shirt which you can buy today.

The Walking Dead Flaming Zombie Head Tee Shirt XX-Large Black

Flaming Zombie Head Tee Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

We bring another cotton shirt that is made for all the men and features the zombie in flames along with “Walking Dead” imprinted on the front. You will love it’s printed graphics and plus it comes in various sizes for you to choose from. Get this one of the great Walking Dead shirts out there.

Juniors Tank Top: The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon Juniors (Slim) T-Shirt Size L

 Juniors Tank Top Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

All the women would look chic when they wear this black tank top over their jeans, leggings or skirts. This fabulous top is crafted from cotton and has Daryl’s image. It’s an apparel to be worn at homes or casually.

Juniors Long Sleeve: The Walking Dead - Claimed Laser Cut Cover Up T-Shirt Size S

Dead Daryl Hoodie Claimed Laser Cut Juniors Black T-Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

To look more stylish, this laser cut black Walking Dead T-shirt would make all the teenagers and young women attractive. It has the designs as well as the logo imprinted on the front and is made of cotton. 

The Walking Dead We Are T-Shirt 2XL

T-Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

You will love one of the appealing Walking Dead T-shirts that is made fully of cotton and has “We are The Walking Dead” imprinted in a blood-spattered design. Choose from its various sizes and show your style of the popular TV series.

Long Sleeve: The Walking Dead- Infected Hands (Front/Back) Longsleeve Shirt Size S

I’m Infected Long Sleeve Black Shirt (Shop On Amazon)

This long sleeves Walking Dead T-shirt is sure to blow you away with its crafting of cotton and “Caution I’m Infected ” imprinted on the front and there is the design of zombie-infected hands. Wear this shirt casually as its great stuff.

Walking Dead Poster Logo for Women Printed Long Sleeve Cotton T-shirt

T-Shirt for Women (Shop On Amazon)

All the women can cheer up as this is one of those Walking Dead T-shirts that would take their fantasy of the series to the next level. With a whole crafting of cotton and fine graphics on the chest area, choose from its various colors to look splendid every day. It’s long sleeve and crew neck further add to its looks.

The Walking Dead Mens Don't Open Dead Inside Fleece Sleepwear Long Robe Gray O/S

Fleece Sleepwear Long Robe Gray (Shop On Amazon)

Now bringing a Walking Dead clothing that would be more than sufficient for you while bathing and sleeping. You can wear this 100 percent polyester bathrobe that would fit most males. Plus. It has famous words inspired from the TV series imprinted at the front and back.

The Walking Dead AMC Men's Board Shorts - Zombie March (X-Large)

Zombie March Mens Broadshort (Shop On Amazon)

Get this short at an adequate price which men can wear in casual situations or while at home or beach to show their TWD style. The broad short have a zombie parade design overall along with the series title imprinted. Summers would go nicely with this one of the most amazing Walking Dead clothes and accessories.

Bloody Hand Guys Pajama Pants (Shop On Amazon)

Pajamas are often the choice of apparel to be worn at home or jogging, and this one is a no-brainer for men. Check this Walking Dead Pajama Pants, you will be comfortable with this Walking Dead clothing due to its crafting of cotton and which has TWD logo spattered in blood. So pick one and order.

Jackets & Hoodies

XCOSER Unisex Angel Wings Hoodie Thicken Fleece Jacket Cosplay Outwear Black S

Wings Hoodie Thicken Fleece Jacket (Shop On Amazon)

We now have apparel that would help you to keep warm and made for both genders. It is crafted from cotton and fleece, and you can choose from its various styles to look superb this winter.

Walking Dead Security Crossed Guns Men's Hoody, Small

 Security Crossed Guns Men’s Hoody (Shop On Amazon)

This ‘the walking dead hoodies’, with its crafting of cotton and polyester,  has a design inspired by the famous TV series. You can wear it casually, and it’s specially made for men. You will love its screen printed graphics.

Walking Dead Men's Big Unlined Fight Fear The Living Mechanic Jacket, Black, 2X-Large

Big Unlined Fight Fear The Living Mechanic Jacket (Shop On Amazon)

Now presenting a jacket that is a must-have for all the fans and viewers, It’s made from a mix of polyester and cotton. TWD logo can be found on the side of the chest area. It’s one of the impressive Walking Dead clothes that would make you look appealing when worn.


Shoes Lace-up (Shop On Amazon)

Ge your hands on this cool Walking Dead shoes as it has canvas style to it and comes with lace up front. Its rubber outsole would make walking and running very comfortable on casual occasions. They are made specially to fit women’s foot.

Custom Women The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Canvas Shoes Comfortable Sneakers US8

Dixon Canvas Women Shoes Comfortable Sneakers (Shop On Amazon)

These canvas sneakers for women would be perfect to cater the needs of footwear as it has the image of Daryl Dixon. They would be ideal to be worn casually. It’s a great Daryl Dixon merchandise.

The Walking Dead Mens Flip Flop (Small)

Mens Flip Flop (Shop On Amazon)

This flip flop is great stuff as they are perfect for use every day and can be used by both sexes. They have a cotton strap and has designed inspired by the hit show. You will look cool with them.


