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Hey there friends.

Welcome to another exciting, original costume guide from Today we are we going to talk about the popular TV series Walking Dead”.
“Walking Dead” is a favorite series because of the spooky zombies and different character costumes. We have listed Negan’s costume from the series, and we hope you will find it useful. Let us dive into it then.

negan leather jacket

Negan Black Jacket

The leather jacket is a timeless classic. You always wanted to look masculine and tough, and a leather jacket is a solution. It is the must-have walking dead costume jacket for fans.


Crew Neck Long Sleeve Shirt

You always thought layering was tough. But what if I tell you about a tee which matches with every jacket? Yep, you guessed it right. A plain white tee matches with every blazer and jacket available anywhere in the world!


Negan Costume Pants

Next up is Straight-fit jeans. Classic jeans are durable and easy to wash, but there is a problem. They can’t pass for formal occasions. You don’t worry we always have a Plan B. Slim-fit jeans are dependable for both structured and informal occasions.


Red Scarf

Enough of the man’s stuff, ladies it’s your turn now. Exotic Lamb wool solid colored scarves for preppy and professional dressing.


Leather Gun Belt

Dramatic brown leather gun belt to for your dummy cartridges. An essential part of your Walking Dead Halloween costume.


Long Leather Boots

You must be thinking that man heel boots are uncomfortable and disturbing. On the contrary, they are extremely light-weight and comfortable. Bikers wear heel boots to minimize injuries.


Black Driving Leather Gloves

Hands can get sweaty while riding a motorcycle. Black leather gloves are sure to give you the perfect grip.


The Walking Dead Costumes Negan’s Bat Lucille

First things first this isn’t real, But it looks real. So the next time you want to fake it, this is the right choice

Negan Infograph

Other Related Items


Walking Dead Pullover Hoodie

You can’t take a blanket everywhere you go, and that’s we have hoodies.


Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Vest

Do you prefer fancy over that so-called boring “Decent”? Daryl Dixon has full-size wings printed on the back to jazz up your ordinary vest. get a walking dead costume today and enjoy your favorite hero look.

And that’s it for this Negan costume blog. You can show his attire this Halloween and other dressing events and parties.