Dolon Infinity Love Walking Dead Bracelet -Arrow and Bow Charm

Bracelet -Arrow and Bow Charm (Shop On Amazon)

This eye-catching TWD bracelet would do good for men as it can be adjusted and comes with a braided cord. It is also the best gift for the lovers of the series as it comes in a beautiful bag.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Necklace- Costume Accessory

Angel Wings Necklace (Shop On Amazon)

This necklace would look breathtaking on women as they can wear it in casual situations. It takes the form of angel wings and is made from special alloy metal. It comes with a chain and is reasonably priced.

Walking Dead Daryl Crossbow Wing Pendant Necklace "Keep Calm & Kill Zombies" - Zombie Killer 24" Necklace

Crossbow Wing Pendant Necklace (Shop On Amazon)

This necklace will look eye-catching as its crafted from alloy metal and designed for men. It comes with a  pendant that has “Keep Calm & Kill Zombies” written. Additionally, it also has a pendant in the shape of a crossbow and wing. Men can wear it casually to have eye-catching looks.

Zombie Knife with Artwork (Shop On Amazon)

This zombie knife would be a great accessory that you can use for cutting purposes. The blade has a sharp edge which would be very useful. Plus it comes in various colors which you can choose from.

Gel Pens (Shop On Amazon)

Be amazed at this pen set that has the image of Daryl Dixon and zombies. With 0.7 mm black ink, writing would be smooth with them, and plus they come with metal clips. It’s ideal for working individuals, students or to be used for general purposes.

AMC Zombie Glasses (Shop On Amazon)

And this pair of glasses would be exceptional merchandise as they come with a gray tint. They have the title of the Tv series as well as images of zombies with famous words. So drinks whatever you like with them and show your great style.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Crossbow Table Lamp

Crossbow Table Lamp (Shop On Amazon)

Gift this lamp to your friends and family members who are lovers of the horror drama series and light it up. Use it in your homes or anywhere where you need light. This walking dead lamp is in the shape of a crossbow and provides multiple shades.

Art Vinyl Wall Clock (Shop On Amazon)

This vinyl would be a great gift this Christmas that you can also put on your walls for decoration. The clock is made from vinyl record and works quietly. So you get a clock as well as a decorative piece inspired from the zombies. The Walking Dead merchandise will also be the best present on birthday or any special day.

The Walking Dead Art Vinyl Wall Clock Gift Room Modern Home Record Vintage Decoration

Art Vinyl Wall Clock (Shop On Amazon)

We bring you another vinyl clock that you will love, and that also has the images of different characters from the popular TV series. So you not only get a working clock but a fabulous piece of artwork. Hang it on the walls and show your admiration for the show.

Toys And Games

McFarlane Toys Construction Sets (Shop On Amazon)

And this toy Construction Set would be perfect for kids to play with. It features a 468 piece set inspired by the Dale’s RV vehicle. It’s one of the Walking Dead toys which would keep kids busy.

McFarlane Toys Building Sets (Shop On Amazon)

Another toy which kids would love is this building set in the form Daryl Dixon with Chopper. It’s 154 pieces would keep your children engaging. So parents, get this one.

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Deluxe Box Set (Daryl Dixon with Chopper)

McFarlane Toys Deluxe Box Set (Shop On Amazon)

One of the must have Walking Dead action figures, this one is the exact lookalike of the character of Daryl Dixon portrayed by Norman Reedus. It would be your perfect companion for children to play with or keep in your collectible.


The Walking Dead PS4 (Shop On Amazon)

Get this fantastic Walking Dead video game that is available on the platform of Playstation 4.

walking dead game

TWD XBOX 360 (Shop On Amazon)

The Walking Dead video game is also available on the platform of Xbox 360 that everyone would like to play especially the fans.

TWD Risk Survival

Risk Survival (Shop On Amazon)

Combine your love for the horror series into play with this one of the spectacular Walking Dead games. It’s a classic game that can be played on a table along with your friends and family.81jjW8dt4JL._SL1500_Card Game (Shop On Amazon)

Fans can cheer up as one of the most exciting Walking Dead games is available and that too in the form of cards. Two to ten players can play it, so you don’t have to worry about spending spare time with friends and family with this one.


Negan Action Figure (Shop On Amazon)

This toy will be included in the most eye-catching Walking Dead merchandise action figures of all time as Negan is a very popular character. You can have this as a collectible or kids can play with it.


Rick Grimes Action Figure (Shop On Amazon)

It is one of the Walking Dead action figures that features Rick Grimes ready for attack. Your children would love to play with it or keep them in the TWD collection.



A Continuing Story of Survival Horror (Shop On Amazon)

This book covers the starting 12 issues of the hit series and includes the covers also. It’s among the great Walking Dead books which every fan must have.


The Walking Dead Chronicles (Shop On Amazon)

This book is a full guide to the Season One of the hit TV series. It would serve as the reference especially for the zealots who want to know the answers to the question regarding TWD.


Rise of the Governor (Shop On Amazon)

And this one of the most admiring Walking Dead books would surely give you an enthralling experience while reading. It describes how the Governor became the man he is known for and why he is regarded as one of the greatest villains.

And that’s it for this The Walking Dead merchandise blog. We have brought for you exceptional Walking Dead merchandise from different categories that would be every useful in your lives. One thing is for sure: all the merchandise described above would increase your zeal of the TV series.